Clifford Belcher


    Clifford Belcher, who died on September 15 1897, at his home in Canton, was born in this town in 1821, and was the third in direct line to bear that name.  He came of substan­tial English stock, represented in the Massachusetts Colony before 1640 by Edward Bel­cher, of Boston; Andrew Belcher, of Cambridge; Gregory Belcher, of Boston and later of Cambridge; and Jeremy Belcher, of Ipswich. Mr. BeIcher's grandfather, Clifford Belcher, first, was born, lived, and died in Canton, spending his long years in useful activity.

    His son, Clifford Belcher, second, was born and reared in Canton, and for many years was known as one of the most energetic, industrious, and valued citizens of the place   He owned a small farm, which he carried on in connection with carpentering.  He built in 1845 the house now owned by his son Clifford, and there spent his last days in comfort and plenty, passing away at the venerable age of eighty-six years.  In his earlier life he was an adherent of the Democratic party, but in later years was a strong advocate of the principles of the Republican party.        He was for some years Selectman, and held other offices of minor importance.  To him and his wife, whose maiden name was Mary McKendry, seven children were born, only one of whom is now liv­ing; namely, Sarah, wife of A. W. Kinsley.

    Clifford Belcher, third, attended the common schools of Canton until eighteen years of age. He then went to Easton and  learned  the moulder's trade  in the foundry  with  his brother, Daniel Belcher. In 1845 he returned to Canton, and entered into the service of the Kinsley Iron and Machine Company. In 1866 he established a foundry of his own on Walnut Street, which he conducted suc­cessfully for many years.  For the last seven years Mr. Belcher lived retired from active pursuits, enjoying a well deserved leisure, a much respected citizen.  He was a Republican in politics, but was never an aspirant for office.

    Mr. Belcher was twice married.  His first wife, whose maiden name was Elizabeth B. Spair, died in 1881, leaving four children, namely. Fred C., Charles E., Addie L., and Elmer A.  Mr. Belcher married September 10, 1883, Miss L. Arvilla Dean, of Easton, Mass.  With his wife he attended the Congre­gational church, to whose support he was a lib­eral contributor.



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