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This document contains all my LOOKING BACK... columns that were written for the Canton Journal Newspaper, from August 1994 through August 1996. The Canton Journal has been Canton's hometown newspaper since 1876. Due to space restrictions some of the columns never got in the paper or were edited for size. This version is unedited and contains columns that never before appeared in print. All of the information contained herein was excerpted from the Canton Journal. I write these columns for the entertainment of the readership and for the purpose of preservation of historical fact.

This book contains an in depth index of names, places, events, streets, businesses and life and death. It is a great research tool for researching family history, who lived and worked where, and a general LOOK BACK at Canton's past. This document is also available on 3.5" computer disk in the Microsoft Word version 6.0 / 7.0 format.

Some streets such as York and Messinger are listed under these names NOT as streets.

These items are written as original although gross spelling errors have been corrected. The grammar used, is as original. Some items my be offensive to some people, known sensitive issues have been avoided. The intent of this column is for entertainment, not to cause injury. This information was published previously and is fair game.

** The second section of this document are the LOOKING BACK columns that appeared in the Stoughton Journal in 1994 it has its own index. The Stoughton section begins on page #144, and the index begins on page #156. The indexes may not perfectly match due to the repagination of the program. The font used is included on the disk.




The Year In Review

By Chris Brindley

JANUARY 5, 1894

...The severe illness of F. R. Pitcher will delay the opening of his store for a few weeks.

...Died in Stoughton-December 11, 1893, Mrs. Maria Belcher, after an illness which confined her to her room for nearly a year. Mrs. Belcher, the eldest child of Adam Jr. and Avis (Wentworth) Kinsley, was born in Canton, March 13, 1814.

...The Metropolitan Park Commissioners have filed in the Norfolk Registry at Dedham, a plan of the proposed taking of lands in the towns of Milton and Canton for the park system, to be known as the Blue Hills Reservation.

...Canton has thus far escaped the small pox which is prevalent in many places.

...Fred B. Savels of Stoughton has taken some excellent pictures of the water works and water workers above Springdale, which may be seen at Tirrell's Drug Store.

...George L. Hunt has opened a neat market in the Bazin house at Ponkipog.

JANUARY 12, 1894

...The engagement of Mr. Ralph W. Richards to Miss Rebecca Sawyer, both of this town, is formerly announced.

...Rev. Father Stephen O'Brien of Rockland, who was recently admitted to the priesthood, will settle in Canton.

...John Lawrence is completing his contract to furnish Mr. Hemenway's estate with Canton water. Nearly a mile of six inch pipe is being laid from the corner of Blue Hill St.

...A hundred and fifty bravely dressed and gay spirited couples "chased the glowing hours with flying feet" at the annual ball of the Canton Charitable Association, last Friday night.

...Eliza French died at her home upon Pleasant Street early Friday morning, Jan. 5th, of pneumonia, induced by the grip. She was born March 6, 1809, and was the daughter of Nathaniel and Joanna (Downes) French.

JANUARY 19, 1894

...Mr. Thomas Lyons , of Springdale, will give up his greenhouse business at that place for the present.

...One of Canton's older men, who still continues in good health, and is always busy, is Mr. Lewis Bates, of Pleasant Street, whose hand-forged and tempered knives are known to boot manufacturers far and near for their keenness and the perfection of their temper.

...Mrs. Reed of Pleasant Street, is still quite ill and her daughter, May, a teacher in the Crane School, is attending her. Miss Heskeith is filling in for a short time.

...John & Sarah Collins keep house in what was once the office of Folsom's Oil Cloth factory, and John acts as watchman about the place, also working as a laborer. Last Saturday Sarah swore out a warrant, and officers Plunkett and Kelly placed John in our now celebrated lock-up, on the charge of wife beating. No bail was furnished. The couple have been married about six months. The case was dismissed for lack of evidence.

JANUARY 26, 1894

...Wages were reduced 10 percent at the mills of the Eureka Silk Co., this week.

...Anna Corey Fairbanks, died of the grip at Ponkipog last Saturday, Jan. 20 th., aged 60 yrs. 11 mo. 14 days. She was the daughter of Ira & Susan (Rhodes) Fairbanks, and was born in Milton Mass.

...While making his daily rounds this forenoon, the forward axle of Dr. Swan's carriage broke near Mr. L. E. Wentworth's, letting the front of the carriage down. There were no injuries.

...Mr. Austin Johnson as La Fontaine and Miss Ella Bright as Sophie, both filled their minor parts in "Led Astray" with much cleverness.

FEBRUARY 2, 1894

...The annual supper and reunion given by Father Bodfish to the choir of St. John's Church will take place this week.

...We have in press a book containing the full record of the record of the first Memorial Day services held in Canton, May 29, 1869 and the exercises of the following year when Post 94 was organized, printed by order of the post.

...More room at the Eliot School is a necessity. A new building or an addition to the old one must come.

...The Metropolitan Park Commission have applied to the state for a further extension of the Blue Hill Reservation.

...The statement of the Canton Co-Operative Bank for the last six months has been issued. Shares of the seventh series are now on sale.

...Blue Hill Electric Co.- AD- Incandescent lights- 1 cent per hour; plain wiring $2.00 per light; concealed wiring $2.75 per light.

FEBRUARY 9, 1894

...A bill has been introduced into the legislature by Representative Grover, of Canton, to have a commission appointed to have a general oversight of telephone companies.

...Enoch Dickerman, who died in West Mansfield on Jan. 30, was born in Canton in 1811. When a young man he kept a store under Blue Hill, near the Milton and Canton line.

...Walter O. Shaw is building a new house at Canton Junction near Turner's, on land formerly of John Everett. Mr. Shaw is a native of the western part of the state, he is a carpenter in the employ of Stone Brothers.

FEBRUARY 16, 1894

...The Capen property, consisting of the new block, the double and single tenement houses in the rear of the store and restaurant buildings, and stables and 40,000 odd feet of land has been purchased by Mr. Hosea Mann Jr., of Wilmington, Vermont at a cost of $21,000.

...Clayton's prediction last Friday for the Hyde Park Gazette was to the effect that the snow would disappear this week. So it did, under about three feet more.

...The people over in York have been driving around through the fields to dodge the snowdrifts in the roads.

FEBRUARY 23, 1894

...FIRE-the shop belonging to Martin Carroll, marble worker, situated at the corner of Randolph & Washington Streets, was burned to the ground, last Tuesday night.

...Miss Merrill who is busy cataloging the books at the Public Library, works here 3 days a week and 3 at her home in Cambridge

...A memorial window, this gift of Sidney Smith, of this town, has lately been placed over the entrance of the Universalist Church.

MARCH 3, 1894

...Etta Hopkins, daughter of John and Mary Hopkins was run over by a pung on Washington Street near her home last Monday night. One leg was badly lacerated and she received other injuries from the hoofs of the horse. She is recovering.

...Miss Fanny E. Skinner of Rockland Avenue and Mr. William E. Hobby, the popular clerk at Byam's office, were quietly married at 2 o'clock, Tuesday afternoon.

...The Canton Brass Band will give a grand concert and ball in the engine house at Ponkipog on the evening of March 15th.

MARCH 9, 1894

...Canton Corner needs a local policeman on duty over Sunday. Fast driving and rioting get to be too common there at this time of the year.

...An interesting real estate transfer of the past week is the purchase by Mr. ThomasB. Draper, from the Endicott heirs, of nine acres of land on Chapman Street, opposite the residence of Charles Sumner.

...Dr. William E. McPherson announces to the public that he has opened an office in Canton at #15 Bolivar Street, opposite the #3 schoolhouse.

...The rite of Baptism by immersion was administered to Mrs. Higgins, Miss Emma Walley and Miss Sarah Sawyer at the Baptist Church last Sunday evening. The services were conducted by Rev. T. M. Butler and Rev. H. B. Tilden assisting.

...Burglars entered the residence of G. T. Hunt and Hosea Cushman on Sherman Street early on Thursday morning. They also attempted the house of Friend Leonard but did not enter. At Cushman's they got 85 cents, at Hunt's, less than a dollar in money, but about $50 worth of jewelry.

MARCH 16, 1894

...STRIKE-- Practically the entire number of the girls and young men employed at the Eureka Silk Mills, left their work abruptly at 7:30 last Tuesday morning. The cause given was a dissatisfaction as regards to the rate of wages.

...Amanda Thompson, who died last night, has worked for Morse Brothers since the business came to Canton in 1864.

...The case of Pietro Bertone, who stabbed Guiseppe Iadissernia last week, was continued until tomorrow, when it is expected that the wounded man will be able to testify against him.

MARCH 23, 1894

...Druggist Tirrell has bought the house of Mr. Edward R. Eager on the corner of Washington & Sherman Sts.

...Every tramp, bum and rough in the U. S. is said to be headed for Ohio to join Coxles Army. How would it do when the entire riff-raff of the country gets into one herd, to build a stockade about them and keep them there?

...Mr. Hemenway has renewed his offer to the school children of a prize for the capture of the greatest number of caterpillar eggs, and the boys are busy prospecting for bugs.

...Horace Bright has purchased a piece of land from George W. Capen on Chapman Street opposite Draper's Mill and has the ground laid out for the erection of two houses thereon.

MARCH 30, 1894

...Easter was celebrated last Sunday evening by concerts by the Sunday schools of three churches, the Orthodox, Baptist and Universalist; the Unitarian, contrary to its usual custom, not being present.

...Thomas Beatty, aged 28, died early Sunday morning of consumption. He was buried Tuesday from Saint John's Church.

...There is a strong probability that the observatory on Blue Hill will be made a branch of the Harvard College Meteorological Bureau, the services of Clayton being retained as observer.

APRIL 6, 1894

...Contractor Crimmins is putting in the cellars for the two new houses of Mr. Bright on Chapman Street.

...Miss Anna Hewett has resigned her position as teacher in the Eliot School. The place will be filled by Miss Richards, of Quincy.

...The Unitarian Sewing Circle, last night was very well attended. The usual excellent supper was served.

...On Monday morning last, April 2nd, the community was saddened by the announcement of the decease of Mrs. Sarah E. Sumner, widow of the late James T. Sumner.

APRIL 13, 1894

...The storm of Wednesday night & Thursday, with its heavy wet snow, was hard on the wires. Telephonic connection was ruined in all directions, one being unable to get Boston or any outside towns.

...The first proclamation for the observation of the new holiday, April 19th, is just issued and signed by Governor Greenhalge. His Excellency names it Patriot's Day.

...Charles N. Draper's windmill on Powder House Hill was demolished to the tank during Wednesday nights storm.

APRIL 20, 1894

...Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Fenno are snugly domiciled in the house on Sherman Street formerly occupied by Mr. & Mrs. Vannevar.

...It is recommended to accept the offer of the Hon. Elijah A. Morse to remove the soldier drinking fountain from Memorial Hall to a suitable place on the ground outside.

...Patriot's Day at the Crane School-- The children from the various rooms assembled in the school yard at half past two. At a given signal the flag was unfurled. The children saluted it, and after making a vow of allegiance to the old flag, followed by three cheers for the Crane School this (the 18th of April) being the 40th anniversary of the dedication of the building. The children then went to their respective rooms where exercises commemorative of the events of 1775 were held.

APRIL 27, 1894

...The Canton Historical Society celebrated Patriot's Day among the cellar holes.

...A plan submitted by architect McKane of Stoughton for the new school house at the corner [Eliot School] seems to combine beauty, comfort and economy in a marked manner.

...A fire started from a spark from a train, burned over a large territory between Sherman & Bolivar Streets, Thursday noon, several houses were endangered.

MAY 4, 1894

...About two weeks ago two foundling children from Boston were sent out to the house of Mr. Bisbee on Pleasant Street. These children, who were weakly, some days after died, but not, the physician affirms, of scarlet fever. Be that as it may, it is established beyond a doubt that they brought the germs of the disease with them from the home, for soon after their arrival, a daughter of Mr. Bisbee was taken ill and died within a few days of a pronounced case of scarlet fever.

...The "Confederate Spy", a thrilling military drama will be given at the Town Hall next Tuesday evening.

MAY 11, 1894

...Canton Corner's popular milkman, Harmon Rye, is seen out these bright spring mornings in a new milk cart. It is as bright as a red wagon.

...Mrs. Robert L. Draper drives her stylish horse in an elegant new trap of the latest and most approved pattern.

...Our Town Hall seats 940 people and it is thought that its capacity will be tested to the full by the crowds who are going to "Priscilla" next Wednesday night.

...Mr. Edwin Wentworth, a venerable citizen of Canton, presented the town with a drinking fountain, located at the corner of Neponset and Washington Streets.

...Congressman Morse also established a drinking fountain at the corner of Lewis and Washington Streets, some fifteen years ago.

MAY 18, 1894

...The tent caterpillar is scarce this year. The school children cleaned them out so completely last year that they were able to find but three or four thousand pelts this spring.

...Mr. Morse, the jeweler, has opened a conveniently located shop in part of Galligan's Drug Store.

...A man with #11 feet encased in brand new rubber soled "sneakers" with or without companions, paid a nocturnal visit to many Pleasant Street people last Tuesday night.

...The W.C.T.U. has presented to the Board of Selectmen, a petition urging the enforcement of the laws pertaining to the liquor traffic.

MAY 25, 1894

...Mrs. Mary Grimes, wife of Patrick Grimes, died at her home on Tuesday morning last, of paralysis of the heart, aged 64 years, 3 months and 24 days.

...Henry B. Hewett is making an addition to his house on Spring Lane.

...The silk mills dropped to 40 hour time again this week, we are sorry to say.

...A children's party for the benefit of Tuskegee will be given at the Parish Hall Saturday afternoon.

...The 5:30 train last night jumped the track at Sharon Heights.

...Martin Hultman, a Swede in the employ of G. F. Sumner, was held up by two men on Chapman Street after eleven Saturday night, and his pockets searched. Little was obtained, his money being in an inside pocket.

JUNE 1, 1894

...A fine example of newspaper enterprise is the handsomely illustrated and colored Special Memorial Day edition of the Canton Journal.

...Two Canton men tramping through the depths of the woods in the new Blue Hill Park, to the east of Chickataubut last Sunday, captured a young rattlesnake and brought him home alive.

...The playing of the Canton Band on Memorial Day was everywhere received with favorable comment.

...Mrs. Robert Draper has once more taken up her residence in Canton, occupying a part of the house on Washington Street at the Corner.

JUNE 8, 1894

...A runaway Saturday morning resulted in somewhat damaging G. T. Hunt's grocery wagon.

...Quite a commotion was caused on the shores of the Reservoir Pond last Saturday, by the overturning of a sailboat said to contain Messrs. Endicott, Brown and Draper. No injuries, the cause is said to be careless sailing.

...The work on the fire alarm system is rapidly progressing. The keys to these boxes will be kept in houses near the box and each key will be numbered and registered, and the holder will be held responsible for false alarms given with his key.

...James B. Noyes of Canton, who is the Society Editor of the Boston Herald, was joined in wedlock to Miss Mary Doak Bartlett, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John S. Bartlett, the shoe manufacturer in Lynn.

JUNE 15, 1894

...The proposals to build the cellar and foundations for the new Eliot School House were opened by the committee last Monday evening. The contract was awarded to the lowest bidder, Mr. Dennis Crimmins of Canton for $700. Mr. Crimmins has already entered upon the work.

...There is much complaint of depredations of hoodlums in various parts of the town. The Hon. E. A. Morse is one of the latest sufferers, his young fruit trees were broken down and stone walls damaged.

...The ordination to the ministry of the Rev. O. G. Petrie, of the Universalist Church, will occur on next Monday evening, June 18 th, at 7:30.

...The electric light co., report the demand for lights continually increases.

...The seventeen year locusts are working this way.

JUNE 22, 1894

...The large tract of land at Canton Corner for many years unimproved, belonging to the heirs of James Sumner, is to be divided into building lots.

...The dry spell is commencing to show in low water in the ponds.

...TO LET--For $10.00, a 2 story house on Rockland Street, containing 8 large rooms, also garden. Inquire of Mrs. Anne Sullivan, 81 Rockland Street.

...ACCIDENT--A man supposed to be John Booth, residence unknown, apparently a molder by trade, walking on the track near Canton Junction last Thursday night, stepped out of the way of the Stoughton Train and was struck and horribly mangled by the Washington Express. He was placed in the care of Undertaker Murphy.

...FOR SALE--one model 29 Columbia bicycle in fine condition. E. Gilmore Richards. Price $55. Sharon, Mass.

JUNE 29, 1894

...The Revere Copper Co., closed it's works Wednesday afternoon to allow it's employees to attend the funeral of their late associate, Henry Merrill.

...Robert Williams has bought T. Stretton's place at Ponkapoag.

...A series of road races will be run July 4th, under the auspices of the Canton Cycle Club.

...Quite a number of the neighbors, called by invitation at the residence of Mr. James S. Shepard last evening to admire the beautiful blossoms of a night blooming cercus.

...The past month has been one of the driest known in Canton.

...William Horace Bright died at his residence on Chapman Street last Tuesday night of paralytic trouble. His age was 49 years, 9 months and 2 days. He was the son of Samuel and Clarissa (Shepard) Bright.

...Last Friday, our active agent of the Society for the Prevention, etc., Mrs. Thurston, saw a man beating an exhausted horse near Morse's trough. Mrs. Thurston attempted to check the brute (not the horse) who refused to listen to reason, upon which, she sent for officer Dunn, who arrested the man. Harry Rosen of Roxbury was found guilty of beating a horse and sentenced to a fine of $15, in default of payment of which he was committed to jail in Dedham.

JULY 6, 1894

...An unknown person threw a lighted dynamite cracker in at the open door of the fruit store near the Post Office, Tuesday night, the explosion shattered the window and a heavy wooden counter, and badly injured a showcase. The police are investigating, no one was injured.

...The contracts for the new school at the Corner [the present Eliot School] have been awarded. The carpentry, brick work, plastering and plumbing was awarded to J. F. Stone & Co., other local contractors, J. Connell, Jr., George H. Beasley & Co. and William Heskeith are subcontractors.

...One of the semi-annual attempts to burglarize the Ponkipog Store took place last week.

...A saucerful of shaved ice may be preserved for 54 hours with the thermometer in the room at 90 degrees F. [read this edition of the JOURNAL at the Canton Public Library to find out how]

JULY 13, 1894

...Rev. Mr. Petrie has joined the ranks of bicycle riders and may be seen on a new "safety".

...The foundation of the new schoolhouse is now ready for the sills, lumber for which is reaching the grounds daily.

...Last Monday afternoon, Nellie Quigley age 9, and David Sheehan age 6, while playing on the banks of the stream near the Copper Company's pond, became frightened for some unknown reason and in turning to run from the spot, Nellie lost her balance and fell into the water. David with presence of mind, something remarkable for one so young, seized his companion's dress and after a little struggle succeeded in getting her out of the water in an almost fainting condition. Both children are all right.

JULY 20, 1894

...When the fire alarm people get those boxes in, (if they ever do) and the striker on the church bells, it is expected that the fire department will hold itself in readiness to go out "on a strike".

...The position in the Ponkapoag School, left vacant by the resignation of Miss Hattie Horton, is to be filled by Miss Ella Bright of the Revere School.

...Officers Plunkett and Kelly were hastily summoned by telephone to Canton Corner last Monday afternoon by a telephone message stating that four men were driving a white horse through the streets there in a manner inciting to riot. No one was found.

JULY 27, 1894

...Mr. H. D. Seavey has opened a store for the sale of confectionery, cigars and ice cream, in the store formerly occupied by Michael O'Dea.

...There will be a series of experiments made with the maylay tailless kite at the Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory today. Some of the kites to be used are from 19 to 24 inches in diameter, and are made to reach a height of 5,000 feet. Mr. William A. Eddy will have charge of the experiments.

...The members of the Canton Corner Hose Co. and their invited guests, the engineers, enjoyed a very pleasant outing in Narragansett Bay last Friday.

AUGUST 3, 1894

...A man, giving his name as James Buckley, of Springfield, Ill. and claiming to be a car upholster and one of the victims of the Pullman strike was struck by the 9 p.m. coal freight train at or near Ray's crossing [Hartwell Place] last Monday night. He was not killed, and was taken to the Mass. General Hospital by carriage.

...The committee on the town seal will give a hearing on the subject of making changes in the same in the school committee rooms in Memorial Hall next Wednesday evening.

...A party of twenty Canton young people went to Blue Hill last Saturday night in Britton's four horse barge. They were on the hill from 5:30 to 8 p.m..

...The flooring on the bridge over the railroad on High Street should be repaired immediately. The lower planks are all right but the upper layer has become splintered and displaced as to be a serious danger to teams crossing the bridge, especially after dark.

...During last Sunday's storm, on Blue Hill summit, the hailstones picked up after the storm by the attendants at the observatory were as large as lemons and many were placed in the cellar as an ice supply, lasting till the next day.

AUGUST 10, 1894

...James D. Allen of Braintree wore a smile and a pair of white cotton sneakers (besides other apparel) when he entered E. H. Galligan's Drug Store last night and asked for a pint of whiskey. This morning he appeared before Judge Marden of Stoughton. The man had drawn a 38 caliber revolver, he is said to be a skirmisher in the army of H. L. Faxon of Quincy.

...The committee on the town seal gave a hearing to those interested in the matter of a change, at the school rooms in Memorial Hall Wednesday evening. Without much progress it was decided to adjourn until September 12th. The committee is composed of Frederic Endicott, C. H. Eager and P. M. Leavitt.

...Edward Lee of Neponset Street, who six weeks ago was released from jail where he has served a sentence for illegal liquor selling, was arrested on a charge of drunkenness and disturbing the peace. At Stoughton, Saturday, Judge Marden sentenced him to 9 months at the State Farm.

...Mr. Horace Seavey has a neat and cool ice cream saloon in the O'Dea house near the depot. Try his cream.

( This will be the last YEAR IN REVIEW column. I began my column in August 1994, so anything beyond this point would be repetition. )




AUGUST 3, 1894

...Drowning Accident, Abram Bergmann, 25 years old was drowned in Mansfield's Pond at 7:30 last Tuesday evening. He came from New York only two days before.

...The picnic held by St. John's Parish in aid of the Working Boy's Home of Boston, at Burkhardt's Grove in Sharon last Saturday was a great success, both socially and financially.

...Frank A. Locke, our piano tuner, has changed his Canton office to T. Owen's Pharmacy.

...The fire alarm people are at last busy putting in boxes and strikers for the fire alarm system.

...The mosquito has been the most active inhabitant the past month.

...The whirligigs that buzzed on the top of Blue Hill Observatory last Monday at 2:00pm, registered about 30 miles per hour as the velocity of the wind at that point.

...The new firm of Curtis and Estey, contractors and builders was ushered into practical existence last Monday. The first contract is for a house for Amos Holmes on Bolivar Street.

...Frank Sumner was bitten in the left hand by his Bull Terrier dog while tying him up last Tuesday night. The dog is now dead.

...John Danforth, infant son of John Danforth and Susan Dunbar died last Sunday of Pneumonia at the age of 11 weeks.


AUGUST 1, 1919

...Banana ice cream, 60 cts. per quart at Moulton's.

...Sergeant Patrick Gallipeau of the U. S. Motor Transport Corps has returned from France this week, he is staying with relatives on Randolph Street.

...Mr. & Mrs. H. A. Salter of Sherman Street are the proud parents of a daughter.

...The Brockton Cricket Team gave the Canton's a good beating at Canton Saturday, winning 102 runs for 6 wickets against 41.

...Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Fall have returned home, after spending a weeks vacation with friends in Worcester, Mass.

...Among the Canton boys recently discharged and home are J. O. Daly, William Connors and Edward Kenny.

...Canton Orpheum Theater, "The Love Burglar", "Hayfoot, Strawfoot" and "Square Deal Sanderson".

...Obituary, Hannah Elizabeth Boyd, 87 years old, a descendant of two of the oldest settlers in Massachusetts.


AUGUST 4, 1944

...PFC. Albert R. Kenefick of the U. S. Marine Corps who has been on furlough at his home, 102 Mechanic St., left by plane on Wednesday for the west coast for further orders.

...Lightning struck the chimney of the house at 577 Washington St. throwing bricks which hit cars belonging to Otis Duby and Officer Cunningham, which were parked in the street.

...Tobe Deutschman has broken ground for a new house and barn on his property on Washington St., Ponkapoag.

...Donald P. Draper, U. S. Army is on furlough at home, 79 Pleasant St., he is stationed with the Air Corps in Colorado.

...Two Canton boys meet on Saipan, Eddie Yeomans and William Alsop Jr.


AUGUST 7, 1969

...The Honorable Max Kaplan of Canton, has been appointed Special Assistant District Attorney by George Burke.

...Hydrants will have 2 colors, red on the base and white on top.

...The State Reclamation Board has appointed Deputy Fire Chief F. David Crowley as a Commissioner of the Norfolk County Mosquito Control Project in Norwood.

...Marine Corporal Michael P. Mahoney is serving with Marine Air Control Squadron Nine at the Marine Corps Air Station, Beaufort, South Carolina.

...Obituary, Eli P. Withington, 77 years old of 196 Bailey Street. Passed away on Saturday Aug.2, enroute to Norwood Hospital. He was a lifelong resident.

...Approximately 30 boys And girls entered bicycles and doll carriages in the Annual Bike and Carriage Parade at the Messinger Playground last Thursday.

...There was a tree fire at the 7th tee at the Milton Hoosic Country Club.

...George E. Thomas, of 2 Mountain Ave. has been accepted for admission to Wentworth Institute in Boston.

...Police Notes, An amphibious plane was landing on the Reservoir.

...Mr. and Mrs. Paul Podgurski of 56 Pine Street have a new daughter.


AUGUST 2, 1984

...Conservation Commissioners, Edward Lukaszewicz and Robert Ferrante ordered a spraying crew to halt application of chemicals to remove weeds on Amtrak's rails within Canton.

...Max Kaplan, a long time public servant, died Sunday July 29, at Norwood Hospital. He performed more than 700 marriages.

...Police Chief Joseph Buckley was rushed to Norwood Hospital last week after collapsing in the station, according to Canton Police. He is home and "feeling good".

...Breaking all projected sales goals, The Village at Shaw Farm Condominiums is now completely sold out, a full year ahead of schedule.

...Avril Elkort has been elected Chairman of the Canton Finance Committee.

...Last week, someone misplaced the Detective's car keys and the Detectives had to drive the Chiefs' car.

...Canton Summer Theatre will perform "That's not my mother", four one act comedies written by John Patrick, this weekend at Pequitside Farm.

...A crowd of more than 170 friends and well wishers turned out to bid Canton's retiring Executive Secretary Gerry Kelly a fond farewell.

...Cumberland Farms ordered to halt discharge into wetlands.

...Fire log, A BFI rubbish truck came to the station with a small fire in the rubbish.


AUGUST 17, 1894

...George B. Hunt, of Ponkapoag, one of Canton's best known and most respected citizens, suffered a shock of paralysis, while at his daughter's home in Easton last Saturday.

...The fire alarm whistle that blows in connection with the ringing of the bells has been placed in position on the electric light station.

...The golden glow of kerosene lanterns cast a mellow light over the Canton Brass Band as they gathered on their brand new bandstand last Friday night.

...Old fashioned marsh mallows elegantly put up at Tirrell's Pharmacy.

...Congressman Morse will give a religious address in the Union Chapel, Ponkapoag, next Sunday. The subject "The King's Highway". Everybody is invited.

...Miss Ida Capen, Miss Ella L. Bright and the Misses Amy and Georgie Downes are enjoying an outing at Cottage City.

...There will be an inspection and drill of the Canton Fire Department next Saturday at 1 pm.

...Fred Sawyer, of Pleasant St., who has been dangerously ill with appendicitis, is reported as much better.


AUGUST 15, 1919

..As usual Canton leads in the sale of War Saving Stamps.

...George E. Thomas of Canton, pleaded guilty to a charge of having dazzling headlights on his car. Judge Grover imposed a $5.00 fine, which he paid.

...Little Mary Miles Minter, popular screen star and leading lady in "Anne of Green Gables" was in town Tuesday morning filming a scene in this remarkable play.

...The fire department was called to a chimney fire Tuesday night at F. M. Bird's house on Bolivar Street.

...Mr. Kamp, the well known Boston artist, is busy sketching some of the beauty spots of Ponkapoag.

...Michael Thompson, who was drafted for overseas duty has been discharged and returned to his position at the Canton Post Office.

...Canton Orpheum Theater, "Your Fired", "A Very Good Young Man" and "Come Again -- Smith".

...Poultry Culling Demonstration, on Wednesday, at 10 am at the residence of H. J. Hope, York Street, Canton.


AUGUST 18, 1944

...Mrs. Clara L. (Estey) Bullock, died on Wednesday at her home, 216 Washington St., she was in her 92nd year having been born in Sharon October 13, 1852.

...PFC. Harold P. Rolfe of 210 Sherman Street has been reported missing in action in France.

...The long draught makes it necessary for the Water Department to request householders to discontinue the watering of lawns.

...The collection of tin cans for salvage will be made again on Monday.

...Flight Officer Robert E. Gelpke of 432 Pleasant Street has received his silver pilots wings.

...Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bolster of Lewis Street are spending this week on vacation at Plymouth.

...The August heat wave resulted in an unusually large attendance of Servicemen and G. S. O. hostesses at Camp Lynchlast Sunday.

...The Strand Theater, " Buffalo Bill", "Moon Over Las Vegas", "Shine On Harvest Moon", "The Racket Man", Andy Hardy's "Blonde Trouble" and "Casanova In Burlesque".


AUGUST 21, 1969

...One of Canton's Landmarks the former Capen homestead at 1541 Washington Street is now a memory. On Monday of this week the garage and house were demolished by A. A. Will of Canton.

...The second cookout of the Canton Democratic Town Committee will be held on Sunday, September 7, at the residence of Selectman Richard W. Murphy.

...Hansen School opening delayed; double sessions until mid-October.

...There are 49 girls from junior high, senior high and college who have signed up for the Beauty Contest being featured by several stores at Tri-Town Mall.

...Firefighters responded to a house fire at the corner of LeonardSt. and Sherman Ave., when they arrived the entire second story was engulfed in smoke. The fire was controlled.

...A surprise telephone call excited the family of Mrs. Edith Dunn of 14 Walnut Knoll recently, as her son Lance Corporal Michael Dunn was on a rest recuperative tour in Okinawa.

...There was a fire at the town dump.


AUGUST 16, 1984

...The Olympics have a silver lining for Bobby Witt.

...John Galvin, to run for seat on the Governor's Council.

...At 4:30pm Canton Police received a call from a customer at Paul's Distributors reporting that an armed robbery had just occurred at the store located at 323 Turnpike Street.

...School Committee Members aired their criticisms of the performance of School Superintendent Peter Capernaros.

...The Canton Woman's Softball League MVP'S are Debra Fullerton and Michelle Sullivan.

...The Blue Hills Drive-in on Route 138 closed for good last Sunday.

...The unemployment rate in Canton is only 3.3% of the labor force.

...Captain Joe DeFelice of 23 Edwards St. received an Honorable Discharge on August 12, after serving 20 years in the U. S. Army Reserves.



...The Canton Tennis Club held a tournament on the grounds of Hon. E. A. Morse last Monday.

...The Fowl Meadows are drier than they have been for 15 years.

...There is a water famine in the York District.

...The fourth grand concert and ball of the Roger Sherman Steamer Co. No.1 took place at Memorial Hall last Monday evening. Bernard Reilley was the floor director and Brigg's Brothers the caterers.

...John Spencer, clerk at Tirrell's Pharmacy, begins the Senior Pharmacy and Materia Medica Course at the Mass. College of Pharmacy.

...If the fire engineers must play tag with the new fire alarm they might at least have the grace to notify those members of the department who in the language of the game, are not "it".

...For sale, 1 second hand surrey and 1 buggy, cheap. Apply to Lawrence Mayo, Elm Street, Canton.

...James Feenan of Canton, advertises to clean chimneys.



...James Doody, returned overseas veteran, has accepted a position with the Packard Motor Co. in Boston.

...Jimmy Garland is the driver of the Tip Top Bakery delivery wagon.

...The Canton Post of the American Legion holds its first Field Day at the Massapoag Playground tomorrow.

...Saturday Only -- lamb legs 40 cts. a pound at Sheehan Brothers.

...Canton Orpheum Theater, "What Money Can't Buy", "The Hope Chest", "The Dictator".

...Mrs. Royal K. Abbott is at the Canton Hospital, with an acute attack of appendicitis.

...Matthew Galligan is building a cottage on Lawrence Street.

...Wanted, young girl for housework. Apply at 175 Chapman Street.



...The Johnson Sisters Orchestra played for dancing for the Silver Beach Associates at Silver Beach last Saturday night.

...3,120 pounds of tin cans was collected in the drive of August 21st.

...Miss Wilma Marazino of Wall Street has accepted a position as clerk at the Centre Pharmacy.

...Mr. & Mrs. G. Eardley, have received word that their son, Sergeant Arnold Eardley, recently met Lieutenant Jack Graham of Pequit Street somewhere in the southwest Pacific.

...PFC. Francis Roache, was seriously wounded August 10th in France and is now in a hospital in England.

...Sergeant Richard MacLeod Jr., has been awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in combat in France.

...John Decembrile, proprietor of the Washington Public Market has purchased the property occupied by the Sawyer Hardware Company.

...Firemen have been kept busy this past week with a bad fire in the meadows near the bridge on Dedham Street.



...Frank R. Simoni of Norwood, President of the Brookmeadow Country Club in Canton announced the completion of the enlargement of the present nine hole course into a full eighteen hole championship course.

...The quick reflexes of a Penn Central conductor saved the life of a late commuter at Canton JunctionThe man tried to leap onto the train but fell under the wheels, no injury.

...A candle light reception opens this year's program for the Canton Branch of the American Association of University Women.

...Rev. Francis D. Scully, assistant at St. John the Evangelist Church from 1940--1945 has been elevated to Monsignor.

...The 11th annual Water Festival took place at the Ponkapoag Civic pool last Sunday.



...Barber Anthony Ammendolia has been cutting hair at 647 Washington Street for 45 years.

...The Community Club is sponsoring a Membership Tea on September 11th at Pequitside Farm.

...The MDC is seizing by eminent domain the former Deutschmann property off Rte.138 containing 45 acres.

...Four youths die in a car crash on High Street near the KnollwoodCemetery.

...The Viaduct Birthday Celebration, September 23rd, parade, old fashioned speeches, displays and entertainment at the Junction.

...Canton insurance man and former member of the Planning Board, Gerry Bradley is moving to Florida.


SEPTEMBER 21, 1894

...Charles French's horse entered the race at Bridgewater Tuesday. He was not a winner, but came out next to the money.

...Fred Titus was indited for breaking and entering at the market of L. C. Riford last summer. Titus was discharged on probation and has returned to his family.

...The Boston Cycle Club, the oldest club of its kind in the country, rode through Canton last Friday stopping at Cobb's.

...The officers raided the premises of James Burke last Thursday. Burke was away, he has been out of town ever since he was indited for selling liquor on August 19th.

...The ladies of the Universalist Society held their first meeting of the season, Thursday night. Lillian Shattuck played the cello.

...Company "A", 4th Regiment Mass. Volunteers, held its annual reunion in Canton last Monday morning.

...At the Town Hall, The bronze statue drinking fountain is to be removed from the vestibule of the hall and placed on the lawn in front, being connected with town water. John Lawrencehas the contract.

...Phillip Shorey of Fall River, a weaver by trade was struck but not killed by the "Gilt Edge" New York Express at Canton Junction


SEPTEMBER 19, 1919

...The third complimentary banquet given by the citizens of Canton to the returning soldiers, sailors, marines and nurses in the World War, took place at Memorial Hall last night.

...Mr. & Mrs. Winthrop Packard and Mr. & Mrs. Witt, were in a car accident at the curve on Washington St. near the Endicott Place. The car struck the curb and flipped on its roof. No serious injuries.

...The wedding of John Powers of Stoughton and Miss Ella Reynolds will take place on September 24th.

...Mrs. John Farrington has charge of the fancy work department at the Ponkapoag Grange Fair next Saturday.

...The Selectmen of Canton have invited the Selectmen of Milton & Stoughton to meet Monday evening to consider the stopping of the Blue Hill Line. Scheduled to cease operations on Sept. 30th.

...In the death of Judge Henry F. Buswell and Frederick P. Drake, the town has lost two citizens who both gave much of their lives to Canton and its success.


SEPTEMBER 15, 1944

...Canton escapes serious damage from the hurricane. The wind reached 70 mph, electric power was off and the factories closed the night shift.

...H. G. Braillard of Draper Street, was awarded a Bronze Medal Certificate at the 2nd annual Victory Garden Show, in Boston.

...The first meeting of the SE-LO-KI Society was held on Monday evening at the home of the President, Miss Dorothy Sawyer.

...Private James B. Draper Jr., has finished infantry training and joined a paratroop division at Fort Benning, Georgia.

...E. W. Wiggins Airways of Canton & Providence has announced the inauguration of a unique non-scheduled passenger service in New England.

...Francis Kelliher of 33 Church St., celebrated his 9th birthday on Monday September 11th.

...George H. Lawless is to be the new head of the Legion Post.


SEPTEMBER 18, 1969

...The Planning Board approved the layout of a new street to be known as North Street.

...A Canton High School student was barred from school last week, and told to get a hair cut by Principal Joseph Joyce.

...James E. Gilroy, 35 Fencourt Rd. has recently graduated from the VISTA training program at the University of Maryland.

...The Canton Barbershoppers sang at the Hollywell Nursing Home in Randolph last week.

...Four Boston residents were injured when their car collided with a commuter train at the Washington Street crossing.

...Tree Warden & Mrs. Francis X. Callahan have returned from a trip to Miami, Fla. Their son Joseph has enrolled in the University of Miami.


SEPTEMBER 20, 1984

...There are 2,783 students in the Canton School System, that is a drop of 178 from last year.

...Bill Makris of Neponset St. celebrated his 94th birthday last Monday. He & his wife Penelope have been married for 53 years.

...The Board of Selectmen have proclaimed September 26th as "Main Street Day", in honor of the first anniversary of the Canton Cable Access program.

...The Board of Selectmen are receiving bids for the purchase of the old police station on Revere Street.


SEPTEMBER 28, 1894

...Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Briggs are rejoicing in the birth of a son.

...The incandescent lights suddenly "doused the glim" at about 6 pm Monday. The cause was the burning out of a brush in the dynamo. They were relighted in a short time.

...Canton now has a civilized Chinaman, one who wears store clothes and rides a bicycle.

...Mr. Frank Fischer of the York District and his eldest brother Louis, are suffering from typhoid. A professional nurse is in attendance.

...Thomas Tapper has in his greenhouses an exceedingly fine stock of bulbs, hyacinths and others which he offers for sale.

...Mr. Patrick Cronon reached home Sunday, after a years trip abroad for study. Mr. Cronon is a veterinary surgeon.

...Charles Hough, of Bolivar Street, died last Sunday morning.

...Mr. Edwin Wentworth is repairing the roof of his block.


SEPTEMBER 26, 1919

...331 voters interested enough in good government, attended the primaries Tuesday afternoon. There were 274 Republicans and 54 Democrats.

...Wampatuck Farm captured 12 ribbons at the Springfield Fair, with the herd of 17 Shorthorn cattle exhibited. Mr. A.A. Boutelle is the farm manager.

...Mr. & Mrs. H. Pearson held a reunion at their home on Walpole Street, of friends from their home town, Skepton, Yorkshire, England.

...The Ponkapoag Grange Fair drew a large crowd and a fine showing of fruits and vegetables.

...Another postponement, the Blue Hill Street Railway will continue running cars until October 15th.

...On Wednesday morning at nine, Miss Ella V. Dailey of Walnut Street was married at St. John's Church to Charles B. Hooper of Stoughton.


SEPTEMBER 22, 1944

...Many Canton and out of town people helped Mr. John Simmons to pick apples at the Simmons Farm on York St. last Saturday and Sunday.

...Lieut. John P. Trayers and Mrs. Trayers are the parents of a daughter born Tuesday at the Mass. Woman's Hospital in Boston.

...Dennis G. Trayers, son of Mr. & Mrs. Dennis G. Trayers of Sherman St. was rushed to Norwood Hospital Monday night for an emergency appendix operation.

...Fire badly damaged the residence of Edward O'Connor on Bolivar St. last Friday night. Ted Smith discovered the fire and ran to the fire station to get help. The flames were quickly extinguished.

...Faith Marathas, 5 year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Marathas of Bolivar St. was fatally burned when her clothes ignited as she was playing near a rubbish fire in the yard yesterday afternoon. Eddie Widberg carried her to the hospital in a car driven by Harry Spring.

...REPORT IMMEDIATELY- Any information or suspicions concerning espionage, sabotage, subversive activities or statements to the F.B.I., 100 Milk Street, Boston. Telephone-Liberty 5533.

...The Misses Doris Bullock and Ruth Kelle are spending a vacation at White Horse Dude Ranch, in the Adirondacks at Watertown, New York.


September 25, 1969

...The Canton Unitarian and Universalist Churches will install John Hay Nichols as their minister at a special service at the Unitarian Church on Sunday.

...The bones found last week by children as they were digging in a sand pit are being studied by anthropologists from the Peabody Museum of Harvard University.

...The new Trinity Episcopal Church at Rtes.128 & 138 will be dedicated at 10 am, Sunday, by the Rt. Rev. Anson Phelps Stokes Jr.

...Mr. Warren Herron of 16 Ponkapoag Way, retired last week at the age of 65, after completing 35 years of service with the railroads.

...Police Blotter- Forge Pond Dam was checked during the threat of hurricane Gerda, and the railing of Charlie's Bakery was broken again.

...Close to 1,000 lunches are served daily at the Senior High School cafeteria, which is under the direction of Mrs. Mary Stevenson.


SEPTEMBER 27, 1984

...Canton & Braintree Police raided a home on Washington St. Tuesday night, making 2 arrests and netting various types of narcotics and drug paraphernalia, a police official reported.

...Canton Journal reporter Marilyn Roache has received the MASC Gold Star Award for her article "There's Lots Cooking In The Culinary Arts Department" at the Blue Hills Regional Chateaude Bleu.

...The Boston Globe rates the Canton High Football team number 2 in division 3.

...George Comeau deserves a lot of praise for almost single-handedly organized the Viaduct's 150th Anniversary Celebration.

...Thursday morning the Mobil gas station at Cobb's Corner was demolished in preparation for a new Mobil gas station.

...The MDC owns over 15% of the land in Canton.


OCTOBER 5, 1894

...The Ponkapoag Store suffered from local and periodical burglars again lately. But little was taken.

...Martha Edna, the infant daughter of Charles N. and Martha Draper died quite suddenly Thursday noon.

...The Sons of Veterans are hard at work on "The Scout Of The Shenandoah" for a date to be fixed later.

...John Williams, forty year resident, passed away suddenly yesterday morning. He was among the first engineers of the new fire department.

...High School Principal, E. H. Brackett has moved into the easterly of two houses lately finished on Chapman Street owned by the heirs of the late Horace Bright.

...Mrs. C. W. Wilkins of Clear Creek, Texas, has been visiting her father Mr. Jesse Fenno at the Farms.

...Anna Marsh Hewett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Billings Hewett was united in marriage to Kinsley Dunbar at the Unitarian Church last Tuesday night.


OCTOBER 3, 1919

...956 automobiles passed a given point on Turnpike Street in one hour Wednesday evening.

...Born to Madge, German police dog of Independence Street, thirteen pups.

...For two mornings in succession Mr. Richards of Independence Street has been seen going to the station with a handsome bouquet of gladioli, one wonders where the exhibition takes place.

...The head of Pleasant Street has a shorn appearance now that the Draper corn crop has been harvested.

...Some of the fine Holstein dairy stock from Pequitside Farm is on exhibition at the Brockton Fair, watch the blue ribbons come home.

...Announcement - Wentworth Playroom, 391 Washington Street reopens October 14, 1919, phone 124-M.

...Mrs. Josie A. Poole is entertaining company from Bangor, Maine.

...John Doody of High Street is attending St. John's School at Danvers.


SEPTEMBER 29, 1944

...Mr. and Mrs. Earl Frost, 1196 Washington Street observed their 52nd wedding anniversary at their home last Sunday. They are natives of Maine and have been in Canton for about two years.

...Daniel F. Hennigan, a fruit and produce dealer in Canton for many years died yesterday morning at his home at 209 Sherman Street.

...An increase from 16 to 20 red points in the ration value of butter, the highest value ever set for that commodity since rationing began.

...James L. Fraser, 291 Washington Street, has been appointed an Ensign in the United States Maritime Service. He is now third mate, sailing for Eastern Steam Ship Lines.

...Captain and Mrs. Charles Callery visited Mr. and Mrs. Peter Callery of High Street last weekend.

...Daniel Shea enlisted in the U. S. Navy on Monday.

...The Annual Progressive Supper of the Se-Lo-Ki Society was held Monday at the homes of the members. At 6:45 a delicious first course was served by Mrs. James Fitzpatrick at her home.


OCTOBER 2, 1969

...The new Trinity church at the foot of Blue Hill was dedicated last Sunday.

...John J. O'Brien of Jamaica Plain, a dump truck driver, escapes serious injury after being buried for almost an hour under tons of rock at a construction site near the Viaduct. He was taken to Norwood Hospital by a Canton Police cruiser.

...The Community Club will begin its 57th season on Tuesday, October 7th at 2pm in the social room of the United Church of Christ. Program Chairman is Mrs. James A. Dockray.

...There have been no real problems at Canton High School since the abolishment of the dress code.

...Paul A. Schneiders, J. D., has begun teaching a criminal law course at Canton High School.

...Police Blotter-There were several lost dogs and lost horses reported this week.


OCTOBER 4, 1984

...Link Chandler of the Canton Supply Co. has grown in his garden a nine pound Tan Zucchini which is a cross between a butternut squash and a zucchini.

...The Blue Hills Regional Committee has given the go ahead for negotiations of the merger of the Technical Institute and Massasoit Community College.

...The Canton Library Director Catherine Stetson has resigned.

...The Blue Hills Trailside Museum invites visitors to the Annual Honey Harvest on Columbus Day weekend.

...Neil Driscoll is the President of the Canton Art Association..


OCTOBER 19, 1894

...A doll and a box full of dresses, only 25 cents at Tirrell's.

...The Ladies Benevolent Society of the Orthodox Church will hold a fair on December 12th.

...The Democrats in this district seem to have a hard time in getting a candidate to run against Congressman Morse.

...Michael Shields died Monday, October 15th of old age. Mr. Shields was a native of Ireland and had been a Canton resident for about 60 years. He was 85 years old.

...Rev, Mark B. Taylor gave his lecture on the "Battle Of Allatoona" before Post 169 in Village Hall, Norwood, last night.

...The rivalry over that gold badge for the most popular fireman is quite intense. The two leading candidates are Flood of the Village Company and Capen of Canton Corner.

...Joseph Foley sold his educated saddle horse this week to J. H. Millikin at a fancy price.


OCTOBER 17, 1919

...Town Meeting voted to aid the troubled Blue Hill Street Railway.

...The Board of Health, Tuesday morning held a public hearing at Memorial Hall on the petition of Leonard Ross to sell land on High Street for a cemetery.

...Several nights ago, Mr. & Mrs. H. Ware Barnum on Chapman Street held a demonstration of aluminum cookware.

...Unclaimed letters at the Post Office for, Miss Bridget Ahearn, Miss Mary Conway, Mrs. Annie Miller, Mrs. Fitzgerald (post card).

...Mrs. George Allen of Turnpike Street was run down and badly injured by an auto, while returning from the Post Office.

...Canton Orpheum Theater: "Love Insurance", "The Warrens Of Virginia" and "Pettigrew's Girl".

...Girls wanted: Light easy work, $12 per week, steady work. Apply to A. J. Thompson, Pierce Place.


OCTOBER 20, 1944

...Elmer W. Wiggins, founder of E, W. Wiggins Aviation Company, died Wednesday afternoon at Boone County Hospital, Columbia, Missouri.

...Miss Mary Anne Stuart of 360 Chapman Street married Dr. Edward V. Heffernan of Providence last Sunday.

...Two $100 war bonds were stolen in a daylight break at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Gideon King on Lawrence Street yesterday afternoon.

...Two Canton boys enter the service from Draft Board #56. Joseph S. Romanelli of 7 Traverse Place inducted into the army and Eugene Williams of 92 Pleasant Street inducted into the navy.

...The Canton Town Club has taken its uniforms out of storage and will open once again it's football team. Charlie Stevenson is the coach.

...Next Saturday, the Ponkapoag Chapel will give a Halloween Dance at the Grange Hall, the music will be furnished by Ernie Gotham & his Orchestra, from Norwood.

...Captain Julius Rubin of Canton is treating German civilians in liberated parts of Germany.


OCTOBER 16, 1969

...The Lt. Peter Hansen School to open on October 20th.

...On Thursday evening about 200 Camp Fire girls, their mothers and leaders gathered at St. John's Parish Center to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

...Mrs. John J. (Mae) O'Connell of 196 Lawrence Street has announced that the Christmas Gift Shop for Veterans in West Roxbury is again in progress.

...James Theron Briggs, Jr. of 619 Pleasant Street has enlisted in the navy for a four year period.

...Last night at 7:00pm the bell of the Canton Unitarian Church rang, tolling out the number of men who died in Vietnam last week.

...Mrs. Henry Wessling was honored for her volunteer work at Carney Hospital.


OCTOBER 18, 1984

...A Josephine Street resident seeking a sewer connection to her home has forced the Selectmen to schedule an unexpected Special Town Meeting late next month.

...Albert Crossen of 23 Walnut Knoll was the only bidder for the old police station, with a bid of $80,100.

...The DEQE has found hazardous waste at the industrial park at 480 Neponset Street and on Washington Street where the old Hudson Bus Barn was located.

...A Wells Fargo truck broke down at Washington & Dedham Streets. Canton Police Officer Tom Keleher stood guard during the money transfer bearing his shotgun.

...Ronald and Deborah Gray of 8 Chestnut Road announce the birth of their daughter Tamra Ann, born September 25th.


NOVEMBER 2, 1894

...The granite steps now being erected in front of Memorial Hall by John Lawrenceleading up to the soldier drinking fountain are a present from Congressman Morse.

...Special bargains in ladies winter undervests and drawers, 25 cts. each, worth 50 cts., at F. R. Pitcher's.

...The sage green roof on the new Eliot School gives one to understand that what comes beneath is just cheese.

...James B. Noyes, until recently on the staff of the Boston Herald, has taken a position with the Harvard Graduates Magazine.

...Three painters from Lowell, strangers here, fell from the new building of the Lexington Print Works, Monday afternoon. The staging broke and the injuries were not serious.

...Work at the "Happy Valley", as Cohan Lane has come to be dubbed, is steadily progressing.

...Attention is called to the illustrated lectures by Charles N. Thomas on the Battle Of Gettysburg, and other war scenes, to be given at the Baptist Church.

...Richard Haley has nearly completed a small greenhouse on land of his father at the corner of Eliot and Washington Streets.


NOVEMBER 7, 1919

...Mrs. Margaret Carroll has purchased the Lopez Property on Church Street, and will build a large modern house on the land.

...A delivery truck was struck by one of the cars of the Blue Hill Street Railway Co. Thursday morning and was almost completely demolished.

...Ethel Verity and Robert McDowell were united in marriage October 25th by Rev. Samuel Allen Harlow.

...To Let, 8 room house, Apply 953 Pleasant Street.

...As was to be expected, Mr. Talbot Aldrich won the fight for Representative, with a large margin to spare.

...Mrs. Dean S. Luce of the local Red Cross chapter has been appointed on the district committee for the sale of Christmas Seals.

...Canton Orpheum Theater, "The Witness for the Defense", True heart Susie", The missing Widow".


NOVEMBER 3, 1944

...Harold J. Fitzgerald of Pleasant Street has bought out H. Stein's cleaning & pressing establishment. Mr. Stein is retiring and will join his son in Arizona.

...Carl F. Holloran, Superintendent of Schools died last Saturday, October 28th, at the Mass. Memorial Hospital, Boston. He came to Canton March 1, 1943.

...Dr. Marie Alkon of Boston, formerly the dentist at the Mass. Hospital School was a guest of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Papanti of Chapman Street, this week.

...Private Joseph Moore of Lawrence Street is home on a ten day furlough from Richmond, Virginia.

...Teddy Tordoff of Pond Street and Tom Crawford of Prospect Street leave this week for a hunting trip to Maine.

...Piloting a torpedo bomber, which released four lethal bombs, Lieut. Joseph J. Hennessey of Messinger Street may be credited by the Navy with the destruction of a Japanese Battleship.

...Lieut. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ronayne are the parents of a baby boy born October 29th at the Baker Memorial Hospital, Boston.


NOVEMBER 6, 1969

...The Town Club celebrates its 30th year. The first building which was used for a club hall was the Sherman School, with the first President being John Howard.

...The Canton Institution for Savings has made arrangements to have the Canton High Bulldogs & Oliver Ames High game broadcast over radio station WOKW on Saturday.

...Peter N. Stockus, USN, of 222 Mechanic Street is serving with the U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Seven in Vietnam.

...Another fire was reported at the Town Dump.

...Brian E. Leary, 3 Greenwood Road & Kathleen M. Sullivan, 233 Fourth Street, Stoughton, filed their marriage intentions with the Town Clerk.

...Richard Robert Staiti, of 22 Russell Street has been elected to the Student Senate at Stonehill College.

...The Blue Hill Regional School brought home its first victory of the season, as it won over Dinman Vocational, 36 to 0.


NOVEMBER 1, 1984

...The Selectmen have awarded the town's last liquor license to the owner of a proposed Jackson Street convenience store.

...Police officials have arrested a suspect they believe to have kidnapped and raped a 14 year old Canton girl at Knifepoint early Monday morning.

...Bridget Sullivan was recently elected Vice-President of the Freshman class at Canton High.

...Police Lt. Jack Ruane recently graduated from Anna Maria College with a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice.

...Canton Police are investigating the Cable Hacker who has been interfering with local cable channels.

...Public Works Supt. Henry L. Munson estimates that Canton's households produce about 165 tons of solid waste each week.

...Canton Police were surprised when the mystery motorcycle riders appeared at Cobb's Corner and went through Canton to Rte. 138. At least 4,000 motorcycles stretched from Cobb's to Crowell's.


NOVEMBER 16, 1894

...Dr. Alexander R. Holmes died at his Washington Street residence last Sunday morning, of Bright's Disease, he was 68 years old.

...Mr. Richmond L. Weston, after 21 years of service in the employ of the Eureka Silk Co., has retired from his position as foreman in mill #1.

...Last Wednesday, Mr. O. D. Capen and Miss Abbie Lewis were united in marriage. The ceremony was performed in the parlor of their fine new residence at the corner, by Rev. Henry F. Jenks, and took place at 4:00 pm.

...Herbert Kinsley, who lately died in New York, having property valued at two to three million dollars, was born in the house at the corner of Washington & Pond Streets, near Shepard's Mill.

...The appealed suit of Dooling vs Dr. A. H. Gill, representing the Canton High School Association, was docketed in the Superior Court at Boston, for this last Wednesday.


NOVEMBER 21, 1919

...Robert B. Abbott, thirteen year old son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Abbott of 605 Chapman Street, dropped dead at his home last Wednesday evening, about 10:00 pm.

...Mr. J. Everett Stone, Treasurer of the Plymouth Rubber Co., announced that the company is considering the starting of a housing corporation to provide quarters for the employees of the plant.

...The pool room in Grimes Block near Canton Depot changed hands last Friday, when Charles Reilley of Sharon, transferred all interest to Charles McKenna of Eliot Street.

...Miss Lillian Earley, of Valley Street, has accepted a position with the Kistler Leather Co., of New York.

...For Sale- A Haynes Chummy Roadster, with winter top, priced reasonable, cash only, P. A. Draper, 54 Pleasant Street.

...An alarm from Box 36 at 5 o'clock Friday evening, called the Combination and Ladder Trucks to a kitchen blaze at the residence of Manuel Lopez, in the rear of Perry & Teeling's.

...The telephone operators rendered a tin shower for Miss Mary Griffin of Eliot Street. She is to marry Mr. Francis Chase of this town.


NOVEMBER 17, 1944

...Private Elgin E. Eardley of 32 Eliot Street has returned to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, after a 14 day furlough spent with his parents.

...Mr. John Simmons of York Street, has presented the Norwood Hospital with a check for $2,000. An electric cardiograph machine and a new obstetrical table as recommended by Dr. Dean S. Luce, will be purchased with the gift.

...Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Daniels of 36 Pleasant Street have left to spend the winter in Pass-a-Grille, Florida.

...John Callahan of the water department is on a hunting trip to Worthington, Mass.

...Mrs. Paul A. Draper was hostess last Friday, at luncheon & bridge in her home on Pleasant Street.

...Henry Munson of the highway department underwent an operation at Norwood Hospital this week.

...The annual turkey day game between Stoughton & Canton, traditional rivals will be the 19th in a series that dates back to 1926.


NOVEMBER 20, 1969

...Edward R. Piana has been elected a Vice-President of the Norfolk County Trust Co. and will be Senior Officer in charge of the bank's consumer credit dept.

...Dominic Duganiero completes the U-Mass Building Program.

...Mr. & Mrs. Robert Morgan of 116 Prospect St. announce the birth of a son, Jack Parker, on Nov.11th.

...Miss Paula Sue Hegarty, a member of the Canton High Swim Team, broke 2 swim records in one meet with CambridgeLatin School, last week.

...For the past five years the Donchess Family of Canton has sent 500 Christmas cards each year to servicemen in Vietnam. This year they are repeating it.


NOVEMBER 15, 1984

...The Board of Selectmen proclaimed Nov. 13, 1984 as Instron Corporation Turkey Trot Race Day.

...Residents last week told the Conservation Commission that they opposed the development of 4 single family homes across the street from the Shepard Pond Dam.

...A short spree of hit and run accidents sent one Canton woman to the hospital last Tuesday night.

...Fred Spintig, Jr., of Canton broke the 400 bowling mark for 3 strings in two consecutive weeks.

...Marine Capt. Bruce W. Milne of 50 Autumn Circle recently completed the U.S. Army Airborne Course.

...Galvin Middle School 7th & 8th graders experienced first hand the Democratic Process by participating in a mock election.


DECEMBER 7, 1894

...Canton is shortly to have a new physician, a Dr. Steadman, who comes highly recommended and will occupy rooms in Pitcher's Block.

...Con Desmond, Britton's famous horse-shoer, has gone to Lowell to work for Millionaire C. I. Hood of Sarsaparilla fame.

..."STOP THE EXPRESS FREIGHT FROM PROVIDENCE, NOW DUE AT THE JUNCTION, THEY HAVE SOMETHING DRAGGING". Such was the message that ticked over the wires from Boston and sounded in station agent Wood's cozy office at the Junction last Saturday afternoon at about half past three o'clock. Already the rails were ringing with the rush of the heavy train down the long grade from Sharon. Postmaster Wattles heard it in his office nearby and sprang to the window, exclaiming, "An Accident." Two or three cars reared in the air like spirited horses impatient at the bit, then came a tremendous crash. A broken brake rod was the cause and there was no loss of life.


DECEMBER 5, 1919

...The Knights of Columbus are to institute a new council in Canton in the near future.

...At Wednesdays Selectmen's meeting they voted to have all lunch rooms close at 11:30 pm.

...There is some pretty loud talk about the selectmen's granting of a permit for a Hebrew cemetery on High Street, and it promises to be an issue in the election of town officers next march.

...The 2:45 street car, bound from Canton to Stoughton struck and demolished John Curry's Ford automobile as it was backing out of Curry's driveway at 521 Washington Street. There were no injuries.

...Mr. John Shepard, born in Canton, founder of the Shepard Norwell Co. of Boston, died suddenly Tuesday evening on a train bound from Boston to Pasedena, California.

...Rev. Mark B. Taylor, formerly of Canton, died Wednesday evening in Brooklyn, New York, he was 76 years old.

...Marriage intentions have been filed with the town clerk of George Edward Thomas and Florence Miller of Norwood.


DECEMBER 1, 1944

...James T. Briggs has been awarded the Purple Heart Medal for wounds received in action in Germany.

...Thomas J. Ronayne of 16 Savin Hill Street, who was with the 15th Air Force in Italy, piloting a B-17 has been promoted to First Lieutenant, he has completed 21 successful missions and has also been awarded the Air Medal.

...Jean Ann Poirier, 34 Jackson Street finished her secretarial course at Bryant & Stratton with honors.

...Mr. H. Helm Clayton of Washington Street, noted meteorologist was presented with a gold medal at a ceremony at the Blue Hills observatory last Saturday.

...On Monday evening November 27th, a meeting was held at the home of Miss Louise Kessler to formulate plans for a club of the young women of Canton, for the ages of 18 to 26 years old.

...Now playing at the Strand--"Greenwich Village", "Gildersleeve's Ghost", "Take it or leave it" and "Marine Raiders".


DECEMBER 4, 1969

...One of Canton's landmarks, the town clock was placed in the steeple of Town Hall on Monday.

...The Board of Selectmen have approved the appointment of Mrs. Isabel M. Pierce as Assistant Treasurer.

...Robert Edward Ortendahl, Jr., of 7 Ponkapoag Way has enlisted in the Navy for four years.

...Since the new traffic lights have been put in operation at the corner of Bolivar & Washington Sts., and the angle parking has been eliminated, the traffic pattern in the business district seems to have improved.

...Daniel J. Drislane of 130 Rockland Street, passed away at Norwood Hospital on Nov. 26th. He was 70 years old.

...A building permit was issued to John W. Keith for a 30 unit apartment complex on the northerly side of Will Drive. A special permit was issued by the Board of Appeals.


DECEMBER 6, 1984

...Local angler, Ricky Robinson caught a giant Blue Fin Tuna, weighing 638 lbs., the tail measured 36.5 inches wide.

...Traffic gates were installed and began operating at the Washington Street railroad crossing last Wednesday morning.

...Only 173 Canton residents attended the Special Town Meeting scheduled for Nov. 28th, the meeting was postponed to January 14th.

...Lucy Ronayne of 5 May Street recently bowled a 327 triple string total at the Canton Lanes.

...The Board of Health will suspend all licenses granted to the Cumberland Farms variety store on Washington Street for two days later this month. There is a continuing trash problem on the site.

...The Canton Town Club sponsored their annual banquet to honor the Canton High Football Squad last Thursday night at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

...Police Log--12/2 at 2:30pm, report of two sheep roaming around the area of Clover Lane.


DECEMBER 21, 1894

...Among the articles sold at the fair was a calendar showing a nicely mounted photograph of the present Universalist Church, the pictures have been taken and mounted by Rev. Mr. Petrie.

...Harry Byam has sold his 2.13 trotter and got a new one fully as speedy.

...William F. Downes has just finished wiring and fitting the new Eliot School building with electric bells. There is a large gong outside and call bells within, all connecting with the principal's room.


...The walls of the Boston Art Club gallery this past week have been hung with nearly 150 of Mr. Hatfield's pictures.


DECEMBER 19, 1919

...Car 20, of the Blue Hill Street Railway appeared in service Monday morning after being refitted with new eight wheel trucks, it now rides like a Pullman car.

...Mr. William Simonds of Rockland Street, C. H. French and Clarence Southworth of Lawrence Street won prizes at the poultry show held at the Stoughton Town Hall.

...The Canton Legion defeated the post from Stoughton in the Massapoag League series Wednesday evening at Town Hall by a score of 23 to 9.

...William Goss, of Neponset Street collapsed while at work at the Neponset Woolen Mills, he was taken to the Canton Hospital suffering from appendicitis.

...It was eight below zero at the Ponkapoag Post Office Thursday morning.

...Sheriff O. D. Capen went to the city this morning to take over a prisoner arrested in Ohio, in connection with the recent bank robbery in Randolph.

...Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Weston round out fifty years of married life with a party at their home at 345 Sherman Street.

...The "High House" changes hands, title was transferred from Dennis Trayers to Beltie Taub, both of Canton, the reported price is $6,000.


DECEMBER 15, 1944

...Andrew MacInulty of 46 Lawrence Street died Sunday after a long illness. He was 65 years old and a native of Glasgow, Scotland.

...Tobe Deutschmann, well known inventor and manufacturer, will be the guest speaker at the Canton Men's Club at its meeting Thursday evening, Dec. 21st.

...At the Canton Historical Society's meeting last Monday, the program was a talk on "Reminiscences of the Young Peoples Union of 1880."

...Lieutenant Joseph G. Galligan, Jr. has been made the Executive Officer and Navigator of the U.S.S. Halibut. He also has been awarded the Dolphins, a submarine insignia.

...Adolph Lapenus and young son had a narrow escape at their Neponset Street home last Sunday evening about 10pm, when they awoke to a house full of smoke and intense heat. Considerable damage was done.


DECEMBER 18, 1969

...A son was born to Mr. & Mrs. John Fruci of Paul St.

...Nascar late model stock car racing is coming to Norwood Arena, the season opens on April 25th.

...At the December 9th meeting of the Canton Fish & Game Club, new officers were elected as follows: Dan Carter, President; Dick Doody, V.P.; Charlie Strumski, Treas.; Roscoe E. Freeman, Sec'y.

...On December 6th, at St. John's Church, Miss Jill Marie Dailey became the bride of Mr. Mark Christopher Gross, both are from Canton.

...Mrs. Ronald Pariseau, 44 Walnut Street, has been appointed Mothers' March chairman in Canton for the 1970 March of Dimes campaign.


DECEMBER 20, 1984

...Barber Tony Ammendolia will be hanging up his cutting shears after 45 years, he will retire on Monday, December 24th.

...John's Restaurant on Neponset Street was recently sold to a restauranteur from Quincy.

...Swift corrective action by Cumberland Farms persuaded the Board of Health to rescind the vote on closing the store.

...Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Eardley, Jr. of High Street announce the birth of their second child, Robert Ryan, December 8th at Goddard Memorial Hospital.

...Galvin Middle School science teacher Robert Kurkjian, who applied to N.A.S.A. for a loan of genuine moon rocks, has been bringing the costly specimens around to the elementary schools.

...Police Log--12/13, 1:10pm, Algonquin Road resident reports lost sheep in front of her home.

...The lights on the trees at Washington Street's Mini--Park look very festive.


MARCH 1, 1895

...Congressman Morse has now secured two federal post office buildings for his congressional district, which had none when he was elected.

...Judge Bushrod Morse of Sharon, was acquitted at Stoughton District Court this morning on charges of assault & battery, using profane & indecent language in a railroad car, and the same offense against the town By-laws.

...Daniel Murphy & Patrick Smith of Canton, renounced their allegiance to the Queen, last Saturday in Stoughton District Court and were forthwith declared naturalized citizens of the U.S.

...On Tuesday, two cows belonging to Wm. P. Reynolds of Ponkapoag, which were inspected and condemned for tuberculosis, were killed & examined by Inspector Cronin.

...The Sullivan child, who was ill with diphtheria on Pleasant Street, has recovered and the card is taken down.

...There are 37 new names admitted to the voting list this year, and among them (bless her big sleeves) one woman who has the courage of her convictions.

...A sister of Mrs. Cleay of the Stone Factory district was brought here from Providence, last Tuesday for burial.


MARCH 5, 1920

...Eight hundred employees of the Plymouth Rubber Co. and the George Grow Tire Co. have been idle all this week on account of the shortage of coal.

...The Village Forge, an old landmark of Canton, concluded its history of usefulness by crashing to the ground last night at about 11:45, under its burden of snow.

...The Blue Hill Street Railway is investigating the experimental Ford internal combustion engine street cars.

...Bookkeeper Wanted--one with knowledge of stenography desired. Norfolk Shoe Mfg. Co., Walnut Street, Canton.

...At Town Meeting--it was voted to appropriate $123 for six street lights for Lawrence Street. The Gridley School project calling for $12,000 for remodeling the building, was dismissed. The pay of the town laborers was raised to $4 a day.

...In spite of the bad walking, a large number attended the Community Club meeting on Tuesday, Mrs. James B. Draper presided.


MARCH 2, 1945

...Word was received Monday by Mrs. Paul V. Lowell of Randolph St., that her husband, Warrant Officer (j.g.), Paul V. Lowell who was reported missing in action in Germany on December 15, is in a German prison camp.

...Naval ARM 2/c John McColgan, whose wife is Mary (Leonard) McColgan, formerly of Canton, received a medical discharge from the Navy after two years service.

...For Sale--5 room house at 448 Sherman St., Canton, for information call NORwood 0255.

...The Bronze Star Medal for bravery in action has been awarded to Pfc. Robert E. Teague, son of Mrs. Mary E. Teague, 6 Lawrence Street.

...The March meeting of the Ladies Aid of Ponkapoag Chapel will be held at the home of Mrs. Robert Howard, 34 Ponkapoag Way, on Thursday March 8th at 8 pm.


MARCH 5, 1970

...John F. Morgan was elected selectman by an eleven vote margin, defeating Paul Schneiders.(continued in 2 weeks)

...Miss Marian J. Homans, 88, of 3 Homans Lane, a founder of the Olivia James House in South Boston, passed away Monday, March 22nd at her home.

...Eugene F. Merkert, Chairman of the Board of Food Enterprises, Inc., today announced the addition of Boston Bruins defenseman Bobby Orr to his staff.

...Navy Fireman Philip W. McDermott, husband of the former Miss Carla Moskowitz of 49 Lewis St. returned to Newport, R.I., from a six-month tour of duty in the Mediterranean aboard the destroyer USS Gearing.

...A son was born to Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gillis of 1 Breton Dr. and a daughter was born to Mr. & Mrs. John Hoyle of 16 Walnut Street.


MARCH 7, 1985

...Contrary to rumor, the new Fire Department ladder truck does fit under all the bridges in town such as the Bolivar and Revere railroad bridges.

...Police Log--Officer Fickett was sent to investigate a report of a well dressed man selling meat house to house. The gates at the Washington St. railroad crossing were stuck again.

...Fire Log--Report of 3 dogs that fell through the ice at Reservoir Pond. Fire & civilian boats were used to reach the dogs. Two were retrieved alive. Notified of a fire on Burma Rd., box 9 was pulled, 15 acres were burnt before all out.

...Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Salah of 211 Messinger Street, announce the birth of their daughter, Lauren Elizabeth, born on Feb. 20, at St. Elizabeth's Hospital.

...Planning Board chairman John Colby presented departing member James Magee with a plaque featuring the Town Seal last Tuesday night. Magee, who did not seek re-election this year, has served since 1979.


MARCH 22, 1895

...The Revere School is the richer by a donation of an excellent concert grand piano from Thomas Tupper, Esq.

...W. P. Reynolds has finally decided not to qualify as town treasurer and the office will be filled by appointment at the selectmen's meeting next Tuesday night. The selectmen will offer the appointment to N. W. Dunbar.

...At Town Meeting last night, Article #19--"To hear and act upon the report of committee on town seal." The report was accepted and the seal adopted. (This is the second town seal.)

...For Sale--three golden wyandottes (two hens and crower), both hens are laying. A. B. Crocker, Sharon.

...The following new members were elected into the Canton Historical Society last Monday evening: Wm. H. Bense, Richmond L. Weston, Harry H. Mansfield, Rev. Omer G. Petrie and honorary member Edward H. Savary. The officers for the ensuing year are: Willis S. Shepard, President; George F. Sumner, Vice-President; John C. Gerald, Treasurer; A. H. Gill, Clerk. The directors are: Thomas B. Draper, Charles Draper and J. W. Wattles, Jr. James L. Draper is the curator.


MARCH 19, 1920

...Antonio Pesaturo, of 693 Washington Street, was seeking a warrant Tuesday evening for the arrest of Attorney Gregory Grover, on a charge of breaking and entering.

...The Canton Council of the K of C was instituted Sunday afternoon. Many K of C members gathered in Odd Fellows Hall to witness the ceremonies.

...The case now in the courts, Fallon vs. Pesaturo, for assault, has brought forth another case, Pesaturo vs. Fallon, for malicious mischief.

...The Selectmen refused to increase the pay of the Tree Warden and also made a twenty-five cent reduction in wages of the tree climbers.

...Louisa Dunbar, daughter of Nathaniel and Frances Ann (Draper) Dunbar, passed away at six o'clock Monday afternoon. She was born in Canton on October 3, 1843.


MARCH 16, 1945

...Tomorrow, March 17, Mr. Herbert Mosman, editor of the Canton Journal, will celebrate his 82nd birthday. Mr. Mosman has been editor and publisher of the Canton Journal for the past 36 years.

...Albert Powers, husband of Mrs. Albert Powers of 162 Neponset Street has been wounded in action in Iwo Jima. He is now in a hospital.

...Last Wednesday evening in Memorial Hall the Board of Registrars held the re-count petitioned for by Carlton Taber, who lost by 3 votes for selectman in the annual election. There was no change in the results of the election.

...Word in a form of a V-Mail letter was received last Wednesday by Mr. & Mrs. Leo Hartigan of Pleasant St., from their son, Pfc. Paul F. Cash, USMC., telling them that he was safe & unharmed after the invasion of Iwo Jima.

...Arnold H. Verity who is now stationed at an air base in England has been advanced to ARM 2/c.


MARCH 19, 1970

...In a re-count at Town Hall last Friday night, attorney & school teacher Paul Schneiders was declared the winner over John F. Morgan, who was the winner on election night.

...Miss Mary Crean of 117 Rockland St., Canton, passed away at Norwood Hospital on March 13. She was a retired bookkeeper for Russell Oil Company.

...The famous television clown, Bozo, visited at Morse Auditorium Sunday afternoon, keeping youngsters on the edge of their seats with his antics.

...Miss Pamela Mackiernan, daughter of Mr. Angus W. Mackiernan of 216 Messinger Street, was named to the St. Lawrence University Dean's list.


MARCH 21, 1985

...The "Townies" did well in the recent elections, Ed Lynch, George Jones, Carlton Taber, Alan Leary and George Jenkins all won elections to town boards.

...Fire ripped through a Cobb's Corner service station last Monday morning. Much of the Arco station, located just across the town line in Stoughton, sustained heavy damage from the blaze. Crews & equipment from Canton, Sharon & Stoughton helped to battle the fire.

...No one was injured when a car broke down as it stopped for a train and collided with the train at the Pine Street crossing last Thursday.

...Gary Titus, producer of New England Magazine, met actor Robert Wagner on a recent trip to Bermuda.

...Gregory R. Staiti, son of selectman Richard Staiti and Journal sports editor, Jo Ann Staiti, was a winner in the Massachusetts Energy Education Day "Energy Visions for Tomorrow's World" poster contest.


APRIL 5, 1895

...Elijah Estey who so successfully performed the position of Street Superintendent last year has been reappointed by the selectmen.

...An elegant size roasting pan goes with every pound of Washington Baking Powder at Hunt's. The pan alone is worth the money.

...On the afternoon preceding Patriot's Day, the JOURNAL will issue a special patriotic edition with colored pages and various features appropriate to the occasion.

...Mrs William Hesketh, died at her home on Chapman Street, on Friday last. She was 60 years of age and was a daughter of Avery S. and Eleanor (Mason) Briggs.

...H. F. Maxwell is shingling his house and getting ready for summer boarders.

..."Flip!" What is it? Well, that's a puzzle. Ask for it at Tirrell's Pharmacy and find out.

...The seven o'clock lecture in the Universalist Church next Sunday will be "Salvation by punishment and by love." All are welcome.

...In honor of Rev. Dr. Samuel Frances Smith, the author of the words of the patriotic hymn "America," the school house flags were raised and the bell on the Crane School building rung Thursday morning.


APRIL 2, 1920

...The services of rededication of the First Baptist Church of Canton were held last Sunday, March 28, in a greatly improved auditorium.

...Mrs. Abbie Farrington celebrated her 86th birthday at the home of her grandson, Mr. Roger Baldwin on Highland Street Tuesday afternoon.

...Mr. John Harrington, who has occupied the same site in Brook's Block for the past thirty years, retired from active business Saturday evening.

...A telephone notification that the lunch cart at the corner of Revere and Washington Sts. was on fire, brought out the fire department about 11:30 Wednesday evening, for a brisk blaze in the northern end of the structure.

...Dr. Cornelius Cronon was seen driving a new car about town this week.

...The car and snow plow of the Blue Hill Street Railway that have been at Ponkapoag since the big storm in February, were brought to the car barn Wednesday afternoon.

...Charles Fall, while winding up a barber's pole at his shop on Washington Street, Saturday afternoon, was injured so much that a doctor had to take three stitches in his hand to close the wounds. Dr. Rice attended him.


MARCH 30, 1945

...Miss A. Florence Bright of 45 Chapman Street is convalescing at the Peter's Nursing Home on Bolivar Street.

...PFC Joseph Danovitch, son of David Danovitch of 48 TolmanStreet was recently promoted to the grade of Corporal. He is a medical corpsman at Walla Walla Army Airfield in Washington State.

...Miss Martha Foster, cadet nurse, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Dwight N. Foster of York Street, spent a pleasant week at home following the capping ceremonies at Boston City Hospital.

...Mrs. Laura Savage of Sherman Street, is the newest member of the "Gallon Club." She has given one gallon of blood to our wounded servicemen.


APRIL 2, 1970

...Camp Canton, the YMCA day camp for Canton boys and girls has moved to its new site at the Hale Reservation in Westwood.

...Joseph A. DeFelice, 161 High Street, and Marilyn E. Barrett of 14 Wickford Street in Saugus have filed their marriage intentions with the Town Clerk.

...Guest speaker at last week's Rotary Club meeting was Barry Hannon, newly appointed Registrar of Deeds.

...Karen M. Kelson, 167 Lawrence Street, an Elementary Art Major, has been named to the Dean's List at Salem State College.

...Ralph S. Blanchard, Jr., of York Street has been appointed to the finance committee, filling the vacancy left by John E. Fish, Jr., who did not seek re-appointment.

...John H. Porter, 80, former owner of the Porter Patent Leather Co. in Canton, died in Woburn on Saturday.


APRIL 4, 1985

...Health agent Regina McCarthy resigned effective May 31st as the town's health agent.

...Five Blue Hill Regional School students walked out of classes after lunch on Monday, protesting the planned reduction of up to six teacher positions.

...Police Log--Report of a suspicious party on the road in the rear of the cemetery. Needham man claims he is a bird watcher. Needham police report he is a bird watcher.

...Representing Can Four Corp., Greg Pando and Engineer John Rhoads explained the design of the proposed 45 lot Pheasant Ridge Subdivision to be located off Angela and Elizabeth Sts. to the Planning Board Tuesday night.

...Selectmen unanimously approved a new sewer use fee of sixty cents per hundred cubic feet of water consumed, this is ten cents higher than the Water/Sewer Committee recommended before town meeting.


April 19, 1895

...A representative of the Baker - Rose Gold Cure Institute was in town Tuesday seeking patients for his hospital.

...Easter was fittingly celebrated in all our churches and the congregations were large in spite of the downpour of rain which threatened Easter finery with utter and immediate disaster.

...The historical society takes its annual walk tomorrow, starting on Chapman Street near the house of Joseph W. Wattles, Jr., at 8:45.

...It is said that plans are being discussed for the building of a church for the Trinity Episcopal Society, on land at the corner of North and Washington Streets. The sum paid for the lot and house now standing there is set at $3,000.

...Don't forget O. D. Capen's sale of cordwood in the rear of the Eliot Schoolhouse at Canton Corner on Patriot's Day forenoon.

...AD-Miss Mary Davis, Dressmaker, Pitcher's Block, Canton.


APRIL 16, 1920

...The honor pupils of the graduating class of the Canton High School were the guests of Miss Morse on a trip to Plymouth, Mass. on Thursday.

...William Whitty has been appointed as permanent fireman by the engineers in place of John Bullard, who refused the appointment.

...The baseball season was formerly inaugurated last Saturday when the Mechanic Street Stars defeated the Sharon team by a score of 11 to 6.

...On Friday afternoon, April 9th, Mr. John Beal passed away, aged 78 yrs., 8 mo., 27 days, and the community has lost one of its oldest and best known citizens.

...Wanted--A typewriter is wanted for the Canton Hospital, anyone having a typewriter not in use, please notify the Canton Hospital.

...For Sale--Setting eggs from Rose Comb R. I. Reds. Good laying strain. $2.00 a setting. R. D. Borrows, 15 Messinger Street.

...An explosion on a calendaring machine at the Grow Tire Co. plant at Canton Junction, Wednesday evening, caused considerable excitement among the night shift employees. There were no injuries.


APRIL 13, 1945

...The sadness of the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, yesterday afternoon shocked the town. No one was prepared for the news which came over the radio shortly before 6 o'clock.

...Sergeant Paul Alexander, son of Mr. & Mrs. Harry M. Alexander, 93 Pleasant Street, married Pfc. Helen Bennett of Walpole on April 8th in Walpole.

...Lieut William Grover is spending a short leave visiting his parents, Judge and Mrs. Gregory W. Grover of Washington Street.

...The Victory Garden Committee urged everyone to raise as much food as possible. The community gardens on Independence Street and on the Revere property on Neponset Street are now being plowed & harrowed.

...Dennis J. Buckley, 34 High Street, one of Canton's well known and respected citizens, died on Tuesday evening, April 10, after a brief illness.


APRIL 16, 1970

...The Zoning Board has granted a variance to the firm of B. Schlossberg & Sons, Inc., of Mattapan to use the property at 824 Washington Street (the former Episcopal Church) as a funeral chapel.

...A new light has been installed on the Town Hall that will illuminate the Town Clock located in the tower.

...A son was born to Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Aufriero, 21 Pleasant Garden Road.

...The action Demolition Derby Division of the Norwood Arena Speedway swings into action on Saturday night April 18, at 8pm.

...On Sunday, April 26, the Norfolk County Equestrians 4-H Horse Club will sponsor an open horse show at the Paddocks in Milton.


APRIL 18, 1985

...Over fifty residents took advantage of Canton's first Hazardous Waste Day at the Pine Street landfill.

...A school board sub-committee voted last Wednesday to recommend that at least four teaching positions be cut from next years staff.

...The old Civil Defense police car is now painted white and is run by the DPW. No one seems to recall anyone authorizing that change-over.

...Replacement of the Chapman Street bridge is scheduled for this fall.

...Donald Podgurski was unanimously appointed by the Board of Selectmen to take over as the temporary acting DPW Superintendent.

...New exit numbers and name signs will be erected soon on I-93 from Canton to the N. H. state line.

...Karyn Bridget Harding, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Roy Harding has enlisted in the Air Force. She has selected a position in the Jet Engine Mechanic Field.

...Police Log--April 13, 1:10pm, A Tucker Road resident reports a man took his radio and threw it in the pond.


MAY 3, 1895

...W. J. Sherman is the sole agent for the Lovell Diamond Bicycle.

...Mr. Jerome Rhodes has taken Mr. Gibson's position at the Blue Hill Electric Co.. Mr. Gibson and family have removed to Uxbridge.

...G. W. Capen has built a large verandah on his house at the corner of Washington and Chapman Streets.

...Photographer Sweet has taken some fine views of the interior of Tirrell's Store.

...Candidates for a cadetship at West Point will be tested at the Crane School at 10pm on Saturday.

...Mr. Arthur Lefebvre's barber shop is receiving a new coat of paint under the skillful brushes of Messrs. Horton and Wentworth.

...Miss Ella Tate has taken a position in Poole's new store near the Canton Station.

...The Folsom Oil Cloth factory has been purchased by Mr. Arnold of the Canton Manufacturing Co.. The purchase is for the Royal Powdered Soap Co.


MAY 7, 1920

...Howard F. Richards, the first man to enlist in the world war from Canton and the last to return, arrived in Canton yesterday. He enlisted March 29, 1917.

...The John Flatley Council, K. of C. are making preparations for their first concert and ball, which will be given in Memorial Hall, May 17th.

...Canton Hospital--for the month of April there were twenty-four patients in the hospital, eight of these being maternity cases.

...Canton Orpheum Theater--"Jenny, Be Good," starring Mary Miles Minter, "My Ladies Garter" and "Upstairs and Down".

...For Sale--Small cottage house, No. 51 Eliot Street, Canton. Apply to Mrs. H. L. Estey, 1390 Washington Street, Canton.


MAY 4, 1945

...Rev. Louis F. Kelleher, D. D., former pastor at St. John's has been named Auxiliary Bishop.

...After a strenuous year, the Americanization classes will come to a close on May 9, 1945. Graduation will be held in the high school.

...2nd Lieut. Wilbur E. Mulligan, 24, of 427 Walpole Street, has been promoted to 1st lieut.. He is a member of Col. Lorin L. Johnson's 392nd Heavy Bombardment Group.

...Karl Lowery, son of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Lowery of Washington Street, left Wednesday for New York, for service in the Coast Guard.


MAY 7, 1970

...The local A & P grocery store is observing its first anniversary in its new location next to the fire station.

...A two hour blazeSeeblaze, believed to be of suspicious origin, caused an estimated $16,000 damage last week to four stores in Canton center. The fire began in the "Stairway to Beauty" shop at 526 Washington Street. The interior of the shop was totally burned out, Charlie's Bakery received smoke and water damage.

...There is one remaining meet for the Canton High School Math Team, when they will participate in the Massachusetts Math League Playoffs.

...The magnolia tree on the grounds of St. John's Church has been out in all its glory during the past week.


MAY 2, 1985

...Edward Dockery, Canton's Town Treasurer for over 20 years, has resigned. His assistant Isabel Pierce also has announced her resignation.

...Bernie Fallon, one of the first founders of Canton Little League was parade Grand Marshall on opening day.

...Police from Avon, Stoughton and Brockton joined four Canton cruisers in a high speed chase to capture a 20 year old Brockton man charged with trying to shoot his former girlfriend at Morse Shoe last Thursday afternoon.

...The School Committee voted unanimously last Thursday to drop three full time teachers and one part time position.

...The old Canton Civil Defense police car now being used by the town is operating with outdated police registration plates.

...Reconstruction of the High Street bridge began yesterday.

...Fire Log--4/24, 3:10pm, Call from a neighbor of a house fire on the second floor and attic at 217 Lawrence Street, it is a wood frame house, the Red Cross was notified, Ladder One was in an accident on the way to the fire.


MAY 17, 1895

...B. R. Doody is now domiciled in his fine new residence on High Street.

...Christina N. Moore, wife of Robert J., died at her home on Lewis Street last Friday at about 5 o'clock, as a result of the burns received accidentally just four weeks previous.

...Alonzo Bright has lately sold to Larra E. Sumner a lot of land of about two acres on Chapman Street, nearly across from the residence of Thomas B. Draper.

...Prince Tinymite the midget comes next week to the house of Robert J. Moore for a short stay.

...The Lyons place, sold at auction last Saturday, was taken by the Stoughton Cooperative Bank for $2,200, the amount of their mortgage. Mr. Lyons will remain in charge of the greenhouses there for the present.

...PARTIAL COMMENTS from Elijah Morse on the Confederate monument in Chicago: "I have been asked to tell what I think of it. Pray in what other country were traitors ever allowed to build a monument to glorify treason? I think it is bad enough to build these monuments in the south, but to build one in the state that furnished Grant and Logan and the martyred Lincoln, is an outrage."


MAY 21, 1920

...One of the saddest fatalities in many years occurred at the home of Herbert E. Kendall, 2346 Washington Street, Ponkapoag, last Friday evening. When Herbert Kendall, aged 11, while playing with a loaded automatic revolver, accidentally discharged the weapon, instantly killing his chum, William Hannon, aged 13.

...The capacity of Universalist Parish Hall was taxed on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, when the Canton Coon Chorus, waxed strong in minstrel songs and jokes to an appreciative audience.

...The swamp of stagnant water on the Metropolitan park on Turnpike Street is now sending forth its billions of mosquitoes as usual.


MAY 18, 1945

...The Rev. Dennis J, Maquire, 70, parish priest at St. Rita's Church, Lowell, and curate at St. John's in Canton from 1908 to 1918, died on May 16, in St. John's Hospital, Lowell.

...Lieut. Leonard Abramowitz, son of Mr. & Mrs. Harry Abramowitz, 16 Lewis Street, who was reported missing on April 9, after flying 48 missions, expects to be home about June 3rd.

...Lieut. General George Smith Patton Jr., Commander of the 3rd Army has been promoted to a full general, wearing four stars.

...Lieut. Thomas J. Ronayne of 16 Savin Hill Street is expected home on furlough soon.

...Miss Joann Dallahan, has been awarded a four year, full tuition scholarship, at Emmanuel College.

...A fire which started in a truck did considerable damage to the front of Haynes Garage last Saturday morning.

...Corporal Frank J. Romanelli, 7 Traverse Street, a veteran of 34 months overseas, is the first Canton veteran to be discharged from the Army under the point system.


MAY 21, 1970

...Boston Bruin right wingman, Ken Hodge will appear at the Canton Institute for Savings on May 28th from 3-4pm.

...The Canton High School Math Team became state champions, edging Lexington by one point, 102 to 101, in the playoffs at Wayland High. Ted Patsos was high scorer for the team.

...Miss Jeanne Lanigan of Stonehill College is doing her practice teaching at Canton Junior High School, under the direction of instructors Miss Hanlon and Mr. Sullivan.

...Linsy's Restaurant, once known as Gerald's Restaurant, at 599 Washington Street next to the A&P, is now under new management.

...On May 11th, the Unitarian Church lowered the voting age of church members from 18 to 17 years old.


MAY 16, 1985

...Two Whitman men were arrested for unarmed robbery Tuesday afternoon after assaulting a Canton High School student, and leading police on a foot chase to Town Hall.

...The Housing Authority house on Lawrence Street that was damaged by fire may not be repaired, this was the recommendation of Chairman Martin Dorian.

...The MDC says "NO" to golf course sale.

...Attorney John Mooney, Dr. Ralph Blanchard and Elizabeth Frank are the new members of the Conservation Commission.

...Al D'Attanasio of Norfolk Street celebrated his 41st birthday on May 16.

...Selectmen unanimously declared the breakdown of water well #1, an emergency, and have authorized over $6,000 to fix the burned out pump.

...The selectmen requested new bids for the old police station.


JUNE 7, 1895

...Different classes from the Crane School were photographed by your local artist, J. L. Sweet.

...John Lawrence's new double house on Sherman Street is nearly done and is a well planned, well made building.

...Free beer, that is free root beer, will be served at Hunt's Store next Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June 13th--15th.

...A hand organ was taken ill on Church Street Thursday morning. A popular doctor, whose office is nearby, was called in and treated it for asthma. Then it made such dreadful noises that an equally popular dentist examined it for toothache. The reporter declared the disease to be flatulency of the chromatic scale and thought it incurable. Then the poor thing hobbled off on two legs and peace reigned.

...Now that corn planting season is on hand, Pleasant Street is becoming noted for the number and elegance of its scarecrows, they're effective, too.

...At 8 o'clock Thursday morning, at St. John's Parish, , Mr. Dennis Cohan and Miss Mary Dennison were united in marriage by the Rev. Fr. Joshua P. Bodfish.

...The old barn and slaughter house opposite the Sumner Estate at Canton Corner, has been torn down and removed.


JUNE 4, 1920

...At one o'clock Wednesday, June 2, the Orpheum Theatre changed owners, the Elm Amusement Company, of Boston, purchasing the business from Mrs. Jessie T. Trueman and the real estate from Mr. A. Sydeman.

...John Gavigan of Bolivar Street, was struck by a special train, Tuesday evening, while walking between the tracks of the New Haven Railroad, on his return from work at the Springdale Finishing Co. about 5 o'clock.

...Thomas Sims, son of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Sims of Rockland Street, was hit by a bicycle ridden by John Cook of Church Street, Thursday noon. He suffered only minor injuries.

...A Ford truck, loaded with furniture was burned at the foot of Blue Hill Thursday afternoon, only the stove being saved. The fire was caused by the carburetor back firing, igniting the truck which was a total loss together with the load.


JUNE 1, 1945

...Ronald R. Kennedy has accepted a position at the Norfolk County Trust Company.

...Coxswain Paul V. Sloane arrived at his home, 586 Washington Street, last Monday for a 16 day leave. Sloane is a member of the crew of the U. S. Destroyer Laffey, now in port for repairs. This 22,000 ship survived an attack by six Jap suicide planes in a fierce two hour engagement off Okinawa last April.

...Stanley Crossman riding Paul Draper's "Lady of Question" finished 2nd in the bridle path class competition at the Milton horse show held last Saturday.

...Second Lieut. Thomas E. Whitty, Jr., of 266 Sherman Street has recently been issued a membership card in the "I Bombed Japan Club," an organization composed of 11th Air Force combat personal who have bombed Japanese positions in their home territory in the Kurile Island chain.

...A surprise party was given to Miss Shirley T. Caradonna, 94 Revere Street, on her 16th birthday on Sunday evening, May 27.


JUNE 4, 1970

...A Canton woman remains in critical condition at the Massachusetts General Hospital, after a 150 foot fall last Sunday from the Maurice Tobin Memorial Bridge over the Mystic River.

...A hole in one was scored last Wednesday at the Milton Hoosic Golf Club by Ian Marsh of 13 Hillcrest Road. The ace was made on the 7th hole, 157 yards, with a four iron.

...The Elks Hall in Norwood, was the scene on last Friday evening of a retirement party for Dominic Mitcheroney who recently retired as a member of the Canton Police Department.

...David Charles Moss, son of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip W. Moss, 31 Old Randolph St. has received his Associate Degree from the University of Massachusetts, Stockbridge School of Agriculture.


JUNE 6, 1985

...Dog Officer Dick Stein, Selectman Dick Staiti and State Rep. John Flood will take their turns in the dunk tank at the Muscular Dystrophy Carnival taking place at Devoll Field June 11th.

...Mr. Patrick Maloney is Canton's new health agent.

...The Canton Historical Society has re-elected Edward Bolster as president at their annual meeting on Monday night.

...The Saint John's School Association held an open house on Sunday to commemorate the retirement of Sister Maryellen, Principal of Saint John's School.

...William and Nancy (Delang) Antonucci of Canton announce the birth of their first child, William Salvatore II on March 25.


JUNE 21, 1895

...Ira Johnson was arrested a little before six last Wednesday night by Officers Plunkett and Kelly, charged with manslaughter in causing the death of Jeremiah Crowley. He was placed in the lockup, but was very shortly released on bail by Clerk of the Court, B. R. Doody, the bail being furnished by Albert Morse. He appeared before Judge Marden in the District Court at Stoughton this morning and the case was continued. Mr. Johnson is an eminently respectable citizen, a man of quiet manner and the story of the affair reads like a bad dream. Jeremiah Crowley was a veteran of the late war and a pensioner. He was not a Grand Army man. (For more information on this story refer to this issue of the Canton Journal at the Canton Public Library.)

...If you want a corset call in at Brady's and see the Armorside. It's a daisy.

...There is considerable movement in real estate in town now-a-days. Every time the wind comes into town it takes a good portion of the surface of the suburban streets with it and relays them elsewhere. How the dust blows!


JUNE 18, 1920

...Mr. and Mrs Talbot Aldrich and Mr. Aldrich's mother, occupied the Aldrich residence at the corner of Turnpike and Washington Streets late last week. They will remain during the summer and fall seasons.

...A cable received by relatives here yesterday announced the death of John W. Wright, at his mother's home in England, on Wednesday, June 16. Mr. Wright left for England about a month ago. Mr. Wright, owner of the Neponset Woolen Mills, will be buried in Gumersal, England today.

...Ford and Hudson touring cars, with John A. Clinton of Canton, and Dr. Sheehan, a dentist of Stoughton, as drivers, crashed into each other on Turnpike Street last Sunday night, badly damaging both machines, and hurling a lady companion of Mr. Clinton's through the plate glass windshield. The young lady, who refused to give her name or address, had one tooth knocked out, several gashes through her upper lip, and her forehead and cheek had deep incisions from the broken glass. The accident took place just outside the old Red Wing Tavern. Dr. William O. Faxon from Stoughton was called to attend to the young lady, who preferred not to make her identity known. She was taken to her home in Cambridgeby James Lehan of Stoughton. The remains of both cars were later taken by wrecking crews to garages in Stoughton.

...Mr Harry Webb has purchased the business of Ignatz Theophilus, who operated the Orpheum Fruit Store, in the Orpheum building on Washington Street. Mr. Webb recently resigned as manager of the local branch of the O'Connor chain of grocery stores. The new owner will establish a light lunch service on the arrival of new equipment.

...Mrs. Frederick Sumner has sold to Dennis Trayers, the house on Neponset Street, near Jackson Street, occupied by Bernard Farrell, and further conveyance has been made by Dennis Trayers by which Bernard Farrell now acquires the ownership of the property.


JUNE 15, 1945

...The name of Desmond Callan, Green Street, has just appeared in the list of Liberated Prisoners of Monday June 11.

...Dr. Nathaniel N. Fuller is salmon fishing in Maine this month.

...Corporal Augustine Decembrile has been awarded the Combat Infantryman's Badge and a Battle Star. Corporal Decembrile is now in Germany.

...Sixty students from the Crane and Eliot Schools graduated last night.

...On Sunday evening, May 29th at Sunset Lodge in Sharon, the --- on the anniversary of the founding of the Synagogue Beth Abraham Congregation. The mortgage burning honors went to Herman Brightman.

...Canton High School held their graduation exercises on Wednesday evening at Memorial Hall. Forty-two diplomas were awarded, including eight to boys now in the armed services.


JUNE 18, 1970

...At noon, last Friday marked Canton's official entrance into the MDC Water District. The ceremonies and ribbon cutting were held on Dedham Street, the site of the connection.

...On the second Sunday in June each year, firefighters throughout the country set aside this date to honor their fallen comrades. On Sunday, all Canton Firefighters, in full dress uniform, will assemble at fire headquarters on Bolivar Street promptly at 9:00 am to honor all deceased Canton Firefighters.

...Rev, William C. Flynn, of Canton will celebrate the 25th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood on June 21, 1970.


JUNE 20, 1985

...At a special meeting of the Board of Selectmen Tuesday evening named Anthony P. Andreotti of 15 Elizabeth Street, temporary town treasurer and Mary Marshalka, assistant treasurer.

Happy 50th Anniversary

This column is dedicated to my parents Eugene and Ann (Leonard) Brindley who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 22, 1995.


JULY 20, 1945

Bishop Kelleher Here to Dedicate Monastery -- His excellency, Bishop Louis Francis Kelleher of Boston, returned home to Canton last Wednesday morning to dedicate the Polish Franciscan Fathers new Sacred Heart Monastery, before a gathering of over several hundred people, which included clergy from all over the country. This is the current location of the Chapelgate Subdivision on Pleasant Street. (Article by Bill Cash)

...Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sears of Franklin are visiting with Mrs. Sears' parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Callahan of Pleasant Street.

JULY 27, 1945

Ann V. Leonard Bride July 22nd of Lt. E. T. Brindley -- Miss Ann V. Leonard, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Leonard of Sherman Street, and Lt. Eugene T. Brindley, USAAF, of Dedham, were married last Sunday, July 22, at 3 P. M., in St. John's church. The church was beautifully decorated with pink and white phlox and gladioli and the ceremony was performed by Rev. Paul L. Moritz.

The bride wore a gown of voile taffeta with long lace trimmed train and matching veil. The matron of honor, Mrs. Mary(Leonard)McColgan, wore blue and the bridesmaids, the Misses Margaret and Elizabeth Leonard, sisters of the bride, wore pink. The brides bouquet was of white roses and her attendants carried pink roses. The best man was the bridegroom's brother, Joseph H. Brindley. The ushers were Patrick Leonard, brother of the bride, and Pfc. Andrew J. Galvin.

Following the ceremony, a reception was held at the Wampatuck Country Club and music was furnished by John Kessler's orchestra.

Lt. Brindley has just returned after two years in E. T. O. He is a graduate of Dedham High School and was employed by the Boston Herald before he entered the service. His bride is a graduate of St. John's High School and was employed as a telephone operator in the local exchange. After a wedding trip the young couple will go to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where Lt. Brindley will be stationed.

Five Canton Boys Have Get-to-Gether In Philippines -- "Canton Day" was recently celebrated "somewhere in the Philippines" when Charles Coveney, John Olsen, Arthur Fitzgerald, Nick Cardarelli and Joe Roach got together. Nick Cardarelli also met his brother Feruchee.

Local Notes -- "Ted" Galligeau of 56 Messinger Street has accepted a position at Caradonna's Package Store.

...The fire department was called to a refrigerator motor fire at the store of John Decembrile last night about 10:30.

...Edward Bolster of Lewis Street is on vacation this week from his duties at the Plymouth Rubber Company.

...William J. Moseley of the United States Army is enjoying a furlough with his family at 20 Leonard Street.

...Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Parisi of Providence, R. I., wish to announce the engagement of their daughter, Mary Ann, to Mr. Anthony J. Ammendolia, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ammendolia of Canton, Mass.

AUGUST 3, 1945

Daniel T. Reardon Died Wednesday -- Daniel T. Reardon, 757 Pleasant Street, for many years a contractor in this town, died suddenly at his home last Wednesday, August 1. He was born in Canton 70 years and 5 months ago, son of Timothy and Mary Toomey Reardon. He was a charter member of the John Flatley Council, Knights of Columbus and a member of the A. O. H. and had many friends in town.

Local Notes -- Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hannon of Ponkapoag received a letter from their son, Corporal Albert Hannon saying he was in Florence, Italy, and would be home soon.

...Mr. and Mrs. John R. Chapman of Lawrence Street have returned from a vacation spent in Canada.

...Dave's Service Station will be closed from August 6 to August 13 for a vacation period.

...The Revere Estate, 74 Neponset Street, will open for the benefit of the Altar Guild of Trinity Parish, on Tuesday, August 14, from 2:30 to 5:30. Refreshments will be served. In case of rain the opening will be held the following day. The committee includes Mrs. Ash, Mrs. Rowbotham and the Misses Revere.

...Private Elgin Eardley, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Eardley, Eliot Street, is home on a thirty day furlough after serving in Italy. Sergeant Arnold Eardley welcomed his brother after a three year separation. Another brother Pfc. George Eardley has been in the service 30 months, 28 of which have been spent in the South Pacific.

...ATC AIRBASE, CASABLANCA: Pfc. Stanley Malcolmson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Malcolmson, 1076 Pleasant Street, Canton, Mass., has been assigned to Cazes Airbase here with the North African Division of Air Transport Command.

AUGUST 10, 1945

Lightning Strikes Thompson Home In Friday's Storm -- The home of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Thompson Jr., on Prospect Street was struck by lightning during the severe electrical storm last Friday night. The bolt entered a window and went out just below loosening several shingles. The fire department was called but no fire resulted.

Canton Miss On Safety Broadcast -- The Saturday morning Safety Program conducted weekly on WORL by the Police Dept. of the City of Boston had for one of its broadcasters on last Saturday, eight year old Ruth Marie, daughter of Mrs. Gerald Dalton of Turnpike Street, Canton.

...Mrs. Dennis Trayers and children of Sherman St. are visiting in Arlington, Mass.


JANUARY 3, 1896

…Tuesday night's tornado seems to have taken the winds will with the windmills, several of which were blown down, or over, or away, or just blown. Mr. Arthur Wattles and Mr. Charles N. Draper were sufferers by the excess of elemental energy.

…The case of Michael Dunn, who had a claim for a possible $2,000 against the town, is now settled for good and all.

…The Sea Serpent club held a very pleasant private dance in lower Memorial Hall last Tuesday night.

…Mr. Charles Draper (not Charles N. Draper), a former Canton man, was accidentally shot and killed while hunting in Florida last week. He was about 63 years and was a son of Thomas Draper, who, with his brother James, was a pioneer in the woolen business at Canton Corner.

…Miss Bright, Miss Downes and Mr. Carroll, who did such good work in the "Rio Grande", will shortly appear in a play at Sharon, for the Improvement Society.

…Another tornado, children's size, passed over the town early Tuesday A.M., doing so far as known, no damage other than blowing warm water under doors and sashes and disturbing the slumbers of peaceable citizens.


JANUARY 7, 1921

…The local milk dealers have announced that the price of milk will be reduced one cent per quart, effective January 1st, making the price now seventeen cents per quart.

…The sale is reported of the Frank R. Pitcher house on High Street, to William Moulton, proprietor of the Rexall Drug Store. Mr. Moulton buys for occupancy and will move in immediately. The price is reported to approximate $10,000.

…Florence A. Meehan, of Traverse Street, died Tuesday morning at the home of his parents after a short illness. He was 29 years of age, and was born in Canton.

…Louis and Morris Danovitch have returned to Harvard to resume their studies after the holidays.

…Wanted - Middle aged woman for general housework. Good position, good pay. Apply Mrs. F. H. Mansfield, Gridley Street, Canton, off Highland Street.

…Mr. Samuel Shaw, one of the oldest and most respected citizens of Canton, died at his home, 2067 Washington Street, Ponkapoag, Monday Jan. 3rd, aged 68 years.


JANUARY 4, 1946

…John A. Williams has sold his watch and clock repair business after fifty-four years.

…Fire Chief William F. Curtis has been reappointed forest warden.

…Martha Rothwell of Pleasant Street has returned to Clark University.

…Former Boston College star Leo Strumski has received offers from the Boston Yanks and the Cleveland Rams.

…William F. Ward, Jr., of 136 Rockland Street, has been appointed to the U. S. Military Academy.

…Lt. C. J. Dunn has been released from the Navy and plans to reopen his dental office.

…Mr. and Mrs. Buckley of 469 Pleasant Street are spending January in Florida.

…Lucille E. Alsop of Van Buren Street is engaged to Paul V. Sloan of Washington Street.

...The weight of the heavy snow last Saturday did damage estimated at several thousand dollars when the roof of Haynes' Garage, Turnpike Street collapsed. The accident happened because a sidewall buckled allowing the roof to fall in.

...John J. Dominic, 438 Neponset Street and Florence D. Crowley, Jr., 18 Walnut Street, arrived home Wednesday with their discharges. Both have been overseas in the European Theater for two and a half years.

...The Trustees of the Canton Public Library have incorporated in their records a testimonial to Miss Gertrude C. Ryan, Librarian, who has completed fifty years of service in the Canton Public Library.


JANUARY 7, 1971

…Saint Gerard's Church was thronged with thoughtful citizens Sunday evening as a special mass in honor of the American prisoners in Vietnam was celebrated by Rev. Leo J. McCann, Pastor of the church and also an Air Force Chaplain.

…Selectman Harold Fitzgerald has announced his candidacy for re-election to the Board of Selectmen in the forthcoming March election.

…Work began last Wednesday to replace the old worn roof over the Springdale well on Pine Street.

…John Marcone bowled the second highest three string total in the history of the Canton Lanes on Monday night.

…Last week the Public Works Department held a belated Christmas party to honor their own Tom Griffin. Other party goers included Harry Newcomb and Francis X. Callahan, Sr.

…Miss Alison Joanne Smith became the bride of Richard H. Seavey of 20 Dunbar Street on December 30, 1970, in New Jersey.

…The precancelled stamps, which were employed for the first time during the Christmas season of 1970 were a huge success in their debut. The Canton post office sold nearly 160,000 stamps. The stamps will be good until Jan. 31st.


JANUARY 10, 1896

…The JOURNAL has obtained from authentic sources a full report of the sad accident to our former townsman, Mr. Charles Draper. It will be found in another column. The body will be brought to Canton for interment and funeral services will be held at the Unitarian church on Tuesday next, Jan. 14, at 1:30 pm.

…Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Breslyn are now keeping house in one of John Lawrence's houses on Sherman Street.

…T. B. Aldrich's dramatic poem, "Judith," will be given in a week or so by Miss Gertrude Capen, assisted by Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Perkins.

…There is a case of scarlet fever in Capen's Block, one of the boys of Dennis McCarthy living there with his mother. Dr. Steadman is in charge of the case. He complains that the card which he tacked up according to the law was taken down during the night by some person unknown.

…Good looking horse, yes, since I've been buying grain of Billy Reynolds, the globe man, he has fattened right up. Lots of protein in Billy's grain, puts the ginger right in him.

…And Utah is a state, the 45th. She is the youngest of the lot but is the most married of all. Instead of Utah she should be now called the state of matrimony.


JANUARY 14, 1921

…Two hundred and fifty children from the Massachusetts Hospital School were the special guests of A. Sydeman Wednesday afternoon at the Orpheum Theatre.

…Much interest is taken in the suit of the Town of Canton vs. John Everett. The case is assigned for trial January 26th, in Superior Court, at Dedham. The whole matter of Robert Bird as Town Treasurer will be brought before the court.

…Mr. And Mrs. Antonio Pesaturo welcomed a baby boy to the family circle last Sunday.

…William Hunt of Draper Street, who slipped and fell on an icy spot several weeks ago, injuring his knee, is now able to resume his usual duties.

…Found - An automobile tire, owner can have same by proving property and paying charges. Arthur A. Brown, Lawrence Street, Tel. Canton 125-W.

…It cost Frank R. Pitcher four hundred and ten dollars to remove a defective tree in front of the store building formerly occupied by D. C. F. Ellis.


JANUARY 11, 1946

...About 200 voters attended the hearing held at Memorial Hall last evening on the proposed abolishing of the present Zoning Laws, Miss Katherine Sullivan chairman of the Planning Board presided at the meeting.

...John W. Bettis, 57 Pine Street, was named chairman of the Canton Clothes Collection Drive.

...Mrs. Guy Rothwell, president of the PTA, headed the regular meeting at the Unitarian Parish Hall on Tuesday evening.

...Yolande Andriotti was among the students named to the Good Writers Club of Saint John's School.

...Corporal Edward Estey of Pine Street phoned his parents last week when he arrived in New Jersey from a European tour of duty.

...Captain Julius Rubin, 442 Washington Street, plans to resume his medical practice immediately.

...William F. Curtis of 288 Sherman Street was married last week to Gertrude C. French of Sharon.


JANUARY 14, 1971

...About 60 residents of the Walnut Knoll area met with the Planning Board Tuesday night to air their dissatisfaction with the proposed subdivision requested by developer Frank Leahy.

...The selectmen have appointed a Draper Estate Planning Committee to work out the initial ideas for the use of the estate, now owned by the town.

...When spring comes, the grounds in front of the Canton Public Library will be given a "New Look" thanks to the generosity of the Garden Club.

...The selectmen approved the appointment of Charles Rogers as water meter reader and Gino Berardi as pumping station maintenance man.

...Fred Clouter has been appointed to the Conservation Commission to take the place of former member George Allen.


JANUARY 17, 1896

…Sleigh Ride - Driver Buckley held the reins over four handsome steeds, the sleigh bells jingled and people shouted "Hi, hi! As they rode by" but they could not drown the merry voices of the high school scholars on their sleigh ride Thursday afternoon.

…We have selectmen and we have police officers and yet Thursday afternoon, two men who are old enough to know better trotted races back and fourth through the village at a three minute gait in spite of the fact that school children were crossing the street and that it was fairly filled with traffic. This went on for a couple of hours.

…A freight engineer named Hart, stepped off his engine at about 8:30 last night at Canton Junction and had one leg crushed by a passing freight. A train was flagged and he was taken to the city hospital.

…Thomas Hill and wife are receiving congratulations on the birth of an infant son.

…Canton loses a venerable and respected citizen in the death of John Howard, which occurred this morning at his residence on Rockland Street, a slight paralytic shock being the final cause. Mr. Howard was 84 years of age last Tuesday.


JANUARY 21, 1921

…Joseph J. Daly, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Daly, of 16 Ames Avenue, was united in marriage to Miss Eloise Pierce, of Jacksonville, Fla., Wednesday afternoon at 5 o'clock, in Jacksonville.

…The rural mail motor car, driven by Joseph Gavigan, and a Ford motor car, driven by James Pesaturo, crashed into each other on the Bay Road, Friday afternoon, badly damaging the front of both machines, but doing no injury to either driver.

…The ringing of box 36, Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock, brought the fire department to the scene in a hurry. The fire was in one room of the tenement above Murphy's Drug Store, and was caused by an oil stove which had taken fire.

…A small stray black dog was run over by a heavy touring car, near the corner of Washington and Mechanic Streets, Sunday morning, about 11 o'clock. Two legs were broken and officer Donahue shot him to end his suffering.

…Playing at the Orpheum Theatre - "The Willow Tree", "Held By The Enemy" and "Sins Of Rosanne".


JANUARY 18, 1946

...Seven hundred employees of the Plymouth Rubber Company went on strike Wednesday afternoon after a vote of their union, the Rubber Worker's Union. All plant operations have been halted through the strike as all departments are out, forming a complete work stoppage.

...Fire believed caused from an overheated stove did considerable damage to the kitchen of the home of Otto Pebler on Dedham Street last Wednesday afternoon. The fire department was notified by a passing motorist. When the fire department arrived they found Mr. Pebler fighting the fire with buckets of water. The blaze was quickly extinguished.

...Paul H. Galligan has been notified by the War Department of his promotion from a First Lieutenant to a Captain..

...Staff Sergeant Peter R. Sarra was discharged January 13 from the U. S. Army at Camp Devens.

...GM3-C Ralph A. Masciarelli of 394 Neponset Street was this week honorably discharged from active duty in the U. S. Navy.


JANUARY 21, 1971

…A hearing on House Bill 3440 will be held at 10:30 a.m., on Monday, in Room 257 of the State House. The bill, dealing with the Draper Estate, evolved as a result of the Town Meeting decision to borrow funds for the purchase of the property.

…Among the latest to throw hats in the ring are Gerald Galligan, 53 Chapman Street, and Dr. Harold W. Tate, 28 Dunbar Street, are running for Board of Library Trustees. Dr. Tate is a candidate for re-election.

…For the second time in as many months Forge Pond was the scene of a near drowning on Monday afternoon about 4:30. This time the victim was young Bobby Koelho of Washington Street. The accident occurred as Bobby was walking home from school with his two friends, Michael Strumski and Michael Buckley. Bobby was pulled to safety by his two friends before any serious injury resulted.

…The average monthly snowfall for January in Canton is 15.8".

…Did you know that the copper on the State House roof was made in Canton?

…Navy Seaman James T. Briggs, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. James T. Briggs of 619 Pleasant Street, is serving aboard the destroyer tender USS Grand Canyon, in the Mediterranean Sea.


JANUARY 24, 1896

…Chapman Street people want to know why they cannot have their sidewalks ploughed out as early as the people on other streets.

…Miss Nora Daly, daughter of Matthew Daly of Mechanic Street, died this morning aged about 25 years.

…Cranberries are 15 cents per quart at Robinson's.

…The residence of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Capen will be thrown open to-night to a dancing party arranged by some of our prominent young people. About fifteen couples will participate.

…Why not set off Dedham Road for a trotting ground? There is three-fourths of a mile perfectly level and perfectly straight with no travel to interfere.

…An electric car going toward Boston and a team driven by Dennis Crimmins of Canton, collided at 8 o'clock Monday night, Jan 13th, near R. Bleakie's & Co.'s woolen mill in Hyde Park. Crimmins was thrown to one side and his wagon and the load of drain pipe it contained were badly broken up.

…It is rumored that Dr. Daniel P. Smith, now of Attleboro will locate in Canton to fill the place left vacant by Dr. Lonergan. Dr. Smith is a Canton boy, a son of Patrick Smith of Neponset Street.


JANUARY 28, 1921

…Five tame decoy ducks, the property of Robert Draper, of Canton Corner, were stolen from the building in which they were housed, late last Monday evening. The theft was discovered Tuesday morning when Mr. Draper discovered one of the birds dead on the grounds, and the other four missing. From the appearance of the dead bird it is presumed that it was clubbed to death as the head was badly mangled, by some blunt instrument.

…Rev. John C. Buckley is visiting his sister, Mrs. James Mosley, of Leonard Street.

…Miss May Tobin, clerk for Moulton's Rexall Store, occupied much attention in the Tuesday edition of the Boston American where her photograph and that of five other Massachusetts girls were reproduced as the likeness of the winners in the Rexall Beauty Contest.

…Two teens leaped to safety from a stolen hand car near the High Street bridge as they were overtaken by the New York Flyer. The engine demolished the hand car.

…The newly formed team of the John Flatley Council, K of C, won their first home game, they defeated the Watertown K of C at the Town Hall, by a score of 22 - 20.


JANUARY 25, 1946

...Miss Louise Rickard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Rickard, 623 Chapman Street, has returned to her home from 15 months overseas duty with the American Red Cross.

...The nine day old strike of the Rubber Workers Union of the Plymouth Rubber is no nearer settlement than a week ago.

...A second strike in town developed last Friday afternoon when employees of the knitting and winding rooms of the Draper Brothers Company walked out because of differences between the employees in the departments and the management. The employees and management were able to reach a harmonious settlement at a meeting held on Thursday and the employees returned to their duties today.

...Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goodall, 144 Rockland Street, are the parents of a son, John Robert, born last Saturday morning, January 19, at Norwood Hospital.

...A cherished dream of the members of the Evangelical Congregational Church on Neponset (with the town clock) has at last materialized, and the property immediately adjoining the meeting-house--in fact, in the same yard--has at last become the property of the church and will be used as its parsonage sometime later.


JANUARY 28, 1971

…Charles P. Lyman, Ph.D., of 105 Elm Street has been appointed curator of the Warren Anatomical Museum at the Harvard Medical School.

…Did you know that the boilers used in Fulton's first steam boat were made from copper supplied by Paul Revere's Mill in Canton?

…The Finance Committee cut out a request for $55,000 for air conditioning at the library.

…Did you know that Atty. Joseph Galligan was Town Moderator for twenty-three years?

…On January 3rd, a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cogliano of 1 Pinewood Road.

…Police Notes - Two windows were broken at the bowling alley in the center of town. Several residents were transported to hospitals because of animal bites. An automatic tape deck was stolen from a car outside Pewter Pot.

…Members of the Canton Garden Club enjoyed a talk given by Arthur W. Brownell, State Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources, when he addressed the group at the Ponkapoag Civic Association.


JANUARY 31, 1896

…The Republican Town Committee organized last night with Thomas E. Grover as chairman.

…Mr. Oscar D. Capen lies critically ill of typhoid pneumonia at his home at Canton Corner and his condition excites much alarm.

…The icy sidewalks should be looked after. Have our street commissioners no sand?

…Mr. Max Myers, of Boston, will next week open a general store in Capen's Block.

…Judge Marden, of Stoughton, was married Tuesday, Jan. 21st, at Whitefield, Maine to Miss Caroline Avery of that place.

…The dramatic poem "Judith," was presented at the Universalist Church, Tuesday evening, by Miss Gertrude Capen, assisted by Mrs. J. S. Perkins, soprano, and Mrs. A. H. Reed, pianist.

…James Kelliher, aged about forty-five died at his home on Mechanic Street early in the week of pneumonia, after a brief illness.


FEBRUARY 4, 1921

…The funeral services for Rev. John C. Buckley, who died at his home, 196 Sherman Street, on Saturday, January 29th, were held Monday morning, at 10 A. M. at Saint John's Church.

…Saint John's School, in Canton, has received from the Savings Division, First Federal Reserve District, a charter for a School Savings Society. Sister M. Francesco is the teacher in the high school grade that has received this charter.

…Box 54 called out the apparatus at the central station at 4:30 p.m., for a fire on the roof of the town almshouse on Walpole Street. The quick response saved the building from destruction as the flames were rapidly spreading.

…Instructions received from the state house this week by the assessors, contain the information that the names of all women must appear on the published list of polls for 1921.

…The new schedule of the Canton Omnibus Line, to go into effect next Monday, makes some sweeping changes. The Springdale route to Stoughton is to be abandoned on account of the poor condition of the road in Stoughton, and all Stoughton trips hereafter will follow the former car track route.


FEBRUARY 1, 1946

…Seven hundred and fifty rubber workers returned to their jobs at the Plymouth Rubber Company last Tuesday, January 29th, after being on strike for twelve days, demanding an increase in wages.

…Last Monday night, thieves entered Haynes Garage by smashing a window in the back door. They broke into the safe and took a sum of money and two dozen golf balls.

…Richard H. Henley filed nomination papers for the Board of Selectmen this week.

…Dr. Ernest W. Verity has announced the opening of offices for the practice of Chiropody at 19 Commercial Street, Weymouth Landing and at his home at 899 Washington Street, Canton.

…Under a lease effective Friday, February 1st, Wiggins Airways will take over the premises at 60 Devonshire Street, Boston, for the first permanent airplane showroom to be established in the shopping center of any New England city. The lease is already signed.


FEBRUARY 4, 1971

…There is a new occupant in the Town Hall. A small yellow tiger cat was observed in attendance at the Tuesday Selectmen's Meeting and did her best to help make decisions by jumping into the selectmen's laps and purring loudly. As Selectman Paul Schneiders brushed cat hair from his tie he remarked, "How am I going to explain these blond hairs to my wife?"

…Last night about seventy concerned residents of High St., Highland St. and Norfolk St. gathered at the Town Club to discuss the proposed Interfaith Housing development suggested for 57 acres of ground in their area.

…Selectmen's Notes - Mrs. Dorothy Farrell was appointed a school crossing guard; Richard Mugford's used car license has been renewed; The Canton Pizza license has been renewed; The selectmen have requested the owners of the A & P to install trash containers in the parking lot.

…Richard Robert Staiti, 11 Russell Street, has been named to the Dean's List of Stonehill College for the fall semester of the 1970-71 academic year.

…Navy Petty Officer 3rd class Robert E. Beck of 116 Lawrence Street and Navy Petty Officer 2nd class David W. Kelson of 167 Lawrence Street have completed a strategic deterrent patrol and returned to the Naval Submarine Base New London, Groton, Conn., aboard the fleet ballistic missile submarine USS Sam Houston.


FEBRUARY 7, 1896

…Miss Silvia Chapman, of Ponkapoag, has a severe cold and the doctor said that she would be laid as "flat as a pancake" if she did not take more care of herself.

…One of the saddest deaths which the JOURNAL has had occasion to note is that Mrs. Abby Capen, wife of Oscar D. Capen, which occurred at her home at Canton Corner, last Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Capen was thirty years old last October and was born in Canton, being a daughter of George and Lucinda (Myers) Lewis.

…James Ott is the new Chinese laundry man in Foley's Block.

…Dr. Steadman has removed his office from Pitcher's Block to his house where he finds it more convenient to receive calls.

…People are saying that the Democratic nominees for selectmen still consist of James H. Murphy and Billy Reynolds.

…A pair of overshoes were lost at the dance which was held in Ponkapoag, Tuesday Feb. 4th, 1896. Will finder please leave at JOURNAL office.


FEBRUARY 11, 1921

…The regular meeting of the Community Club will be held in the vestry of the Congregational Church, Tuesday, February 15th, at three o'clock. A novel "tea" has been arranged by the House Committee, Mrs. Paul Draper, Chairman.

…Mr. and Mrs. Max Brightman celebrated the confirmation of their son, Benjamin Harrison Brightman, on Saturday, February 5, 1921, at the Congregation Beth Abraham, and on Sunday, February 6th, at their residence, 37 Chapman Street.

…Seniors on the high school honors list: Stowell Goding, Dorothy Hunt, Sarah Swardlick, Rose Berkal, Marjorie Curra, Ruth Dickie, Rita Horgan, Hobart Huges, Arthur McMorrow and Madeline Smith.

…Mrs. Sarah Turner (Sumner), widow of the late ThomasB. Draper, died very quietly and unexpectedly Thursday. Funeral services will be held from her late residence Saturday afternoon at 2:30.

…Miss Doris Billings was home from school with her parents over the weekend.


FEBRUARY 8, 1946

…The Norwood/Canton Airport has been selected as the headquarters for the Civil Aeronautics Authority in the area which includes all of eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine.

…CM-2C Robert W. Legee received his honorable discharge from the U. S. Naval Reserve on Thursday, Jan. 31st. Bob was in the service for 3 years and 2 days.

…Among the nations 300 largest banks, rated according to the size of their deposits, the Norfolk County Trust Company during 1945 advanced its position 84 places, to 281st place.

…Wearing their new maroon and gold uniforms the Town Club basketball team will open its initial season against the Stoughton Trojans next Wednesday at 8 p.m. in the Town Hall.

…John J. Kelly of Wall Street walked off with top honors at the 98th Annual Poultry Show held at the Boston Garden with his Silver Seabright Bantams.

…Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Wentworth, Jr., are the parents of a son born on Monday at the Norwood Hospital.


FEBRUARY 11, 1971

…Dunkin Donuts should open this week as soon as they receive a Board of Health certificate. All other requirements have been met.

…Susan B. Levitan, 21 Ponkapoag Way, has been named 1971 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow for Canton Senior High School. She was chosen on the basis of her score in a December 1st written knowledge and attitude examination for which 650,000 senior girls throughout the country were enrolled.

…Police Notes - Canton Gulf Station was the victim of an armed robbery, three suspects were apprehended shortly thereafter; There was an armed robbery reported by the Hunter's Club; A copper and gold weather vane valued at $150, was stolen from a house on Washington Street; A shoplifter was picked up at Mammoth Mart; A former Canton resident, wanted on several counts of larceny was arrested by Chief Keleher.

…Mrs. Josephine Poore and Miss Jeanette Bertrand were welcomed as new members of the Community Club at the club's February meeting.

…The School Committee has appointed John Lombardi to teach grade six at the JFK School, to replace Mrs. Carol Duguay.


FEBRUARY 14, 1896

…Sunday was the birthday anniversary of Mr. Lewis Day, of Canton Corner, who has reached the advanced age of 81.

…Charles Wales, well known to everyone who rides on the Old Colony Division as one of the most genial conductors on the road, celebrated his forty-first birthday at Fred Lane's camp on the picturesque shores of Reservoir Pond last Sunday.

…The fine estate of A. G. Bowles, on Ponkapoag Hill, is to be sold. Mr. Bowles and family will move to California in June.

…Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Huges are being congratulated on the safe arrival of a baby daughter.

…John Brady, of Sherman Square, died about 6 p. m., last Wednesday. Mr. Brady was upwards of 70 years old, and had been a resident of Canton for a long time.


FEBRUARY 18, 1921

…The son of Isaac and Eliza Jane (McKendry) Horton was born in Canton December 19th, 1863. Beautiful in life, and yea even in death, as he quietly laid down his work on earth, Mr. I. Chester Horton, on Friday, February 11th, after a long and painful illness for more than a year, which he bore with the same quiet fortitude and patience, which had been characteristic of his whole life, the same brave, sweet hopeful courage, manifested throughout the years of his earthly sojourn, calmly and serenely passed to the Higher Life.

…Miss Sylvia Meadows was given a very pleasant surprise shower on Valentine's Day by Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Cook.

…The Canton Legion basketball team was in rare form last Friday evening and defeated the strong Randolph Five to the tune of 36 to 23.

…Louis Blanc, of Rockland Street, has recently left to accept a position at Willimantic, Conn.

…The most enthusiastic meeting of the Community Club of this year was held at the Orthodox Congregational Church, on February 15. The meeting was opened by the singing of "America the Beautiful" lead by Mrs. Valentine.

…LOST - Federal tire and rim, Saturday evening between Randolph Street and Sharon. Finder please notify Ned R. Simpson, Randolph Street, Canton. Tel. Canton 131-W. Reward.


FEBRUARY 15, 1946

…The first meeting of the Community Chest and Council was held February 11, 1946, at 8:00 p.m. in the Lower Memorial Hall. Dana Draper, acting chairman of the Organization Committee presided.

…The wedding of Miss Anna Marie Barbato, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carmine Barbato of Wall Street, to Edward Joseph Jenkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Jenkins of Highland Street will take place on Sunday, March 3, in St. John's Church at 3 p.m.

…William McCarthy of Tolman Street has purchased the double house at 1186 Washington St.

…Roger C. Holmes, 180 Washington St., was severely injured last Friday evening when he was struck by a car about 6:30 p.m. as he was walking from Cobb'sCorner to his home on his return from work. Taken from the scene by the Canton Ambulance to Dr. Boles' office for first aid. The car involved in the accident was driven by Louis J. Jobin of North Quincy.

…AD - Just returned from the service. Didgie's Barber Shop has reopened at 57 Mechanic St., Canton. Open Thursdays - closed Mondays.

…Bernard LeBarre, soloist at St. John's Church, is at the hospital with pneumonia.

…Mr. and Mrs. William McCarthy of Tolman Street are receiving congratulations on the birth of a daughter at the Norwood Hospital last Friday.


FEBRUARY 18, 1971

…Sometime between 1:00 and 2:00 Wednesday morning Selectmen Richard Murphy and Harold Fitzgerald became targets of what police claim were shotgun wielding youths. The front door of Mr. Murphy's home was riddled while he watched television. Mr. Fitzgerald's diner was blasted from front and back. Bullet holes are visible around the remains of the window in the back door. Engineering Systems, an engineering firm on Turnpike Street, was also a victim of the attacks.

…Police Chief Daniel Keleher and Fire Chief John Farrington met with selectmen to discuss the Planning Board's proposed plans for separate police and fire facilities.

…A recent telephone call from the Washington office of Senator Edward W. Brooke confirmed that the Department of Interior, Bureau of Outdoor Recreation has approved a grant of $130,000 in Federal aid to the Town of Canton. It specified the funds be used to purchase 33.8 acres of ground from the Draper Estate to be used for recreational activities.

…Miss Elizabeth Mahoney, of 8 Edwards St., was promoted to a full professor at Stonehill College this month.

…Attorney Richard Driscoll, Jr., 4 Williams St. has announced his candidacy for the School Committee.


FEBRUARY 21, 1896

…A horse belonging to Charles Wentworth ran away from Copper Yard Lane on Monday and was handily stopped by Dr. Smith before any damage had been done. The doctor is already proving his usefulness in the community.

…Washington Street at Canton Corner has taken on quite a metropolitan air of late, with bright new numbers affixed to the house doors.

…Mary Elizabeth White, widow of the late Elisha White, Jr., died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Lewis Riford on Sherman Street, last Tuesday, of congestion of the lungs complicated with paralytic shock. Mrs. White was 67 years, 11 months of age, and was born in Newton, Mass.

…The C.H.S. boys have formed an athletic team with A. J. Cunningham, captain. They will play against the Norwood High School, May 2.

…John Dunn is in the employ of the railroad at Canton Junction.

…Many pleasant things are being said of Harry Byam's promptness in helping the steamer out of the mud-hole the night of the fire.

…Mrs. Sarah Ide of Sharon will be 102 years old, the twenty-eighth of this month. She has received a great many callers in the past two years. She was born in Sharon Feb. 28, 1794.


FEBRUARY 25, 1921

…The blizzard, which swept the Atlantic coast arrived in Canton at 5:30 last Sunday morning. At first it seemed to be no more than an ordinary snow storm but in the course of a few hours it was apparent that it was a real old fashioned blizzard. The snow fell continuously until 10:30 Sunday night. The average snowfall was 16 inches but in some of the outlying districts the drifts are piled five and six feet high.

…Mr. John C. Brooks passed away at his home, 12 Joy St., Boston, Thursday morning at five o'clock, a victim of heart failure, he was 79 years of age. Mr. Brooks was the owner of Brook's Block, at the corner of Bolivar and Washington Streets.

…A Ford touring car which bucked the drifts all the way from Walpole, was stalled on Walpole Street last night, near the residence of Albert Hillier. A big truck was sent to the rescue and suffered the same fate as the touring car. It was stalled in front of the Neponset Woolen MillA pair of horses were dispatched to the assistance of the ford and towed it to a local garage.

…AD-Have you tried Aunt Gertrude's Home Made Doughnuts? Made fresh everyday at 25 Prospect St. Order by telephone. Canton, 201-W.


FEBRUARY 22, 1946

…The towns people generally approve a new high school building for the Town of Canton, this question will come before the annual town meeting in March.

…Staff Sergeant George E. Thomas of Mechanic Street is due to arrive in Seattle, Washington, Monday, aboard the SS General Morton.

…Mr. and Mrs. John P. Raferty of 16 Beal St., announce the birth of a son on February 15. Mrs. Raferty is the former Lucille Bessey of Washington, D.C.

…Miss Mary Leary of Pleasant Street and Miss Lena Barbaglia of Ames Avenue, are enjoying the winter sports at Stowe, Vermont.

…Edward R. Kessler of 95 Sherman St. has recently been promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Eddie is on duty in France.

…On Valentine's day a party was held in honor of Miss Virginia Galligan, at the Eliot School. Miss Galligan has resigned to be married soon.

…Canton's quota in the American Red Cross Greater Boston Fund for 1946 is $6,200, it was announced this week by John F. Partridge of 90 Chapman St., fund chairman.

…Square dancing, under the supervision of Mr. and Mrs. Elmore G. Ashman, started three years ago as a school activity, has become very popular at Norfolk County Agricultural School.


FEBRUARY 25, 1971

…Dunkin Donuts is officially open for business following ribbon cutting ceremonies on Saturday.

…The School Committee voted unanimously on Feb. 18th to recommend the building of a 5.1 million dollar middle school on the Pecunit Street site.

…The new 750,000 gallon water tank on Indian Lanewill be activated as soon as final testing is completed. Then Canton Fire engine 2 will begin 18 hours of pumping to fill the tank.

…Police Notes-Two television sets were stolen from a home on Mechanic Street; A home on Wentworth Road was broken into and ransacked: A Milton man has accused Canton Police of assault and battery.

…The General Services Administration has awarded a contract for an indefinite quantity of rubber bands to the Plymouth Rubber Company, Inc.

…Attorney and Mrs. Harold P. Drake, Jr., of Canton announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Nancy Esther Drake, to Mr. Charles William Simpson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ned Roland Simpson of Canton. An October wedding is planned.


FEBRUARY 28, 1896

…Miss Julia Quill of Mechanic Street is the legatee of the late Michael Lehan and it is said she will receive a considerable sum.

…Messrs. Horton and Wentworth are busily engaged painting and glazing at the Wentworth mansion on Rockland Street. Carpenters and other workmen are employed there and the house is receiving considerable renovation.

…Mr. John Dunn is said to be an aspirant for a position on the night police force.

…James Doody, night watchman at the Iron Works, who has been quite ill with pneumonia is out again.

...J. M. Briggs is in the employ of the Metropolitan Park Commission at the Blue Hills Reservation.

...The talk of the town is Maxy's (Myers) new store in Capen's Block, where you will find dining and kitchen tables, etc.

...The total vote which Canton can legally cast in the election Monday is 1,086, this being 981 male and 105 female voters.

...Mr. Alexander Fisher is the proprietor of a newly erected building whose completion is viewed with interest in this part of town, (Ponkapoag). It is now partially furnished and its proprietor is said to have the introduction of electric lights in contemplation.


MARCH 4, 1921

…Wampatuck Farm is now listed as having an accredited herd of milking shorthorns which is quite an honor to any breeding establishment.

...All the land between the Massachusetts Hospital School and Turnpike Street, has been seized by the state for school purposes. The owners have been notified to that effect.

...On Tuesday afternoon in the Universalist Parish Hall, the Community Club members and their guests enjoyed the annual musicale, under the direction of Miss Elsie Poole, chairman of the Music Committee.

...Mr. John Butler returned to work at the George Grow Tire Company's factory at Canton Junctionlast Monday.

...Four employees of the American Fireworks Company in Canton were burned in an explosion of powder there.

...Miss Ellen Hartigan is seriously ill at her home on Pleasant Street.

...Charles V. Reynolds left last week for an extended trip to New Yorkand Washington.


MARCH 1, 1946

…The Republican candidates for Selectmen are John L. Howard, Carlton B. Taber and Thomas F. Draper. The Democratic candidates are William A. Flanagan, Joseph F. Kessler and Maurice E. Ronayne, Jr.

...Judge Gregory W. Grover will speak to the Christian Endeavor Society this Sunday at six o'clock. He will tell about the District Courts.

...Dr. J. Rubin announces the re-opening of his office, Monday, March 4th, office hours: 2 to 4 and 7 to 8, except Wednesdays, 442 Washington St., Tel. Canton 0661.

...A two alarm fire completely destroyed the beautiful residence of John J. Caddigan on Chapman Street last Monday afternoon. The flames had burst through the roof by the time the fire department arrived and was fanned by 35 to 40 mile winds which gave the department little hope of saving the upper part of the structure.

…Captain James F. Croak and Corporal William M. Croak, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Croak, 96 Bolivar St., have recently returned home after spending four years in the service. James served in the Army Quartermaster Corp. and William in the Signal Corps.

…Richard Russell of Messinger Street is making plans for the erection of a house and barn on the Healy lot on Turnpike Street.

…Captain Leland F. Morse of 67 Sherman St. has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal.


MARCH 4, 1971

…A full house of unsympathetic listeners gathered in Memorial Hall on Sunday to participate in the Clergy Association sponsored open meeting on the proposed Interfaith Housing Development.

…Veteran Selectman Paul A. Schneiders was elected board chairman for the ensuing year, Mr. Schneiders, incidentally, is one of the youngest men in the Town's history to be named chairman.

…Joseph F. Kessler, Jr., was re-elected to the Canton Housing Authority with a 2002 to 1465 victory over his opponent Peter A. Lofgren. In the Planning Board contest James J. Heggie, Jr., was elected over John S, Morley, 1792 to 1504 with 358 blanks.

…Charles T. Brooks, former Chairman of the Finance Committee, was elected selectman in Monday's election. Returns show that Mr. Brooks carried three of the four voting precincts.

…One of the unique attractions in the March 5th CampfireGirls Talent - Fashion Show will be the modeling of a 1916 campfire ceremonial costume by Miss Lisa DiRosario.

…Frederick E. Noll of 990 Pleasant St., a lifelong resident of Canton recently retired from the Plymouth Rubber Company after nearly 45 years of service.


MARCH 6, 1896

…Another Leap Year Ball is near at hand and is promised for the evening of March 20th, at Parish Hall, under the auspices of the ladies of the Unitarian Parish.

…Mrs. C. Quill of Mechanic Street wishes to correct the statement that her daughter is the legatee of the late Michael Lehan, as the rumor was a false one.

…Mr. Gerald A. Healy, attorney at law, has taken new and more commodious offices in Brooks' Block where his clients will find him very comfortably installed.

…Prospect Hill seems to be the growing section of town. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Thomas, who live near the summit there, have exemplified this and are receiving the congratulations of their many friends on the birth of twin boys, which occurred last Monday. They are lusty little fellows, weighing about eight pounds each.

…Beginning with last Friday night and a drizzle of rain and ending on the following Wednesday night with a terrific gale from the northwest we have had a series of storms which make the week probably the worst of the winter. Some Notes: During the day Wednesday the great drift in the road by Wm. O. Chapman's residence was avoided by driving through the grounds of J. W. Wattles and several drivers who failed to do this were stalled and had to be shoveled out. Thursday morning the road from Wm. Horton's to the Aldrich place was so badly drifted that the school barge was obliged to turn back. The ceiling of the engine house hall at the Corner was badly cracked by the swaying of the tower in the gale and the plaster dust covered the floor, the frescoing being much damaged.


MARCH 11, 1921

…Student receiving High Honors at the high school are- Seniors: Stowell Goding and Sarah Swardlick. Sophomores: Scott Babcock, Barbara Draper, Anna Dunbar, Frank Mitchell and Arthur Smith. Freshmen: Virginia Daniels, Kenneth Goding, Louise Lynch, Calve Ottino, Marion Sawyer and Leonard O'Brien.

…Mr. Edward W. Murphy, one of the most efficient assessors the town has had for years, presented his resignation to the selectmen following the town meeting.

…The largest and most enthusiastic gathering that ever attended an Annual Town Meeting in Canton, crowded into Memorial Hall last Monday evening. It was the first year in the history of the town that women were allowed to vote on all questions.

…Bertram Croft was given a birthday party at the home of his parents Tuesday, March 8th at which a large number of his friends were guests. Among those present were Edna Lentell, Olive Briley, Mae Simpson, Abbie Tripp, Gladys Briley, Jenny Thackwray, Marjorie Thackwray, Dorothy Thackwray, Dorothy Croft, Mrs. Oscar J. May, Charles Eagles, Russell Lentell, Charles Simpson, Ned Simpson, Robert Farrow, Parker Dodge, Willard Croft and Oscar J. May.


MARCH 8, 1946

…The Board of Registrars has been petitioned for a re-count for the office of Water Commissioner by Jeremiah T. Kelleher, who lost to Burr C. Copley by three votes in the recent town election.

…The first meeting of the new board of selectmen last Wednesday evening they organized with Carlton B. Taber as chairman, Maurice E. Ronayne, Jr., clerk and John L. Howard.

…Robert Danahy who recently returned from service with the U. S. Forces in the Pacific will re-open his drug store next Wednesday, March 13.

…Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bright of Chapman Street are the parents of a daughter, Carol Lee, born on Tuesday, March 5th at the Richardson House, Boston.

…Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah T. Kelleher of Sherman Street are receiving congratulations of the birth of a daughter, on March 1st, at the Norwood Hospital.

…William Pozzo of the Canton Public Market returned last Sunday from a three weeks vacation spent in Florida.

…Canton raised $1,078.83 in the "March of Dimes" Infantile Paralysis Drive. This is an increase of 25 per cent over last years total when $857.31 was raised.


MARCH 11, 1971

…Saint John's Church was the first Catholic church in New England to have an altar facing the people.

…The law firm of Parker, Coulter, Daley and White, 50 Congress St., Boston, announced that Attorney James F. Fitzgerald, Jr., of Canton, has become a full partner in the firm. Mr. Fitzgerald is the youngest partner made in the seventy-three year history of the firm and its predecessors.

…Police Notes: An area drug store received a telephone call which ordered, "you'd better leave $500 in the mailbox at….. or you'll get the same thing the store uptown got."

…On March 6th four members of the United Church of Christ celebrated fifty years of membership. They are Robert E. Sawyer, Carlton B. Taber, Edwin A. Briggs and John Ellery.

…William A. Dwyer, Superintendent of the Blue Hills Regional Technical School has announced that 13 students from Canton have achieved grades of 3.0 or better for the fall, 1970, semester, and have been placed on the Dean's Honor List. Included in the distinguished group are Robert Dana, Judith Tordoff, Nancy Bruggeman and Patricia McGrath.

…A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bogdanchik, 22 Walnut St.

…Norfolk County's official population in 1970 was 605,051, up18.6% from 1960.


MARCH 13, 1896

…The board of selectmen organized last Friday night with Francis D. Dunbar, chairman; Fred Drake, clerk, and Wm. P. Reynolds, overseer of the poor.

…A petition was read and retained for signature in many of our churches last Sunday, asking the selectmen not to grant licenses (liquor) as voted at town meeting.

…The question of using brick or stone for the new schoolhouse is agitating Stoughton people.

…It is a little early for prophecies but it looks as if the old fashioned saying of "six weeks sleighing in March" was to be exemplified this year.

…The residence of William Endicott is now connected by telephone.

…A nine pound baby girl was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Elwin Capen of Canton Corner, Saturday, March 7.

…Canton is now a license town, according to the vote, but there will be no saloons opened nor licenses granted just the same.

…Our neighbor, The Stoughton Record, has disposed of its house lot and is now going into the bicycle business. The Record is a rustler and is making a big bid for popularity in Stoughton.

…Attention is called to the fine stock of harnesses now kept by James Smith at his store in Tucker's Block. He has been 49 years in the business and is a well known citizen.

…Miss Alice Watts starts on Saturday for a visit to relatives in Waltham.


MARCH 18, 1921

…The Canton Evening School will close the seasons work Tuesday evening, March 22, having been open 18 weeks.

…The Canton Knights of Columbus basketball team is having a good season. On the team are Murphy, Roache, Healy, J. O'Donnell, Marron, O'Leary and Flynn.

…The adjourned town meeting held Thursday evening acted on the remaining 20 articles of the warrant.

…The officers elected at the annual meeting of the Canton Historical Society last Tuesday evening were: president, Wallace S. Shaw; vice president, Michael F. Ward; treasurer, John C. Gerald; clerk, Eliot C. French.


MARCH 15, 1946

…Tobe Deutschmann's offer of 18 house lots to veterans, made at town meeting last Monday night, has brought a terrific response from the veterans, showing the great need of housing everywhere. Canton veterans alone who have applied for the lots now number approximately 150.

…Corporal Elgin Eardley of Eliot Street has been promoted to Sergeant.

…Richard Paul Henrickson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Henrickson of Plymouth Street celebrated his fourth birthday Thursday.

…Mr. and Mrs. Morris Ulman announce the engagement of their daughter, Ann Freda, to Captain Daniel L. Streicher, Medical Corps.

…Re-conversion of the munitions plant of the American Fireworks Company's plant on Randolph Street, where 1,200 men and women were employed at the end of the war, to a new industry where typically New England foods will be canned, is now complete.


MARCH 18, 1971

…Monday night turned out to be a poor example of a Town Meeting form of government for a group of foreign students from Boston and another group of local high school students. What they witnessed was confusion, rudeness and emotionalism. What they learned was how not to conduct a Town Meeting. The meeting opened with article 16 and stumbled, shouted, hissed and booed its way through 13 articles before an 11:00 pm adjournment.

…Ten years ago, Bob Anderson of Turnpike Street could be seen in the movie "Wackiest Ship in the Army."

…Governor and Mrs. Francis W. Sargent visited the ski slopes of Blue Hill on Friday, along with MDC Commissioner John W. Sears. Area residents who visited the MDC ski slopes during the Governor's visit were treated to a morning of free skiing.

…Last Thursday, an oil truck owned by Furnace Brook Automatic Heating of Quincy made a delivery on Woodcliff Road. Before the truck could leave the Ledgewood area, the pavement caved in under the truck, ultimately sinking the truck in mud and water up to its axles. Meanwhile, when a tow truck proved ineffective, the owner was forced to hire a crane and two operators to retrieve his sunken vehicle.

…The fiberglass roof, which has saved the town much money over the cost of steel, is now on the Ponkapoag water tank.

…Navy Chief Petty Officer Alfred C. McKenna, son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. McKenna of 459 Sherman St., is now serving with Antarctic Development Squadron Six at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.


MARCH 20, 1896

…Mr. George Mantle, the contractor, who put in Canton's water supply and the Henry Springs well so satisfactorily, was in town, Wednesday, and greeted many old friends and acquaintances.

…Well, well, what has broken loose in the fine old town of Stoughton? Here a short time ago Mr. Nathaniel Wales was held up and robbed in his office, and now Mr. Robert D. Porter is banged with a cudgel and left half dead, the assailants refraining from robbing him only because they were scared away. Peace and good will reign in Canton, neighbors, and we have no thugs nor highway robbers; come down and stay with us.

…Telephonic service was considerably deranged by last night's storm.

…A splendid otter weighing about 40 pounds and some three feet in length was shot in the Trowell Works pond in Sharon last Thursday by George Ward of High Street of this town.

…Miss Margaret Daly of North Street, sister of Peter Daly, the well known lawyer, was terribly and fatally burned last Saturday forenoon and died of her injuries a short time after. Mrs. Daly, her mother, was also seriously burned besides being rendered extremely ill from the shock of the affair. Miss Daly was about to bronze some horns for an ornament and placed the bottle of paint for the purpose where it could be warm, taking the precaution to place it in a dish of water so that it might not be over-heated. When the preparation was ready to use she lifted it from the water and was about to remove it from the stove to a place of safety when the bottom fell out of the bottle and the contents coming in contact with the fire were inflamed and thrown over Miss Daly and her mother, who hastened to her rescue. Mrs. Daly was considerably burned and was obliged to rush out of the house and roll in the snow extinguishing the flames by this means. The daughter was completely covered with the inflammable material and the fire was put out by willing hands, who rushed to her aid, only with considerable difficulty. Dr. Porter was at once summoned and everything that medical science could suggest was done, but without avail as regards Miss Daly, except to relieve the pain in some measure, and she passed away after many hours of suffering. Mrs. Daly, also critically burned, is in a serious condition and it is thought that it may be necessary to take her to the hospital. Being quite an old lady, over 70, her chance is not considered so good as that of a younger person.

…Mrs. Charles Ellis of Walnut Street (corner of Walnut and Messinger Sts.) was quite severely burned Thursday noon and but for a fortunate incident might have been fatally injured. As it is she is suffering from painful burns of the left hand and arm as well as from shock inevitable upon so narrow an escape. It was a few moments after noon and Mrs. Ellis was alone in the house her daughter being at Hyde Park where she is a teacher in the Grew School, when doing something at the sitting-room stove her apron took fire. Mrs. Ellis rushed at once to the sink and with water from the faucet attempted to put out the flames. In this she was unsuccessful and her dress which was of light material also took fire. Being alone in the house her situation was critical and it is doubtful if she would have escaped terrible injuries had not Mr. …….., milkman, arrived at the door at this moment. Seeing the danger he rushed in and with a liberal use of water succeeded in putting out the flames, not however before apron and dress were nearly burned off, and Mrs. Ellis' left hand and arm, which seem most to have been exposed to the flames, were quite severely burned. Mr. and Mrs. Owen, living just across the street, were called in and assisted Mrs. Ellis to bandage the burns and relieve the pain until the arrival of Dr. C. I. Porter who took charge of the case. A heavy woolen skirt which Mrs. Ellis wore beneath the dress was badly scorched but evidently had stopped the fire from penetrating and doing more serious injury. Mr. ……… came from Whitman a short time ago buying out the milk route formerly run by George White.


MARCH 25, 1921

…The Busy Bees of Indian Lanefound their way to the home of Mrs. Harding Smith last Friday, where they spent a pleasant afternoon sewing, singing and buzzing.

…Thomas Stretton, a former Canton resident and businessman died at the Charlesgate Hospital, Saturday morning, following an operation. Mr. Stretton was born in England, Nov. 12, 1852. His family moved to Canton in 1866.

…Miss Alice Chandler of Prospect Street celebrated her thirteenth birthday at her home last Tuesday afternoon.

…Mr. John J. Hennessy, of Neponset Street, is having the time of his life during these balmy spring days riding about in his new Overland automobile.

…Business has been resumed at the Grow Tire Company's factory at Canton Junctionand a two shift schedule has been inaugurated, it is hoped that the output will exceed five hundred tires daily.

…Ad: Tenement To Let. 4 Rooms, Electric Lights. $10.00 Month. 135 Bolivar St.


MARCH 22, 1946

…Thirty-four World War II veterans were sworn into the Edward J. Beatty Post, A. L., Tuesday evening in Memorial Hall in the first initiation in the post's history.

…Selectmen's Notes: Appointed Rex L. Lewis of 609 Chapman Street. a special police officer; Accepted the resignation of Frank Hill as a member of the Zoning Law Appeal Board; Received an application from Mario Piona of Mario's Spaghetti House for a change in his present beer license to an all alcoholic license; Granted a building permit for a garage to George Eardley of 32 Eliot Street.

…An all girls bugle and drum corps is soon to be organized under the sponsorship of Mrs. William F. Hayes, 33 Ponkapoag Way.

…Herbert Mosman, editor and publisher of the Canton Journal since 1909, observed his eighty-third birthday last Sunday, March 17.

…Mr. and Mrs. William J. Calhoun of Sherman Street, Canton, wish to announce the engagement of their daughter, Mary L. Calhoun to Edward M. Cohen, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Cohen of Royall Street.

…Advanced signs of spring appeared in Canton this week, with firemen responding to a large number of grass, brush and woods fires, all over the town.


MARCH 25, 1971

…Parents should be alerted to the fact that a serious assault was made by a stranger on a Canton child this week. The police are still trying to determine who the assailant was.

…The Indian Lanewater tank will be put into operation at 1:00 on Friday, April 2.

…Dr. Ronald C. Gates is the new superintendent of the Massachusetts Hospital School, which had been without a permanent superintendent for the past two years.

…Trinity Episcopal Church is taking a unique stand in support of ecology by obtaining permission from the selectmen to call April 18th Earth Day. To observe the spirit of the day, the church will hold 15 minutes of worship and then send the congregation out to the church grounds with trash bags.

…Miss Cora Fischbein, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Fischbein, 9 Algonquin Road, won an award for outstanding acting ability in her role as the mother in the play "Barefoot in the Park", of which a shortened version was presented at Ursaline Academy last Saturday when Canton High School entered the Boston Globe Drama Festival for the first time.


MARCH 27, 1896

…The Shaw Bros. are building quite an addition to their barn at Ponkapoag and the lively young people of that place are looking forward with pleasant anticipation to a barn warming in the near future.

…The Canton Historical Society will hold its annual meeting on Monday evening at Parish Hall. Caterer James T. Wellington has charge of the supper.

…Mr. E. R. Underwood has resigned from the committee appointed by the town to look into the matter of celebrating the centennial next year. Mr. Underwood believes that the committee should be composed of representatives of the old families of the town and as a newcomer he resigns in order that the place may be filled by such.

…Mr. Joseph A. Stevens, formerly of Ponkapoag, died early Sunday morning, at the Canton Almshouse. Mr. Stevens was in the neighborhood of 70 years of age and had lived in Canton the greater part of his life, keeping the store at Ponkapoag about 25 years ago.

…Charles Bullock, pressman at the JOURNAL office, has been quite ill with a severe cold and a touch of the grip and was threatened with pneumonia.

…Miss Ella Bright and the Misses Amy and Georgie Downes started on the 3 p.m. train today for a weeks sojourn in the sunny south.

…The ladies of the Unitarian Society gave a delightful leap year party at the Parish Hall last Friday night.

…Foxboro people seem to be providing Canton with items of interest frequently, now-a-days. A week or two ago, an innocent but convivial resident of the boro gave us an imitation of a burglar that was quite a success and last Monday morning we had a representation of a Roman Chariot Race from the same quarter. About 9 A.M. a horse belonging to Mr. Lewis, a Foxboro photographer, was standing near the Post Office when he was frightened by one of those little sharp toots from the whistle at the Iron Works and started a bacchanal sort of skirt dance about the square. He bumped an iron post in front of Tirrell's store and broke it short off, then started to go into the Post Office for his mail. Here, Postmaster Holmes said "Shoo!" and the Foxboro man's horse "shooed" over against the post in front of the fruit store. Here he broke the forward axle and whiffletree of the carriage and started for home. A horse belonging to Dr. Glennon, of Stoughton, and another, here joined in the race and the three went up the street in company front, scattering the populace and strewing the face of nature with bits of carriage and sections of harness in great profusion. All three were captured before reaching the Sharon town line, but straps, buckles and odd bits of harness still continue to sprout along the highway and quite a number of small boys found profitable employment prospecting for surcingles and things for sometime after the event. Fortunately no one was injured.


APRIL 1, 1921

…In the immediate future Mr. James Brady and Mr. William Daly, both of Neponset Street, will place in operation a bus line giving regular passenger service over a specified route for a stated price and at a stated time. These gentlemen have purchased a new Reo omnibus and as business grows more will be added as needed.

…Our records show that there are 556 automobiles owned in the Town of Canton. (From a D. E. Timmerman Insurance Co. ad.)

…The minstrel show which was presented for the first time last night in the Town Hall was well attended. The untiring efforts of Miss Elsie W. Poole, Major William N. Tenny and a few others who had taken part in previous entertainment's of this nature brought about the wonderful success of the show.

…Auctioneer O. D. Capen sold a large number of horses, wagons, trucks, etc., for the Canton Engineering Company last Tuesday, the sale comprised the surplus stock of the company.

…Mr. John P. Ryan, of Neponset Street, has accepted a position with the Grow Tire Company.

…Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cook of Church Street are receiving congratulations of their friends and neighbors on the birth of an eight pound daughter.

…R. Emerson Cole, former principal of Canton High School, and Mrs. Cole have been visiting friends in town.

…For Sale - Hupmobile, 1919, five passenger Touring Car, $600.00. Can be seen at "McKendry Farm," Ponkapoag, or telephone Bowdoin 2896-W.

…William Hill spent Sunday with Mrs. Charles Hill of Walnut Street.

…About 100 Canton residents took part in the demonstration on Boston Common in honor of the visit of Lord Mayor Donal O'Callaghan, Of Cork, Ireland.


MARCH 29, 1946

…The Fire Department have answered 25 calls since last Friday, mostly grass and brush fires, in all sections of the town.

…Nelson David Batchelder, Jr., 431 Bolivar St. and James Francis Cleary, 267 Pleasant St., have recently enlisted in the U. S. Army.

…The annual Preservation of Antiques Program of the Community Club of Canton will be given Tuesday, April 2nd, at 2:30 PM, in the Episcopal Parish Hall.

…Mrs. W. Lincoln Burt, Jr., and two year old child left Australia last week for Canton and expects to be about three weeks on the way.

…On her 83rd birthday, March 20th, Mrs. Jennie Capen entertained seventeen members of the Mt. Olive Rebekah Sewing Circle at a boiled dinner.

…Selectmen's Notes - Granted permit to Henry Dickie of Chapman Street to reopen his gas station; Appointed John P. Trayers of 45 Centre Street. as a member of the Zoning Law Appeal Board.

…Chief Boatswain's Mate George Maloof visited friends in Canton on Tuesday. He formerly lived here and has had 17 years service in the U. S. Navy. He was on Guam when the Japanese captured the island and spent three years and nine months in Japanese prison camps. His father formerly owned the Crystal Springs Ice Company in Canton.


APRIL 1, 1971

…The Selectmen have voted to pay an assessment of $694.20 to enable the town to join the Massachusetts League of Citizens and Towns.

…At the conclusion of town meeting on Monday night the total amount of money appropriated at the meeting totaled $7,443,165,66 or an increase of 784,479.53 over the 1970 total.

…Lynn Aldrich, of Pleasant Street, recently took part in the Sheraton Motel's "Miss Teen Pageant."

…The Canton Police are looking for the man who committed the assault on March 12, 1971 in Canton. The subject is a white male, 5' 9" to 5' 11". He has brown hair, dark blue eyes, thin build, possibly in his mid twenties. At the time he was wearing a navy blue coat of ankle length with a wide lapel collar. Anyone with pertinent information is asked to contact Chief Daniel C. Keleher at the Canton Police Department.

…The Canton Recreation Department will sponsor the first annual Giant Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 10, 1971 at the Draper Estate.

…The Selectmen are anxious to publicize the newspaper container now available at the Town Dump. They urge everyone to use the container whenever possible.

…The new water tank on Indian Lanewill be opened officially by a brief ceremony at 1:15 PM on April 4th.


APRIL 3, 1896

…The first name of the Rev. Mr. Saltmarsh mentioned by "A Gentleman of the Old School," in the JOURNAL of March 13th, was not Henry but Seth, according to a reliable informant. Mr. Saltmarsh is still living in Lexington.

…Two new electric lights are to be put in, one on ChapmanStreet, near the residence of Joseph W. Wattles, and one near the Gridley School on Washington Street. Both are dark places now and will be well lighted.

…The old fence surrounding the Baptist Church is down and a new one is to be erected.

…Mrs. Daly, severely burned some weeks ago, is slowly improving in health.

…Mr. Leander Clark, of Walnut Street, was injured last Saturday, by a collision with a carriage. It is thought no bones were broken but Mr. Clark was considerably bruised and will feel the effects of his mishap for sometime, being now confined to his bed.

…Many Canton people were pained to learn of the death, after a weeks illness, of Hattie, wife of Joseph Breslyn, which occured last Sunday morning. Mrs. Breslyn, who was only 22 years of age, was married but a short 3 months ago and her untimely death brings sorrow upon many hearts.

…The estate of the late Dexter Billings, on Pleasant Street, was bought on Monday last by J. Sumner Draper, for $1,740 and accumulated taxes.

…The Centennial Celebration Committee organized Tuesday evening with Francis D. Dunbar as chairman and Thomas Hill, clerk.

…David Danovitch has opened a 5 cent store in the place lately vacated by J. A. Williams in Wentworth's Block.

…Spring Lane has had its annual brush fire. It happened on April 1st, this year but was considered no joke by the housewives of the lane whose wood piles were a little scorched and houses endangered.


APRIL 8, 1921

…The resignation of the minister of the Universalist Church, Rev. Samuel E. Franc, was read from the pulpit last Sunday morning. It will take effect at the close of the church year July 10th.

…William St. John, of 25 Whiting Ave., Dedham, was the winner of a free garage, material for which was offered by the Norwood Lumber Company.

…Mrs. Robert Gordon is out in a new Ford sedan.

…Dr. H. A. Rice is improving his property on Washington Street by the addition of granolithic walks.

…George E. Dana, a popular conductor on the N. Y., N. H. & H. Railroad, went under a serious operation at the Norwood Hospital Tuesday.

…Mr. and Mrs. John Stokes left town Tuesday afternoon for La Crosse, Wis., where they will make their home. Mrs. Stokes is the daughter of Thomas F. Thomas, of Messinger Street.

…Miss Mary Tobin, popular young clerk at Moulton's Drug Store, has returned from the hospital and is convalescing at her home on Mechanic Street.

…Mr. Edward J. Henniker, of Pleasant Street, has a broken right arm, acquired while cranking an auto.

…Miss Mary O'Connell has accepted a position at the Wood Elastic Webbing Co., Stoughton.

…The St. John's Alter Boys baseball team will play the Lincoln Street Stars on April 16th, at the Canton Playgrounds.


APRIL 5, 1946

…The senior class of Canton High School wish to extend its sincere thanks to the Canton Town Club for its generous gift of fifty dollars for the class trip to Washington.

…Mr. and Mrs. Orlow S. Bright Jr., of 25 Chapman Street. are the parents of a son, Peter Steven, born April 3 at the Norwood Hospital.

…The Christian Endeavor will hold a barn dance and party at 7:30 tonight at Gelpke's Barn.

…Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Fall of Chapman Street, announce the engagement of their daughter, Evelyn, to Edward H. Yeomans, son of Mrs. Lily Yeomans of Neponset Street.

…For Sale-Combination oil and gas range, Florence burner with coil, and Rudd gas heater attached. Harry Abramowitz, 16 Lewis St., Canton.

…Two students from Canton have been named to the Bates College Dean's List. They are: Lois McEnaney, 145 High St., and Donald M. Cobb, 57 Beaumont St.

…Boston weather and a Canton Citizen are responsible for the latest information on the relationship between weather and sunspots, the Smithsonian Institution reported today. Careful observations by H. H. Clayton of Canton, based on studies of weather in and around Boston during the past 3 years, is described in the report. Mr. Clayton proved sunspots show cold weather.

…The Selectmen granted permits to Chase & Sons for a new home at the corner of Eliot and Washington Sts. And to John E. Farrington for a new dwelling at 2555 Washington St.


APRIL 8, 1971

…Over 400 Canton High School students and one teacher signed a petition addressed to principal Joseph Joyce to the effect that Edward Calabrese, biology and ecology teacher at the high school, be recommended for tenure.

…Last Sunday April 4, 1971, a beautiful spring day, was the groundbreaking for the new Hellenic Nursing Home to be built on the site off Sherman Street across from the Chancellor Apartments.

…In ceremonies held last Friday, at the base of the newly completed water tank on Indian LaneSelectman Chairman Paul A Schneiders officially "turned on" the water.

…Two long-haired young men held up the Cumberland Farms retail store on Washington Street Monday morning and escaped with an undetermined amount of cash.

…Canton has increased its registered automobiles from 6.000 to 10,000 since 1960.

…The selectmen have decided to cancel all the bids for operating the Town Dump and make the operation and maintenance of the dump part of the responsibility of the Department of Public Works.

…Police Notes-Two police officers were assaulted by a Sharon woman whom they had arrested for drunkenness; A motorcycle was stolen from Washington Street; Burglars were surprised in the process of stripping a home on Algonquin Road.

…Three year old Stefaney MacDonald, of 13 Morton St., unknowingly started an afternoon of frantic activity on Tuesday, when she wandered from her home, in pursuit of her dog. The afternoon ended happily for Gordon J. MacDonald, Jr., and his wife, Mary, when Lt. Bob Curtis of the Canton Fire Department found the youngster wandering through the swampy area near the town well off Pecunit Street. Mrs. MacDonald's call to the police department was answered by many off duty police and fireman who searched the area for several hours.


APRIL 10, 1896

…One or two valuable horses have lately been lost from the stud of the Forbes Stock Farm at Blue Hills, by illness. The blooded trotter Arlon, valued at $125,000, has been a sufferer from pneumonia but at last accounts was recovering. Arlon dead would be worth about $5 and it is needless to say that the balance of $124,995, has been quite an incentive to the keeping of the vital spark well nurtured.

…The second oldest man in town, Mr. Wm. Withington, may on any pleasant day be seen going in sprightly fashion about the village doing some light errand or making purchases. Mr. Withington was born on the same year as Abraham Lincoln and is nearly 88 years old but is still spry and asks no odds of anyone. Barring a slight deafness he has full possession of his faculties. Since the death of Mr. Edwin Wentworth but one man exceeds him in age, in the town, Mr. Upham, of Pleasant Street. Mr. Upham is less fortunate than Mr. Withington, having for many years been unable to leave the house.

…John McGann, the workman who was so seriously injured in removing a charge of dynamite, Saturday, March 25th, at the new library cellar excavation, at Norwood, is still improving. Mr. McGann is a Canton man and has much sympathy in his misfortune.

…Mr. Fred H. French, of Dedham, has secured the skin of the wildcat recently shot at West Dedham and has had it nicely tanned. We have no wildcats in Canton though some of our cats make the neighbors wild.

…Master Charles Jenks has a fine new bicycle and is fast becoming an expert rider.

…Mrs. Ellis who was severely burned some weeks ago is slowly but steadily recovering and will no doubt come out of her serious misadventure all right.

…R. S. Byam and Co. have a fancy new railing about the desk in their office which adds greatly to the neatness of the whole.

…Henry Lundsman lost a wheel from his carriage Thursday night by a collision with one belonging to James Gray.


APRIL 15, 1921

…Friday evening, April 8th, the class of 1921, of the Canton High School, presented the 3-act comedy, "The Colonel's Maid". This was the most successful play which has been presented by the high school for a number of years.

…Arthur Tirrell has purchased an Oldsmobile.

…Mr. and Mrs. Burr C. Copley are the happy parents of a son, born Monday, April 11th.

…Mr. and Mrs. James Doody, of Church Street, are the proud parents of a baby daughter, born at Norwood Hospital last Saturday.

…Misses Lillian Mann and Julia Danahy start today for a ten days trip to Washington and New York.

…H. Kinsley Draper and Mrs. Ralph Crowell are driving new Ford coupes.

…Miss Helen Shepard MacPherson, of Messinger Street, was the piano soloist at a recital and tea given by the Neighborhood Club of Quincy.

…House To Let: House 178 Washington St., 8 rooms (2 finished in attic) and bath. Furnace heat, Electric lights, with barn and land. F. D. Dunbar, 194 Washington St.

…The Walpole Street Stars will play a double-header with the Hardware Juniors at the Peach Orchard next Sunday afternoon. The first game will begin at 1:30 o'clock.


APRIL 12, 1946

…Mal Hallet's 14 piece band and soloist, will furnish, the music the music for the long awaited Victory Ball which will be held in Memorial Hall of Friday, May 17.

…Repairs to the Town Hall roof were completed this week.

…Selectmen's Notes: Granted a permit to handle firearms to John J. O'Connell Issued taxi permits to Pesaturo Taxi Co., Joseph Fama, doing business as Modern Cab, and Russell and Richard Tisdale doing business as Town Taxi Co.; Received a visit from George Garnum who is interested in opening a second hand car repair shop on Pleasant Street.

…Joseph G. Galligan, Jr., will enter Boston College School of Law next week.

…Marion Crowley, freshman at St. John's High School and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Crowley of Endicott Street, will take part in the Boston Herald Spelling Bee, parochial semi-finals tomorrow.

…Five hour service will be inaugurated at Fitzgerald Cleaners, 526 Washington St., with the establishment of their modern dry cleaning and pressing plant.

…The official opening of the Wampatuck Country Club will be April 19th. Plans are underway for a big season. The club has recently made extensive repairs to the club house and course. A new road has been built from Pleasant Street and the course is in excellent condition.


APRIL 15, 1971

…Plans are underway for the formation of a detective bureau as part of the town police department.

…Vandals struck the Canton Corner Cemetery on Monday night, upending and destroying nearly seventy-five gravestones.

…The Selectmen have expressed their displeasure at the type of movie fare presented at the Blue Hills Drive-In, particularly in connection with the drive-in's popularity with teenagers, many of whom have stated that it is not difficult for a teenager under 18 to drive in to see an X-rated movie.

…Chapter 144 Acts of 1971 was signed into law by Governor Francis W. Sargent on Thursday, April 8, 1971. This act permits the Town of Canton to borrow a sum of money to purchase the Paul A. Draper Estate at 79 Pleasant St.

…Police Notes: A Sherman Street home had windows shattered by a BB gun; The town garage was broken into and several sums of money as well as the coin box from the Coke machine; The Tri-S gas station was broken into and money stolen from the Coke machine; Someone threw a molotov cocktail at the Bolivar Street bridge.


APRIL 17, 1896

…The residence of Mrs. A. M. Bent is receiving a coat of paint of a light color, a great improvement on the former shade.

…It is rumored that Wm. W. Brooks will place a clock in the tower of his block. Such a clock would be a great convenience and add to the already solid and artistic appearance of the block.

…The weather for a week has been like July with the mercury at 85 in the shade and people in their summer clothes.

…Mr. Harry Poole has a horse which seems to be above the average intelligence. He may be driven without the use of the rein, will stop at the word, carefully back the wagon and turn about all without touching the reins but only by the voice. Mr. Poole has spent but little time in training him and takes much pride in his accomplishments.

…Mrs. E. R. Revere has charge of a petition for the preservation of the State House front which is being extensively signed.

…The Stoughton Historical and Antiquarian Society will commemorate Patriots Day by setting a bound at the S. E. corner of Ponkapoag Plantation, in Stoughton, a short distance south of York Pond, on Monday, the 20th of April, at 12:30 pm.

…At the cemetery Wednesday, the bodies of those placed in the tomb for the winter were removed and placed in graves in the various lots.

…A new water tower for the convenience of the watering cart has been placed on Sherman Street, near the residence of Robert Morrison.

…Electricians have lately arranged switches at the Town Hall so that the electric lights may be more readily regulated and it is possible now to light or shut off any room with a turn of the switch.

…Preparations are about complete for the dedication of the monument given by the Hibernians for the cemetery at Canton Corner, on April 20th.


APRIL 22, 1921

…Two calves and a sheep owned by the Town of Canton spent last Friday evening roaming about the neighborhood of the Town farm. They were located Saturday morning sleeping peacefully under an apple tree on the premises of Michael T. Casey, on Walpole Street. Mr. Albert Reynolds, the caretaker of the Town Farm, sent five year old Edward Yeomans after the animals and they were driven to the barn at the Town Farm where they were home in time for breakfast.

…John Roach, eleven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Roach, of 144 Sherman St., was drowned in Reservoir Pond last Wednesday afternoon. He left home with two friends at about one o'clock Wednesday to go fishing.

…Ellery Sweet and Assessor Joseph Kelleher narrowly escaped serious injury last Friday evening when the Ford touring car of the Canton Police Department in which they were riding collided with a Ford Machine owned and operated by Francis Herlihy of Sharon at a point opposite the residence of Francis Danahy on Washington Street.


APRIL 19, 1946

…Selectmen's Notes: Received a visit from John Wagner regarding any future photography work to be done for the town; Received and accepted the resignation of Edward B. Draper as a member of the Zoning Law Appeal Board; Granted authority to Frank G. Jameson to install an additional tank for storage of 300 gals. of gas at his station at 2762 Washington St.

…John R. McCarthy of Hawthorne Road, Samuel Pavadore of 12 Tucker Place, John Carroll, 20 Hartwell Place and Arthur V. Galligan were inducted into the service on April 15, from Draft Board 56 of Dedham.

…A new $20,000 flight operations building for the use of the Civil Aeronautics Administration and Wiggins Airways is nearing completion at the Norwood Airport, Norwood, Mass.


APRIL 22, 1971

…John Friedlander, the town's first Recreation Director, has been rehired by the Recreation Commission after completing his first six month probationary period as recommended in a Finance Committee motion that was adopted under Article 18 of the 1970 town meeting warrant.

…Charles Travis, 17 Walnut Knoll, protested to the Selectmen Tuesday evening that his not being reappointed to the Recreation Commission was politically motivated and that the people in town will be the judge of the Selectmen's actions in this respect. In a hearing that skirted on the thin edge of discussing personalities, both Mr. Travis and the Selectmen stated their views.

…Karen Kelson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren G. Kelson, 167 Lawrence Street., has been named to the Dean's List at Salem State College for the first semester, Miss Kelson is an elementary art major.

…The manager of the Blue Hills Drive-In has contacted the Selectmen to assure them that he will do his best to upgrade the films shown at the drive-in. He hopes to get more films rated for family viewing and to obtain only those X-rated films that are considered superior.


APRIL 24, 1896

…Mr. Miner, the first teacher of the Canton High School was in town for a brief visit Patriot's Day and took the tramp with the Historical Society.

…Norwood is to have a magnificent new $40,000 public library, the gift of the Morrills.

…A photograph was taken this week of nine handsome trout caught in Canton waters by Wm. H. Peterson.

…Mrs. Barrett whose little girl has had such a siege with the scarlet fever is now ill with it herself.

…Miss Jennie Ellis is ill at her home on Walnut Street, with a throat trouble.

…The Canton Historical Society met the Stoughton Historical Society on Patriot's Day at the southeast corner of the Ponkapoag Plantation and assisted in dedicating the granite block, which the Stoughton society has placed there for a marker. This block is of Quincy granite and has a polished top bearing the inscription 1657 P. P., the date being that of the setting off of the Ponkapoag Plantation for the use of the Indians and their descendants forever.

…For Sale-New, first class, copper fastened boats. Built for fishing and gunning purposes. R. Warren Jones.

…Master George W. Walker is now nearly recovered from the amputation of a toe which was successfully performed by Doctors Ross and Porter about three weeks ago. He was out for the first time this week and though limping a little is able to get about.


APRIL 29, 1921

…The exhibition of the Canton Historical Society at their headquarters, on Washington Street, Canton Corner, last Thursday, showed the largest collection of quaint household furnishings used in the days of our forefathers and has ever been witnessed in Canton. Practically everything in the line of dishes, and other furnishings, was among the collections.

…Canton High Schools High Honor List for April-Seniors: Stowell Goding, Dorothy Hunt, Sarah Swardlick. Sophomores: Barbara Draper, Anna Dunbar, Frank Mitchell. Freshman: Virginia Daniels, Kenneth Goding, Marion Sawyer.

…The next meeting of the Community Club will be a May Party for the children. It will be held in the Universalist Parish House on Tuesday, May 3 at 2:30 p.m.

…Mr. William Daly has added a new Reo to his fleet of buses.

…Mr. and Mrs. C. Eugene Jenison are proud parents of a daughter, born April 22nd, 1921.

…Mrs. Anna E. Lynch will visit the Crane and Gridley Schools this week.

…Mr. Edward Yeomans, of Walpole Street, has purchased a Ford automobile from Herbert Cushman.

…Mr. Ludwig C. Nickerson and Samuel Fee have broken ground for new residences on the Morse property, Sherman Street.

…Many friends of Mrs. Matilda Starr called at her home to congratulate her on her 83rd birthday, Saturday.


APRIL 26, 1946

Three Cantonites Hospitalized As Result Of Wreck. Were on local train in head-on collision at Readville. Three Canton people were hospitalized as a result of the train wreck which occurred last Sunday night at Readville when the Providence local leaving Boston at 10 o'clock and the Hartford to Boston express crashed head-on at 10:15. In addition many others were shaken up and knocked to the floor by the impact of the collision. One person was killed and 300 were injured, some 200 being treated at hospitals in Boston and others nearby.

Mrs. Laura Canuto of 12 Capen Place was released from the hospital Monday afternoon. Lewis Bullock of Chapman Street and Arthur Hiltz of Revere Street received minor injuries, they were treated and released.

…Mr. and Mrs. George Jenkins of Mechanic Street are the parents of a daughter, born on Easter Sunday.

…Miss Doris Bullock of Messinger Street was one of the featured performers in the "Edison Highlights of 1946," which entertained the veterans at Cushing General Hospital last Monday night.

…Henry F. Holmes has re-opened his business at his former stand opposite the Strand Theatre on Washington Street. The Holmes Battery and Ignition Company will carry a complete line of batteries, ignitions, tires and accessories as well as selling gasoline and oil.

…Back in Business-John R. Chapman, Carpenter and Builder, 86 Lawrence St. Telephone 0268-W, G.I. work a specialty.


APRIL 29, 1971

…The town has accumulated nearly $200,000 in Chapter 90 funds but the Selectmen do not wish to widen Pleasant Street according to state plans that propose a width of about thirty-five feet.

…Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bent, formerly of 38 Chapman St., have moved from Canton to make a new home in Florida.

…On Tuesday evening a beautiful brochure containing the results of a recreation potential study of the Draper Estate by the Massachusetts Department of Natural Resources was presented to the town by Arthur Brownell, commissioner of the department.

…During their regular meeting on Monday, members of the Republican Town Committee expressed their dissatisfaction with the recent appointments of the selectmen.


MAY 1, 1896

…Miss Amy L. Draper is quite seriously ill from poisoning by ivy or dogwood the result of an afternoon ramble in the woods.

…One of those pleasant dances of the Idle Hour Club will be held on the evening of May 8th, in Ponkapoag Engine House Hall.

…George Blackman is painting the new house of A. L. Hewett on Sherman Street.

…Blacksmith J. H. McDonald has secured the services of Jeremiah Crerden as wheelwright and is prepared to do all work in that line.

…Laura M. Woodward, beloved wife of Henry Woodward, died at her home on Pond Street, Canton, Thursday afternoon, April 30th, of heart failure. Mrs. Woodward was 66 years, 4 mos. Old, and was born in Lanesboro, Mass., her parents being Henry and Sarah Ostrender of that place. She was a member of the Baptist Church of Lee, Mass., and had lived in Canton for eight years.

…As my wife, Alma C. Tonnell, has left my bed and board, without just cause, I hereby forbid anyone to trust her on my account as I shall pay no bills of her contracting after this date. Charles H. Tonnell, North Easton, April 15, 1896.

…Who Is He, Anyhow?--Ayer, Mass.--April 27-The Selectmen here have engaged Peter A.O'Toole, of Canton, as Chief of Police for the coming year. He began his duties this morning.-Boston Post.


MAY 6, 1921

…We are called upon this week to record the death of one of the lifelong residents of Canton, Sarah A. Hawes, widow of the late William K. Hawes, passed away at her home on the morning of May 2nd, after a lingering illness at the age of 74 years. She was born in Sharon, June 16th, 1846, the daughter of Corodon and Abigail (Tolman) Spaulding, but living nearly all of her life in this town.

…On Friday, April 29th, Mrs Amelia M. Bent celebrated her 90th birthday.

…Mr. Moses Cook has started in business for himself. He bought a Ford truck and cannot travel around the town fast enough to deliver his vegetables.

…The Canton Town Team, under the management of Olaf Henriksen, star performer of the World Series of 1912, will open its season at the Playgrounds this Saturday afternoon with St. Andrews Catholic Club of Dorchester.

…The music pupils of St. Regis Convent will hold a music recital in Memorial Hall tomorrow afternoon, Saturday, May 7, at 2:30 o'clock.

…The first swarm of bees, reported about here this season, swarmed Monday, May 2nd, and were hived in a modern moveable frame hive.

…Mr. F. E. Smith who recently retired as head of the reclaiming department of the Plymouth Rubber Co., was presented on Thursday with a beautiful electric lamp by his former associates.


MAY 3, 1946

…Thieves broke into Tony's Service Station near Cobb's Corner last Sunday night, taking a small radio and an amount of cash. Entrance was gained by breaking the padlock on the front door. The break was discovered by the local police on their rounds shortly after 2 am.

…The Misses Helen Yeomans, Ethel Verity and Gloria Martin spent a few days in New York City last week.

…Miss Mildred I. Duggan, 103 Rockland St., has been elected president of the junior class for the school year 1946-47 at Bridgewater State Teachers College.

…Dr. Charles P. Callery of High Street has opened an office at 533 Washington St. He is a graduate of Tufts Dental School.

…White snapdragons decorated the candle lighted alter at St. Mary's Church, East Walpole, on Saturday morning, April 27, 1946, for the wedding of Miss Eleanor T. Walsh of Norwood, to Maurice E. Ronayne, Jr., of Canton. The Nuptual Mass was celebrated by the Rev. Paul Rattigan.

…Wanted-Flatlock Operators and Experienced Stichers. Dr. Parker Holt Knitting Mill Co., 19 Walnut Street, Canton.

…Mrs. C. K. Endicott, 319 Sherman St., was painfully cut and bruised and badly shaken up late Tuesday afternoon when she and her husband were hurled from their automobile as it figured in a collision of cars at Belmont Avenue and West Elm Street, Brockton.

…Mr. and Mrs. Richard Seavey of Dunbar Street are the proud parents of a son born at Norwood Hospital, Wednesday.

…Mr. and Mrs. George Mansfield of Pleasant Street, with Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mansfield of Stoughton spent the holiday weekend in New York City.

…Ellen Draper of 200 Chapman St. celebrated her 9th birthday Wednesday, May 1, at a party in her home. Her guests were Gertrude Witt, Carol Papanti, Mary Ann Dowd, Mary Eleise Kincaide, Eleanor Langill, Mary Elizabeth Hagan, Lorna Payne, Carol Hutchinson, Elaine Fields, Myra Williams, Helen Partridge, all of Canton, and Iris Taylor of Norwood.


MAY 6, 1971

…Herbert King of Randolph Street has been named parade chairman for Canton's July Fourth Celebration.

…A Canton ex-GI, former Sgt. Paul E. Wiederhold, 22, has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service in South Vietnam.

…Noted New England historian Edward Rowe Snow will be the featured speaker at Norwood Hospital's Fifth Annual Blood Donor Recognition Night to be held on Thursday, May 13, in the hospitals Plimpton Hall.

…David F. Henry, 53 Oakdale Road, has received three awards from John Carroll University for service and participation in student organizations.

…St. Catherine of Siena Lodge celebrated its first anniversary on May 1st.

…In a heart warming display of affection over two hundred friends gathered in the Knights of Columbus Hall, on last Friday night, at a testimonial in honor of former Selectman Harold J. Fitzgerald.

…Complimenting Police Chief Daniel Keleher for an excellent job he has done in preparing recommendations for the creation of a Canton Bureau of Investigation, the Selectmen emphasized that the recommendations are preliminary and will be subject to modification as they reviewed in depth by their board.


MAY 8, 1896

…The Reliable Pants Co. have opened a tailoring establishment in the rooms in Wentworth's Block lately vacated by G. A. Healey.

…Mike Kennally, who for the past year has been living in Milton, has returned to Canton and has taken the house lately vacated by Dr. Steadman. He has entered the employ of E. H. Deane and will drive the ice cart this summer as usual.

…Mrs. Isaac Horton is quite seriously ill with catarrhal fever at her home in Ponkapoag.

…About 200 feet of 6 in. pipe are being added to the water works line on Murphy Lane furnishing water for 7 tenements of Michael Flood. The returns will make it a paying investment for the town.

…Mrs. Catherine Corkery died at her Rockland Street on Friday last of old age at the advanced age of 84.

…Mrs. Lucy, mother of Jeremiah Lucy, of Mechanic Street, died at an advanced age, on Tuesday, May 5th.

…A new cobbler's shop has been opened in Wentworth's Block by Anthony Brown.

…Patrick Healey will erect a new double tenement house on land belonging to him just off Rockland Street. The cellar is now completed.

…Thomas Curran has left the employ of Byam & Co., and with Dennis Cohan will establish an express route between Canton and Boston.

…Box 61 was pulled in by Officer Kelly about 2:30 Tuesday morning, for a fire at the residence of Hon. F. M. Ames. Smoke was discovered issuing from the windows of one of the rear rooms and for some time the fire was confined to that part of the house but it seems to have worked into the partitions and in spite of the efforts of the firemen, who responded promptly to the alarm, it was nearly five before it was finally extinguished. The house was fairly gutted, the roof burnt off in many places and the building and contents completely ruined.


MAY 13, 1921

…Over 250 scholars of the Public Schools, Parochial School and the Massachusetts Hospital School will present a Pageant of States in connection with the Thrift Stamp Drive, in Memorial Hall, on the evening of May 18th.

…A great reception awaits Manager Henriksen, of the Canton Town Team, when he plays in Brockton next Saturday afternoon, at the Walk-Over Park. Their opponents will be the Colonial City Club, of Brockton.

…The House Monday rejected the bill under which the state would have taken over the Blue Hill Street Railway running from Mattapan Square to the Great Blue Hill, for operation by the trustees of the Boston Elevated.

…Mrs. L. B. Drew, formerly of Pine Street, has moved into the Dunbar house on Washington Street.

…Miss Mary Sims and Miss Adelie Kenefic were presented with gold rings at the reception of the Minstrel Show Committee of the S.C.A.A., in Stoughton, last Tuesday evening.

…Miss Helen M. Lord, of Walnut Street, starts today for a months vacation to be spent with friends in Birmingham, Ala.

…Vacuum Cleaners To Let-by day or week, $1 a day, $5 a week. All cleaners delivered and called for. Call Canton 186-W. Leon P. Blanc, 665 Washington St., Canton, Mass.

…For Sale-18 ft. Old Town canoe, paddles, racks, cushions, house and rolls. Apply 384 Pleasant St.

…Mrs. Evelyn T. Wentworth, and family, have moved into their recently remodeled house on Washington Street near High.

…Dr. D. S. Luce is out with a new Ford coupe.

…Mrs. Angela Cereghini passed away at her late home, on Washington Street, last Saturday morning, aged 74 years. Mrs. Cereghini was born in Genoa, Italy, and has been a resident of Canton for the past 28 years.

…Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Draper have been spending a few days in Maine.


MAY 10, 1946

…Selectmen's Notes-Received a letter from the Edward J. Beatty Post, American Legion, about flying of the flag at Memorial Hall. Voted that the flag will be flown on every legal holiday and at the discretion of the selectmen. The flag has been flying 24 hours a day during the war; Granted building permits to Joseph DeFelice for a one car garage on Rockland Street, and to John Venckus for a one car garage on Sherman Avenue.

…Miss Mary Ahearn was taken to the Norwood Hospital on Tuesday in the ambulance after a fall at her home, 69 Mechanic St.

…President Carl S. Ell, second president of Northeastern University and principal speaker at the First Canton High School "Americanism Night" sponsored by the Edward J. Beatty American Legion Post, at Memorial Hall, Monday evening, asserted that the first requirement for an enduring democracy is understanding of the real nature of democracy and the goals toward which it aspires. (By Bill Cash)

…Miss Alice Reynolds of Canton, a member of the Gray Lady Corps was among 750 Red Cross members to receive certificates at the first peace time graduation of the Boston Metropolitan Chapter's Volunteer Special Services, Monday evening, May 6, at the Copley Plaza Hotel.

…The Board of Selectmen have received an application for the approval of a seaplane base in the Canton Reservoir. The applicant is John Hicks, 119 Rowe Terrace, Auburndale.

…An alarm from Box 125 called the fire department to a house fire at the residence of Alec Buckley opposite Pond Street on Monday. The fire was between the front steps and sills of the house and it is thought it was caused by a cigarette dropped from a passing car which might have been blown under the steps.


MAY 13, 1971

…The drawing for the latest Journal Sports Prizes will be held on Tuesday, May 18. Two winners will be chosen, one to receive a baseball autographed by Carl Yastremski and the other to receive a recording of "The Impossible Dream".

…Captain Joe DeFelice recently returned from two weeks active duty training at Fort Gordon, Georgia.

…On May 15, 1971, at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston, Reverend Michael D. Merchant, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Merchant, of 51 Sherman Ave. will be ordained to the Catholic Priesthood by Archbishop Humberto S. Mederios.

…Last Tuesday night the essay contest, sponsored by the Historical Society, concluded with the awarding of a first prize and a four-way tie for second place. For his paper on prominent people of Canton, Judge Gregory W. Grover was awarded first prize, a copy of the History of Mansfield. The four youngsters, considered equal by the judges, each received a plaque with his or her name inscribed on it. The judges, Karl Gelpki, Joseph T. Danahy, Jr., and Miss Mary Sullivan, selected three girls and one boy among the winners. The girls are Cynthia Blain of 133 Spring Lane, Susan DeLang of 8 Marilyn Drive and Elizabeth Crowe of 35 Elm Street. The lone male representative was Dennis Diconstanzo of 4 Redman Road.


MAY 15, 1896

…Fire Bug This Time-Bits of wood and rubbish were placed in the rear stairway of Tucker's Block about 9:15 last Monday night by some unknown person, soaked by kerosene and set on fire. Michael Curry, a young man in the employ of Thomas Curry, tailor, who has rooms in the block, came into the store and discovered the fire. He heard a dripping in the closet under the stairway, and opening the door found kerosene coming through the cracks of the landing floor and saw flames. Seizing his umbrella he rushed to the place and beat the fire partially out, got a pail of water and completed his timely service. The officers were then notified and made a searching investigation, including a good piece of detective work, which resulted in some very strong clues to the identity of the perpetrators of the outrage. The damage was very slight.

…The Lexington Print Works are to augment their water supply by taking water from Bolivar Pond.

…Simpson Spring beverages containing no booze, at Robinson's.

…While most of us breathe a sigh of relief and put away those little coal stoves in the spring it looks as if the Kinsley Iron and Machine Co. intended to do some roasting still. Their spring supply of coal came the other day and it took a train of 60 cars to bring it.

…Canton people are this week receiving a rare treat in the opening of Artist J, H. Hatfield's Studio to the general public and the exhibition of more than eighty of his pictures there, most of them being his later work, done within a year.

…Miss Louise Endicott has received the appointment of assistant teacher at the Canton High School.

…The Revere Copper Co. are about to tear down one of the large wooden buildings now forming part of their extensive plant and erect a new one in its place.

…A new horse belonging to blacksmith McDonald got a fall this week by catching his hoof in the track of the K. I. & M. Co's track.

…Edgar M. Russell, foreman in the composing room of the JOURNAL office, had a birthday last Tuesday.


MAY 20, 1921

…The Community Club held a very successful cake and candy sale last Friday afternoon, in Gordon's Block.

…George E. Dana, one of Canton's well known and most respected citizens departed from this world at 4:45 last Saturday afternoon at his late home, 442 Washington St.

…Work of putting in the foundation for the new Central Garage on the site of the old Canton Catholic Club on Washington Street, is being rushed with a large force of men on the job.

…The Reynolds house, corner of Washington and Pequit Streets has been sold to an employee at the Massachusetts Hospital School.

…Elijah J. Bowmar of Pleasant Street is in the city hospital, Boston, with a fractured leg, the result of being run down by a taxicab Wednesday afternoon, in Dewey Square.

…Mr. Fred Martin has purchased the "Farwell Place" on Washington Street. Mr. Martin plans extensive improvement and will occupy.

…The first annual concert of the Canton High School was presented in Memorial Hall last Friday evening by over 200 pupils of the high school before a large audience.


MAY 17, 1946

...Selectmen's Notes-Granted a license to the Canton Supply Company to sell, rent and lease firearms; Received a complaint from B. Agnes Murphy of Lawrence Street regarding a bad condition that exists in the sidewalk in front of the high school; Granted a license to run the bowling alley at 618 Washington Street to Lillian Kaplan.

…The stores of C. W. Crowell and Sons and the Wayside furniture store were broken into on Tuesday night and again on Wednesday night and a sum of money and merchandise taken from both stores. Entrance was gained by removing cellar windows at both stores. According to the local police two Canton youths picked up yesterday have confessed to making the breaks.

…Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Clines of 1178 Washington St., announce the birth of a daughter, Frances, on May 6th at the Norwood Hospital.

…Mr. and Mrs. John McColgan of South Boston are receiving congratulations on the birth of a son (John Jr.) at the Baker Memorial Hospital, Boston, May 5, 1946. Mrs. McColgan is the former Mary Leonard of Sherman Street, Canton.

…The Kessler Machine Company on Neponset Street are building a new addition to their building.

…The fire department was called to a chimney fire at the residence of Burr C. Copley on Washington Street, Wednesday afternoon.


MAY 20, 1971

…The selectmen have voted to pay $2.50 per hour for janitorial services at the police station but will clarify this rate with the Personnel Board before hiring a janitor.

…Navy Seaman Carl A. DePalma of 1752 Washington St., is aboard the guided missile frigate USS Belknap.

…James V. Keris, 9 Historical Way, has been appointed to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

…Ford Motor Company has requested a site plan approval for construction of a Lincoln - Mercury sales and service building near 362 Turnpike St.

…Patrons of the Red Boot Restaurant will now be allowed to dance in the lounge, thanks to a special permit approval by the Board of Appeals.

…Miss Maxine S. Lazovick, 510 Sherman St., has been named to the "Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges". Miss Lazovick was awarded a National Young American Award last December for her volunteer work with retarded children. President Nixon made the presentation at the White House.


MAY 22, 1896

…Thomas F. Lyons is busy painting the People's Drug Store and is making a very neat job of it.

…It is rumored that E. J. Galligan is negotiating for the purchase of the Foster Estate, to be used as a summer hotel.

…The 75th anniversary of the Baptist S. S. is to be held in the vestry of the church Wednesday evening, May 27th.

…The subject of Chaplin M. B. Taylor's sermon at the Memorial Sabbath services in the Congregational Church, on Sunday next will be: "The Cost of Liberty."

…Mrs. F. C. Belcher has disposed of her residence on Walpole Street in Canton, and will spend the summer at Rangely.

…Briggs Bros. opened the new store near the park this week. A rushing business was done for the first day, thirsty bicyclist fairly cleaning out the ice cream and temperance drinks.

…On the departure of A. J. Bolles and family for California which is soon to take place, Mr. George L. Hunt will take charge of the place, taking up residence there. The house to be vacated by Mr. Hunt will be occupied by Mr. Chas. Crowell and family.

…Mr. Walter Shaw is putting an addition on the house occupied by Mr. John Reynolds.

…Foxes are alarmingly plentiful in Ponkapoag and in all parts of the country contiguous to the Park Reservation.

…Thomas Galligan formerly of Canton, now a member of Boston's police force was in town on a brief visit, Thursday. Mr. Galligan is "one of the finest", and looks it every bit.

…The Selectmen have ordered two new safes for their use at the Town Hall.

…Those wishing an experienced nurse apply to Mrs. C. A. Trites, Endicott Street, Canton.

…It is very important that some signal code for forest fires be arranged. There ought not to be any delay in the matter.

A Strange Visitor-Officer Capen supposed he was alone in his house at Canton Corner last Saturday morning, the housekeeper having gone out for a brief errand and he was upstairs, but on coming down he was considerably surprised to find a strange woman about 35 years of age seated in a chair in the front room, nor was his astonishment lessened to see that she was barefooted and clad merely in a white nightgown and dark silk skirt. On entering the room she said coolly: "Say, Mister, will you give me a cup of coffee? I've been walking all night." On the return of the housekeeper she was more fittingly clothed and refreshed and, it being evident that she was of unbalanced mind, the officer took her in charge, took her to the lock-up where Captain Plunkett was notified and Dr. Ross sent for. On examination she gave various and incoherent replies to questions asked, saying that her husband lived at different locations in Brockton and in Boston, and was a boot treer in a shoe factory. She was committed to the lock-up and made as comfortable as possible awaiting further information which came later in the day. It was then learned by the officers that she was Mrs. George …., of Stoughton.


MAY 27, 1921

…Charles Bryant has resigned from the employ of the Canton Auto Station to go into business for himself.

…Alexander Sturrock, of Maple Street, will move to Ponkapoag in the near future, having purchased a home.

…Gerald Larkin of Walpole Street was bitten by a small black dog on Washington Street Thursday evening.

…For Sale-Tomato plants 25 cents/dozen, W. H. Sullivan, 65 Leonard St.

…Stationmaster James H. Weir has returned from a trip to western points.

…The Canton Giants defeated the West Stoughton Tigers in a well played ten inning contest on the Crane School diamond last Saturday morning. The winning run scored when Casey opened the tenth with a double to right field. Kelleher hit to third base and Casey was run down. V. Brown was walked and Kelleher scored from second on Gus Brown's double to left field. The score was 4 to 3.

…The following were appointed were appointed Fair Committee for 1921: J. H. Thackwray, H. J. Hope, T. Horgan, E. A. Strickland, C. D. Croft.

…A capacity audience attended the minstrel show in Memorial Hall last Friday evening under the auspices of the Canton Chapter of the Laymen's League. One hundred and seven automobiles were parked on Sherman and Washington Sts. And on the grounds in the rear of Memorial Hall. This is probably the largest number of machines to be parked there at any one time.

…Officers are arriving at the Salvation Army Camp on Dedham Street, to prepare for the coming of the children in June.

…In keeping with the spirit of the times the Grow Tire Company has announced the second reduction in prices in a fortnight. Tires are being sold today lower than before the war and they are giving three times the mileage.


MAY 24, 1946

…Selectmen's Notes-Granted a peddler's license to George Anagnostini; Granted a junk dealer's license to Israel Primack of 82 Messinger Street; Appointed John J. Quigley of 211 Messinger St. a member of the Board of Fire Engineers.

…Cantons' first "Victory Ball" to the boys and girls of World War II which was sponsored by the Canton Service Men's and Women's Homecoming Fund Committee became a huge success both socially and financially.

…The big Norwood Massachusetts Airport is now open for all types of flying, giving the greater Boston area another excellent air terminal suitable for both large and small aircraft, it was announced today by Joseph Garside, president of Wiggins Airways.

…The name Miss Mary E. Collins, Canton, who will be graduated from Boston University in the May 27 commencement, has been accepted for publication in the 1946 edition of "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges" along with twenty-six other Boston University students.

…Rev. J. Lonsdale Dowson, minister of the Universalist Church, observed his 80th birthday on May 22.

…Train service at Canton is at a standstill this morning in the nationwide railroad strike which went into effect at 5 p.m. last evening.

…Anthony Canueo of Capen Place received his citizenship papers at Boston last week.

…AD--George A. Martin, mason contractor, chimneys, fireplaces, foundations. 3 Belcher Street, Canton 0267-M.

Rescue Of Boy At Third Pond-David Correy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Correy of 498 Washington St. was rescued from Third Pond last Friday morning after he had fallen into the pond from Shepard Street. The four year old youth was fishing from the shore.

Walter Russell who was passing in his ice truck, jumped into the pond and handed the boy to Harry Brown who had rushed to the scene after seeing the boy fall from his yard. The rescuers applied the prone pressure and brought the boy too. Later he was taken to the office of Dr. Boles for medical attention.

…R. William "Bill " Cash of 1026 Pleasant St., Boston Globe and Canton Journal reporter and member of the class of 1941 of the Henry Ford Wayside Inn Boys' School, South Sudbury, was unanimously elected the first president of the school's alumni association, at a recent dinner-business meeting held at the Wayside Inn.


MAY 27, 1971

…The winners of the Canton Journal's baseball contest are Timothy O'Brien, 317 Washington St. Timothy will receive a baseball autographed by Red Sox players. And Kenneth Eames of 6 Pondview Rd. will receive a recording of the "Impossible Dream", Red Sox album.

…The Selectmen have granted a petition from Chapel and Valley Street residents to have Chapel Street made into a one-way street, with the traffic to enter Chapel from Washington Street.

…A proclamation by Governor Francis W. Sargent and a resolution of the State Senate were among the presentations made to Phil Capen last Sunday on "Phil Capen Day".


MAY 29, 1896

…The John Howard place on Rockland Street, was sold on Saturday to Mr. John D. Hurley for the sum of $2,150. It is understood that Miss Grace Howard will shortly take up residence in Chicago.

…Mr. John O'Connellhas broken ground at the angle of Rockland Street for a new house, not far from the residence of the late Cornelius Sullivan.

…Mr. Robert Hughs and family are now domiciled in the Billings place on Pleasant Street, where they will soon be at home to all friends and acquaintances. The place is now owned by Charles Draper.

…Mr. George Hodges, of the Stone Factory district, has lately completed an invention in knitting machinery which is hailed by the experts as a decided improvement on present methods.

…Six places of business are now to be open all day on Sunday, Alec the fruit dealer's in Capen's Block, Galligan's, Owen's and Tirrell's drug stores, Briggs' restaurant and the new store belonging to Grimes Bros., near the depot.

...A Ponkapoag man started in to count the bicycles passing through the village on Sunday and counted 240 between 10:00 and 1:30 when the wheels began to make him dizzy and he stopped.

...There is to be a glass ball shoot on Saturday, among some of the local crack shots. Some of our young men are now practicing on cats. One of these let fly at a big yellow Thomas who had been too free with the neighbor's chickens and says he hit him. The cat fled to the rear window seat of a vacant house.

...Mr. John Olson, a blacksmith in the employ of Fred Hunt, was considerably bruised by a kicking horse the other day, but escaped with some black and blue spots and a fractured temper.

...A new fire alarm box has been placed on Neponset Street at the foot of Norfolk. The number is 51.

...The residence of Mr. James L. Draper at Canton Corner is receiving a coat of light paint under the skillful hands of Wm. Heskeith and his men.

...The Journal man hears many words of praise for the poem by E. J. Farrington entitled "The Old Swimming Pond".


JUNE 3, 1921

Bridge Burned On High Street-The Canton Fire Department responded to an alarm from Box 34 for a fire on the tracks of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad and Billings Bridge on High Street last Wednesday afternoon at 4:25. The fire was so hot on the bridge that the ties on the tracks below were ablaze, when the firemen arrived. Hose No.1 of the central station crossed the bridge while it was in flames. The bridge is unsafe for traffic.

...An alarm was sounded from Box 46 for a fire in the barn in the rear of the house occupied by Charles Distfano and family of Mechanic Street, Thursday afternoon. The damage was slight.

...Sometimes there appears an item in the papers that cause a smile from everyone conversant with the facts in the case, and one item in the Journal last week was a case in point. It was a surprise to learn that "Mr. and Mrs. George N. Sumner had gone to Scituate for the summer" especially as the former was never married. Perhaps the party sending in the item thought Mr. Sumner needed a hint.

...Charlie Fall and family spent the week-end with relatives in Greystone, R. I.

...Mr. and Mrs. Eugene O. Parsons are spending their honeymoon at the Dean Camps, Pleasant Street.

...James Canniff, for many years a barber in Canton, has accepted a position with Charles Fall.

...A very pretty wedding took place on Wednesday evening, June 1st, at St. John's Church, at which Harriet Healy daughter of Mrs. Hannah Healy of Mechanic Street, and Mr. William E. Duggan of Roxbury were united in marriage.

...Canton won both the morning and afternoon contests from the Stoughton C.A.A. at the Stoughton grounds on Washington Street last Monday afternoon.


MAY 31, 1946

…Judge and Mrs. Gregory W. Grover, 671 Washington St., were tendered a surprise party by their children, Thomas of Schenectady, William of Canton and Mrs. Nancy Robbins, on Wednesday evening, May 29 on the occasion of their 30th wedding anniversary. About 35 guests were present.

...Richard S. French of Chapman Street was host at a buffet supper and card party on Saturday evening. His guests were Mr. and Mrs. Jones Guild, Mr. and Mrs. George Mansfield, Mr. and Mrs. John Partridge, Miss Mildred Morse and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Papanti.

...Dr. John E. Fish, for 38 years superintendent of the Hospital School, retires as head of the institution this week. He will retain advisory connection with the Board of Trustees, however.

...At a recent election of officers of St. John's Holy Name Society the following were elected: President, John P. Trayers; Vice President, Paul Duffy; Secretary, William A. Flanagan; Treasurer, Patrick L. Walsh.

...There was a fine turnout of veterans and members of patriotic organizations at the first post-war Memorial Day exercises in Canton yesterday. For the first time in the history of the town, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, recently organized in Canton, marched, and their commander, William Kelleher and John O'Connellcommander of the Edward J. Beatty Post, American Legion, were marshals of the day.

...The church school of the First Parish (Unitarian) will hold their annual picnic at the farm of Mr. and Mrs. James B. Draper on Elm Street, Saturday, June 1st.


JUNE 3, 1971

…One of the white ducks, perennial visitors to Third Pond, has been killed by rock-throwing children.

...Mr. and Mrs. John E. Farrington, Jr., of 338 Washington St., announce the birth of twin daughters, born June 1st, at Norwood Hospital. Paternal grandparents are Fire Chief and Mrs. John E. Farrington, and maternal grandparents are Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Callery of Canton. The twins have a 21 month old brother, John E. Farrington, III.

...Four Canton Police officers are to be congratulated for reaching another rung on the academic ladder. Vincent Rafferty and Jack Ruane will be receiving associate degrees from Northeastern University this month. William Lenhart and James Wolf will be graduating from the Police Academy in Quincy and stand respectively, first and third in their class. All of the officers are involved in a new in-service program which Police Chief Daniel Keleher has instituted.

...Young Betty Crowley of 86 Independence St., an eighth grade student at St. John's School, has been named the outstanding swimmer of the year by the Quincy YMCA.

...On Sunday, June 13th, The Old Timers of the Town Club led by Gus Broderick, will play the present Town Club team. The old timers include Fred Spintig, Sammy Fama, Joe Thompson, Blonde O'Connor, Buddy Dailey, George King, Jim Sfougaris and Steve Cahillane. Game time will be 2:00 p.m. at the Messinger Street field.

...Dr. Edward W. Lewis, minister of the United Church of Christ, recently baptized his only two grandsons.


JUNE 5, 1896

…Miss Florence Bright acted as substitute for Miss Reed at the Crane School, Tuesday and Wednesday.

...Fire Engineer Robert L. Draper is having his house wired and an electric striker put in connection with the fire alarm service.

…One of the finest decorations of Memorial Day was that of Mrs. Ellis' periodical store done under the supervision of Mr. Buckley. The front of the store was replendent with flags and bunting and made at once a patriotic and tasteful appearance.

...Mr. Walter W. Shaw, the new foreman of the Ponkapoag Engine Co., is a hustler and is training his men to a condition of great efficiency.

...Dr. Cabot and family are now comfortably installed for the summer at their country residence, formerly the "Cherry Tavern."

...Mrs. T. B. Aldrich has joined the ever increasing army of pretty women who find health and pleasure in bicycling and may be frequently seen in a natty wheeling costume.

...Mr. William Tupper, an experienced and able workman, is now in the employ of John McDonald, wheelwright.

...Briggs Bros. restaurant near Blue Hill was burglarized by amateurs last night. About $10 worth of cigars and confectionery was lifted, together with the big ice cream ladle with which it is confidently predicted that the burglars will-sup sorrow.

...Business is increasing so fast with Max Myers that his present quarters no longer contain him and he has secured the store next door, formerly occupied by L. C. Riford.

...Funeral services over the body of James L. Draper were held Thursday afternoon. There was a brief service at the house attended by the relatives only, the public funeral taking place at the Unitarian Church.

...New Milch Cow And Calf For Sale-The cow is 6 years old, gives good quality of very nice milk. Price, forty dollars. Apply at Morse Brothers office.


JUNE 10, 1921

Chapman's Bridge Burned Thursday-An alarm was sounded at 7 o'clock last Thursday evening from Box 93 for a fire on the bridge over the main line of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad near Chapman Street. When the firemen arrived the center of the structure was in flames and the blaze was extinguished by the use of chemicals. The damage was very slight. The bridge is known as Chapman's Bridge and has not been used recently, being unsafe for traffic. This makes the second bridge that has been burnt in less than a week.

...John Verity of Sherman Street is out in a new Ford.

...Mr. and Mrs. William Duggan have returned from their honeymoon.

...Joseph Almandi, 5 years old, was struck by an automobile while playing on Washington Street, near Canton Depot, last Saturday afternoon. He was struck a glancing blow and the machine passed over his ankle. No bones were broken.

...Situation Wanted-Young man wishes position of any kind. Not afraid of hard work. J. P. Ryan, 354 Neponset St., Canton, Mass. Tel. 284-M.

...A Ford truck owned by Russel Shaw and operated by Bruce Phelps collided with a Ford truck owned and operated by Herbert Perry at the Viaduct last Saturday morning about 11:50. The car driven by Phelps was running in the direction of Norwood and Perry's machine was headed towards Canton when the accident occured. Perry's machine was towed to the Canton Auto Station for repairs. The machine owned by Russel Shaw left under its own power.

...The fire department was called out Thursday afternoon to a brisk grass fire off Pond Street.

...Edward F. Healy is suing Benjamin E. Morse in the Superior Court for alleged slander. He seeks $10,000 in damages.


JUNE 7, 1946

Horses Saved At Reynolds Barn As Fire Rages-Five horses were saved in a spectacular blaze in the Reynold's Barn on Washington Street, last Friday evening shortly after six o'clock. The fire was in the 15 tons of hay stored in the loft of the barn. Although the loft was a mass of flames when the fire department arrived, they did a splendid job of bringing the blaze under control quickly. The fire was discovered by a passing motorist, William Kelleher, who saw smoke coming from the building and sounded the alarm at Sherman and Washington Sts., members of the Reynolds family, assisted by passersby, released all five horses who raced up Sherman Street. They were caught and back in their stalls within an hour and a half.

...Fire At Sweetland Waste Co. Believed To Be Caused By Lightning-The fire department had a second alarm fire this week at the Sweetland Waste Company on Chapman Street on Wednesday evening. Chief William F. Curtis is of the belief that this was caused by lightning. The fire in the waste did considerable smoke and water damage.

...Work of fireproofing the scenery on the stage of the Town Hall was completed this week.

...Two miscellaneous showers have been tendered Ethel Elizabeth Adair, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Adair of Pleasant Street, in honor of her forthcoming marriage, June 23, to Robert William Leggee, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gasper Leggee, of Messinger Street.

...Lieutenant John A. Webster, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Webster of Leonard Street, has arrived at Bikini Island in the Pacific for the atom bomb tests to be conducted by the U.S.Government. He was one of six young officers chosen for this purpose.

...Selectmen's Notes-Received a request from Ralph Barss of Everett Street that a "Not a thru street" sign be placed on Everett. Fred Dawson of Sutcliffe Avenue requested the same type of sign for his street.


JUNE 10, 1971

…Saturday, June 12th, 1971, marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Ponkapoag Civic Association.

...An Ecumenical Christian Vacation Bible School will be held at St. James Lutheran Church, 214 York St., from June 28 through July 2.

...The Universalist Church ran out of merchandise to sell at its annual auction last Saturday, held at the Jennison on Pleasant Street. The sale finally concluded, more than an hour past its scheduled 4:00 p.m. closing, with the auctioning off of the derby, worn all day by Henry Munson, Chairman of the church.

...On May 30, 1971, Edward P. Quigley of 48 Birchcroft Rd., received his Bachelor of Arts Degree, with honors, from Stonehill College in North Easton.

...Joseph T. Keefe has been granted site plan approval and a special permit to erect an art gallery at 355 Turnpike St.

...The Selectmen have advised the Chief of Police to suspend the marking of Valley and Chapel Streets as one way streets exiting onto Sherman Street until there can be a full hearing of all the residents affected by the change.

...Mrs. Lawrence F. Cedrone took home the blue ribbon for her flower arrangement at the South Shore District Flower Show at the Brockton Museum last weekend.

...Jim Foley, of the Li'l White Store softball team has been sworn in as a Canton Policeman.

...The Civil War monument gun is gone again.

...The papers will be passed today on the Draper Estate.

...Ed Lukaszewicz is a magician when it comes to finding parcels of land for the Canton Housing Authority to consider.


JUNE 12, 1896

…The partially burned Ames house is being torn down and is said that Mr. Ames will rebuild on the other side of the driveway, placing the house nearer the center of the lot.

...Mr. Richard E. Healy has just completed the school census for the year. The results show nearly 900 children of school age in town which is an increase over previous years.

...James K. Lynch has been appointed agent for the Ivers Johnson cycle.

...Mr. Joseph Hatfield is making a beautiful copy of Murillo's Assumption of the Virgin for the new catholic church of Haverhill. The picture is 15 X 13 and occupies all of one wall of the studio.

...Mr. John McCarty, for four years the trusted employee of Mr. Loring Cross, leaves soon to take a position in a Hyde Park market.

...Alexis L. Draper, a former Canton young man, graduated yesterday from the medical school of the University of Pennsylvania, being now a full fledged MD.

...In a bower of roses at the residence of the bride on Rockland Street, at 7 o'clock Wednesday evening, Miss Helen Maud Mansfield, daughter of Mr. Horace H. Mansfield, a prominent manufacturer of Canton, was joined in matrimony to Mr. Gilbert Tolman, of Randolph.

...J. D. Hurley who lately bought the John Howard place on Rockland Street, is making extensive repairs and alterations and will rent to a good tenant at a low price.

...Miss Lillian Shattuck, Canton's accomplished violinist, leaves for Europe on the 24th of June, to spend the summer and rest and study.

...Miss Mabel Kelley entertained many young friends at her home last Thursday night, the occasion being her 17th birthday.


JUNE 17, 1921

…With full military honors, the remains of Arthur W. Thomas, World War veteran, was laid to rest under the spreading oaks in Canton Cemetery, Saturday morning, the services being attended by a large number of friends who gathered to show respect for one of the Canton boys who made the supreme sacrifice.

...Mr. and Mrs. D. McGrath, of Hyde Park, are to reside at 135 Bolivar Street.

...The Canton Fire Department responded to an alarm from Box 91 last Friday for a fire in a play house in the rear of the house occupied by Mr. Arthur W. Wattles, on Chapman Street. The building was a total loss.

...A telephone call brought out the fire department for a brush fire on J. W. Mansfield's property off Highland Street. While fighting the flames James Pesaturo, one of the volunteers was attacked by a large St. Bernard dog. Other firemen nearby came to his rescue and saved him from serious injury.

...Superintendent of Schools, John C. Davis is sporting a new Ford car.

...Collision at Ponkapoag Sunday-Two automobiles collided at the junction of Washington and Turnpike Streets, directly in front of Crowell's store, last Sunday evening. One machine a Ford, was owned by Jerome Hogan and driven by Wilfred L. Mitchell, both of Norwood. The other machine was driven by George V. Kaufuian of Boston. There were only minor injuries.

...A telephone call brought out the fire department at 11:25 last Wednesday morning for a fire on Chapman's Bridge near Chapman Street. This is the second time in a week that this bridge has been on fire. The loss was slight.

...Jessica and Florence Hill of Wellesley spent the weekend with their aunt, Mrs. H. E. Davenport of Walnut Street.

...Daniel Flood has been appointed a special night officer at Green Street.

...The NY, NH and H. Railroad has started a drive against all track walkers. Sixteen men were arrested Tuesday by railroad officials, and were fined five dollars in the district court.

...Miss May Draper has broken land for a new house on Washington Street near Eliot.


JUNE 14, 1946

…Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Fall of 634 Chapman Street, announce the wedding of their daughter, Gertrude Evelyn, to Edward Harrison Yeomans, which took place at 10 am., June 13th, at the home of the Rev. Carl J. Bergman who officiated at the double ring ceremony.

...Joseph Buckley, 16 Tolman St., and Miss Geraldine P. Scully, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis F. Scully, 25 Rockland St., were married in the Sacred Heart Church, Newton Center, last Monday night, June 10, at 7 o'clock, by Rev. Francis X. Murray. Both are well known in Canton where Mr. Buckley is a member of the police force and Mrs. Buckley has been employed in the telephone office.

...Canton was hard hit by Cyclonic Storm Saturday-Canton was probably hit the hardest of any of the towns in the area in the Cyclonic Storm which struck shortly after nine o'clock last Saturday evening. The fifteen minute hurricane did thousands of dollars worth of damage and disrupted electric and telephone service all over the town. A tree fell on the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Kelleher of Sherman Street, doing serious damage to the roof.

...Miss Janet Grafton of 1931 Washington St., Canton, Mass., will receive the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Home Economics at Cornell University's 78th annual commencement on Sunday June 23rd.

...Miss Betty Shannon, 221 Sherman St., office receptionist, was one of five persons to identify a photograph of George E. Hardy of Westfield, NJ, believed to be the murderer of William A. Whitcomb of Dedham, paper magnate, who was killed in his office at Devonshire and Franklin Streets, Boston. Miss Shannon identified Hardy whom she had directed to the office of the slain man. Hardy has since committed suicide.

...Selectmen's Notes-Francis Nugent of Pleasant Street appeared before the board inquiring about the possibility of erecting a gasoline station at the junction of Pine and Pleasant Streets.


JUNE 17, 1971

175th Anniversary Committee Named-The selectmen will ask the following residents to serve on the 175th Committee: Gerald Morris, Karl Huovinen, Katherine Sullivan, Robert Cohen, Harold Fitzgerald, King Endicott and the president of the High School Student Council.

...Ten year old Peter Curran of 10 Summer St., was released from Norwood Hospital last week after being treated for cuts and abrasions suffered when he was struck by a car near the intersection of Washington and Dedham Streets.

...Bernard Fallon, Jr., has been promoted to the position of DPW motor equipment operator.

...Several residents of Prospect Street appeared before the School Committee to complain about the activities resulting from the use of the Dean S. Luce School field as a little league playing area.

...A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Flagg, Jr., 68 Pond St.

...Stephen A. Nelson, class of '71, of 10 Old Meadow Lane, has received the Principal's Award at Boston College High School.

...We spend $20,000 for a bus so the kids won't have to walk to school and then spend $100,000 for a gymnasium so they can get some exercise.

...Damage from car accidents is causing the gradual attrition of trees in the town according to the Police Chief.

...The King Philip Ballroom in Wrentham will be the scene of "John Ford Night", on October 21. John Ford has been a golf pro, par excellence, in Canton for many years. The tribute organized by members of the Wampatuck Country Club.


JUNE 19, 1896

…A surprise birthday reception was tendered Miss Alice Owen last Monday night.

...All those wishing to enter the parade on July 4, 1896, must send their name and 50 cents to Mr. John Spencer on or before June 27. The parade will start promptly at 5 o'clock?, Saturday morning, from the Hardware, the route to be as follows: From the start down Washington to Canton Corner, Chapman Street through Viaduct, Neponset Street to Washington Street to the Massapoag House and disband.

...Thursday afternoon and evening there was a considerable exodus of Ponkapoag people to the promised land of Barnum's Circus.

...Among the Canton people seen at the horse races in South Weymouth we note Fred W. Hunt, John Dyer, Allen Davenport, Leon Billings, Loring Cross, John O'Neill, Charles H. French, Jr. They report a first class time.

...The Ponkapoag mail, by whose regular arrival the village housewives set their clocks, was strangely late last Monday night.

...Mr. J. S. Shepard of Canton was in Sharon, Tuesday, and the ADVOCATE man had a chat with him. Mr. Shepard has not forgotten the four pleasant years he spent here when a young man nor the acquaintances he made here, nor has his interest in Sharon abated.

...The following contracts have been awarded on the Crane School building: Woodwork, Thomas F. Lyons; Plumbing, George H. Beasley. The painting and other matters are not yet decided.

...A Roxbury young man was injured by a fall from a bicycle in the neighborhood of Cobb's Tavern about 5 p.m., June 17th. He was taken to Dr. Ross who attended to his injuries, a broken collar bone and minor bruises. Afterwards he was sent home by train.

...Miss Georgie Downes and Miss Ella Bright, teachers in the Ponkapoag School, were present at the brilliant and largely attended reception given by Mr. and Mrs. Agustus Hemenway at their beautiful residence last Tuesday evening.

...Stoughton has another gold mine now. This time Henry E. Holbrook made the find on the ground of E. A. Shaw near the Stoughton standpipe. The rock assays $20 to the ton, if not more.


JUNE 24, 1921

…After ten years of service to the Town of Canton, Mr. John C. Davis, Superintendent of Schools, has resigned, and accepted the position as Superintendent of Schools of the Town of Needham, taking the position vacated by Superintendent West.

...John Reardon and David Crowley had a narrow escape from death, last Monday afternoon, when the canoe in which they were fishing upset.

...James Calhoun, of Rockland Street, received a severe cut on the nose, while playing ball, last Friday night.

...Albert W. Hillyer and family of Walpole Street are making arrangements to move from town.

...Harold Tate has accepted a position in Murphy's Drug Store.

...Harry Webb of the lunch room is traveling in a new Chevrolet coupe.

...Mrs. Mary Finn of Sherman Street, has been confined to the house by a sprained ankle.

...Last Friday night two cars, one owned by Mr. Daniel Murphy of Hyde Park and the other operated by Mr. Charles Gage of Canton were badly wrecked when they collided at High Street. The car owned by Mr. Murphy was being towed to a garage when the accident occurred. Neither occupants of the cars were injured.

...Miss Nellie Quinley of the Canton High School has accepted a position at Arlington High School.

...Members of the Tuesday Whist gave a shower to Miss Margaret Lynch, of Mechanic Street, at the home of Mrs. Philip Danahy, Center Street, Wednesday evening, June 22. Mrs. Philip Danahy, as hostess, presented Miss Lynch with an electric reading lamp.

...Orlow S. Bright broke his arm, Monday, trying to crank his car.

...Pino Valentine, of Washington Street was fined fifty dollars in Stoughton court, Monday, for selling moonshine.

...Mr. and Mrs. William A. O'Donnell are receiving congratulations on the birth of a child last week.

...Miss Margaret Golden of Mechanic Street has purchased a new Overland car.

...Mr. John P. Ryan has accepted a position with the Crow Blacking Co. at Canton Junction

...Mr. George Grow, president of the Grow Tire Co. has purchased the power house on Bolivar Street formerly owned by the Blue Hill Street Railway.


JUNE 21, 1946

…What is believed to have been a meteor passed over Canton last Wednesday evening. With a blue-white glare and a trail of blue smoke the phenomenon was clearly seen traveling from south to north over the town. According to the Boston papers yesterday morning the meteor is believed to have landed in Lexington.

...A light vote was cast in the State Primary election which was held in Canton on Tuesday afternoon and evening, June 18, in Memorial Hall. The total number of votes cast was 341, 168 being Republican ballots and 173 Democratic.

...One of the season's prettiest weddings took place in Saint John the Evangelist Church on Sunday afternoon, June 16, 1946 at three o'clock when Miss Margaret M. Ahearn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Ahearn of Revere Street became the bride of F. David Crowley, son of Mr. Florence Crowley of Messinger Street.

...Town Counsel Eugene Galligan has been appointed a Master in Chancery by Governor Tobin this week.

...Selectmen's Notes-Granted a building permit to William C. Pesaturo for alterations to a building at 695 Washington St., to be used as a lubritorium; Received a request for a "Not a through street" sign on Pond Street.

...The Bazaar and Carnival of St. John's Church opened last evening on the Crane School grounds, and will continue through today and Saturday.

...Bernard Clerkin of 411 Sherman St. was the winner of the Studebaker car at the Elks carnival at Norwood last Saturday evening.

...Dr. and Mrs. John E. Fish are in Washington, DC, to attend the wedding of his nephew, Lt. Col. David H. Fish, to Elizabeth Nicholson of Washington.

...Robert Curtis of the Coast Guard, son of Mr. and Mrs. William F. Curtis of Sherman Street arrived home from Kodiak, Alaska last Monday evening.


JUNE 24, 1971

…United Church of Christ, 1541 Washington St., will have as their guest preacher on Sunday, June 27, at 10:00 am., the Rev. Richard E. Borngen of Chelmsford.

...On Sunday an explosion at Plymouth Rubber Company was brought quickly under control by the fire department.

...The selectmen have reappointed Richard A. Simons, 8 Woodlock Rd., member-at-large on the Permanent School Building Committee.

...The Stoughton Selectmen have not approved the contract prepared by the Canton Board of Selectmen stating the terms under which Canton would sell MDC water to Stoughton.

...William S. Otis of Canton invented the first steam shovel, in 1836, by now its successors must have dug half the town away. Mr. Otis died at the age of 26 from injuries received from falling off one of his shovels.

...The works of the old Town Clock are now stored at the Canton Historical Society.

...Miss Marion Maxim of 78 High Street, has retired as Treasurer of the Canton Historical Society. She held the position for the past ten years and was the first woman to serve in that office.

...Based upon a recent Board of Appeals decision, Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Storkus of 129 Indian Lane. may proceed with the construction of a garage on their property.


JUNE 26, 1896

…Charles N. Draper is remodeling one of his greenhouses, replacing the old smaller glass with 16 X 24 panes.

...Chapman Street is a growing country. Mr. William Heskeith has a hen which lays eggs 4 in. in diameter weighing ¼ pound each, and Mr. Joseph W. Wattles Jr. Has Marshall strawberries of his own culture, so large that 5 of them fill an ordinary saucer and they have to be sliced to be eaten.

...Box 61-Sparks from an engine set fire to the roof of S. H. Capen's barn a few minutes after 1 p.m. Thursday. Box 61 was promptly rung in and the fire department responded with equal promptness. The fire was, however, put out with water from a pail. No hose was laid.

...Shepard's Mill Going-It is learned with much regret, but it is undoubtedly true, that Canton is about to lose one of her oldest and most prosperous manufacturing concerns, the American Net and Twine Co. Shepard's Mill, at the Hardware district is an excellent plant, and will no doubt be speedily occupied by some enterprising concern.

...James H. Murphy has a fine new glass sign in the window of his Washington Street office.

...Comrade John Hall of Post 94 lies in a state of coma at his residence on Rockland Street. His condition is critical and it is thought that he can live but a short time.

...Mrs. Eliza M. Hickok of Sharon will occupy the Universalist pulpit Sunday morning in exchange with the pastor. The subject of the sermon will be "seeing God."


JULY 1, 1921

…The slime covered sink hole on the Reservation is spewing forth its usual swarms of mosquitoes this summer. They seem a trifle larger and equipped with a sharper and stiffer boring apparatus than in previous years.

...Ground has been broken for an addition to the Post Office. Besides the addition the inside will be entirely renovated.

...The opening of the Salvation Army Fresh Air Camp on Dedham Street, took place last Saturday.

...Daniel Meyers has accepted a position in Winer's Shoe Store.

...Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whitty of High Street are receiving congratulations on the birth of a daughter.

...Edward Cotter of Rockland Street has been suffering with a severe sunburning which he acquired while in bathing last Friday.

...Lewis Bullock has accepted a position in Kidder, Peabody and Company's office in Boston.

...James Dockray of High Street has been appointed Sealer of Weights and Measures.

...The Grow Tire Co. will convert the power house on Bolivar Street into a factory for the manufacture of tubes, fabric and cord duck for use in the making of automobile tires at the Canton Junctionfactory.

...Henry Quinn, left fielder for the Canton Town Team, was injured in the ninth inning of the game at Lynn with the Cornet All Stars last Saturday.

...Members of the Congregational Sunday School went on an outing to Massapoag Lake Tuesday.


JUNE 28, 1946

Rochelle Home Damaged by Fire-Fire which is believed to have started from an electric refrigerator did considerable damage to the residence of Mr. Edward Rochelle, 1034 Pleasant St. last evening. The east side of the house was a mass of flames when the fire department arrived. The house and furnishings suffered severe damage. The property is owned by Joseph Galligan of Washington Street.

...The first annual dance of the Canton Post Veterans of Foreign Wars will be held in Memorial Hall this evening, June 28.

...The police department received delivery of a new Pontiac cruiser on Wednesday.

...The playground on Messinger Street was opened on Monday, June 24. Miss Marie Buckley of Pleasant Street is in charge as supervisor.

...Penny Morris of 254 Neponset Street, Canton, was the lucky girl last week when she bowled at the Canton Bowladrome and ran up a score of 105 for a single string, thereby winning a pair of precious nylons.

...The eighteen house lots in Tobe's G. I. Village, which Tobe Deutschmann offered at Town Meeting last March for $1.00 token to the first veterans making application for them, brought such a shower of applications that in fairness to veterans who were not present in the hall at the time, it was decided to award the lots by a drawing of names.


JULY 1, 1971

…Fireman Thomas Lyman suffered a minor injury of the knee, but did not require hospitalization, while fighting a fire at the DPW garage on Bolivar Street recently.

...Ten year old John Dickie, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Stuart Dickie of 95 Messinger St. began his summer vacation in memorable fashion. While fishing in Third Pond last week John reeled in a large mouth bass which measured 21 ½" and weighed 5 ¼ pounds.

...Canton's Fourth of July celebration will have something for every member of the family. There will be ballgames, picnics, hay rides, a five mile road race, a car rally, games for the kids, a kite festival and, of course, the Annual parade.

...James P. Pavadore, of the Canton Department of Public Works, scored a hole-in-one at the Lost Brook Golf Course in Norwood, on June 9. Others in the foursome all DPW employees, were Robert Pesaturo, Francis X. Callahan and Fred Spintig. Jim scored his first ace on the 145 yard 6th hole with an eight iron.

...Police Notes-A car, stolen from Mattapan, was set on fire on Elm Street; There was an outbreak of doorbell ringing throughout the town; A heavy statue of a deer was dragged onto Chapman Street from a nearby lawn; Tape decks are being stolen from cars throughout the town, especially at public parking lots.

...Playing this week at the Canton Cinema are: "Owl and the Pussycat", "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and "Vanishing Point".


JULY 3, 1896

…Fanny Dunlap Wattles, wife of Joseph W. Wattles, Sr., died at her home on Chapman Street, on the morning of Sunday, June 28th. She was born in Newburyport, Mass., Oct. 13, 1829, being 66 years, 8 mos., 15 days old at her death. She was married to Joseph W. Wattles on Jan. 15th, 1851. The result of the union being four children, Ella Frances, who married Wm. O. Chapman, but died a year later, Arthur Sterry, Joseph Warren, and Margery Sterry, wife of Dr. C. I. Porter.

...John Hall died at his residence on Rockland Street early Sunday morning, aged 77 years, 16 days. Mr. Hall, better known as Captain Hall from the title he earned by service during the Civil War, was born in Roxbury, Mass., and came to make his home in Canton as a young man. On June 12th, 1842, he married Elizabeth Kendall Freeman and three children resulted from the marriage, Mary E. (Warr) who died in 1871, Lucie A. and Emma F., now Mrs. Lewis Smith. At the outbreak of the Civil War Captain Hall enlisted in Co. "A" 4th Regiment and went to the front, where he served bravely and faithfully, participating in several battles and being wounded in his country's service.

...Mr. Sam Shaw of Ponkapoag has recently got a Columbia bicycle.

...Master Ollie, son of Fred Foss, broke an arm last Thursday night.

...Angus Sinclair, who hails from Nova Scotia and labors not far from Moose Hill, came down from his rocky eyrie to our vitiated atmosphere last Sunday. Ozone or some old thing seems to have exhilarated him and when he got to "seein things at night," Officer Plunkett locked him up away from the menagerie. In court Monday morning he paid $10 for going to the Canton circus and seeing the folly of it.


JULY 8, 1921

Leg Broken by Fall-While walking on a board walk in the rear of her home on Neponset Street last Saturday, Miss Jennie Griggs, slipped and fell. Unable to regain her feet she called her neighbor Mrs. Miller who tried unsuccessfully to help her into the house, Mrs. Miller was forced to call in C. K. Endicott and Bliss York who carried Miss Griggs into the house and sent for Dr. Rice.

...Special officers patrolled the streets of the town last Sunday and Monday evenings to preserve order and protect property from fires.

...Mr. Emil Olson of Crane Street, is having the house in his coal yard on Bolivar Street entirely renovated for his son Frederick, whose engagement to Miss Gertrude Lane, was announced last week.

...Francis O'Brien of Mechanic Street has accepted a position at August Theil Paper Box Factory.

...Robert Grover has accepted a position in J. B. White's grocery store.

...Miss Marjorie Phelps of Pleasant Street has accepted a position with the John Hancock Insurance Company in Boston.

...Private James Doody of Fort Banks was home over the holiday.

...Miss Julia Griffin is back at her duties in the local telephone exchange after a two weeks vacation spent in New Hampshire.

...John Yeomans received a bad cut on his left leg last Tuesday afternoon when a sharp knife which he was carving a canoe paddle slipped and made a deep cut in the flesh.

...Mrs. Elsie Hayes and son spent the holiday at her parents home in Pinehurst.


JULY 5, 1946

General Alarm for Storage House Fire At Draper Plant-A general alarm fire at the Draper Brothers Company early Sunday morning did considerable damage to a storage plant at the mill. The first alarm was sounded shortly after 3 o'clock and with flames pouring from the building when the fire department arrived threatening other nearby buildings, Chief Curtis ordered a general alarm which brought every piece of apparatus to the scene. It was over two hours before the all out was sounded.

...The fire department was called to extinguish an automobile fire in the car of Edward Allen on High Street on Sunday.

...Robert Danahy, proprietor of Danahy's Pharmacy, has purchased the double house at 182 and 184 Sherman St.

...George Lawless and family have moved into the Fenno house on Sherman Street, which Mr. Lawless recently purchased.

...Selectmen's Notes-Voted to transfer the old police ambulance now standing idle in the town garage to the sewer department who are in need of parts for their truck; Received a visit from Fred Olsen of Revere Street whose son was badly bitten by a vicious stray dog last Saturday night. Ordered Dog Officer Gus Brown to destroy the dog at once and try to find the owner; Agreed to notify Chief of Police Whitty that the Director of Veterans Services, John J. O'Connell, may use the police ambulance without a doctors permission when a veteran is in need of it.

...Mr. and Mrs. D. Henry McKenna of Sherman Street announces the birth of a son, Peter Vincent, on June 26, 1946.


JULY 8, 1971

Dump Stickers Being Sold-In compliance with a rule recently enacted by the Board of Selectmen, all residents of Canton, who wish to use the facilities of the Town Dump, located on Pine Street, must now purchase at a cost of $1.00.

...Daughters were born to Mr. and Mrs. Albert D'Attanasio, 40 Pequit St. and to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dana, 37 Walnut St.

...Town Must Vote on Beano-Although the law permitting the game of BEANO was signed by Governor Francis W. Sargent, on last Thursday, no city or town can allow the game until it is voted on the ballot at a municipal election. The game of Beano was outlawed in Massachusetts in 1943 when the game was beginning a scandal ridden activity that had caused many serious problems.

...John F. Carroll, of 375 Pleasant St., was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts in Marquette University's recent commencement ceremonies.

...One of the biggest parades in Canton's history brought a successful July Fourth celebration to a close on Monday. Some 7,500 people lined the two mile parade route as the colorful and fun-filled units marched in review.

...Gov. Francis W. Sargent has presented a second place award to Mary Gilmartin, 13, of 10 Kerby Dr., for her prize winning essay on "The Meaning of the Flag".


JULY 10, 1896

…A new departure in the baking business in Canton is the delivery team now established by H. H. Poole. Mr. Poole undertakes to deliver all orders, however small, not as a favor but as the customers privilege. Remember this when buying.

...James Claffery of the Stone Factory district and Mary Costello of Bolivar Street, were united in marriage on Thursday afternoon at the parochial residence by Rev. Fr. Joshua P. Bodfish.

...Pooles Saturday specials-Frosted lemon pies 10 cts., Nut cake 10 cts., Brides cake 10 cts., and those delicious marble cakes 15 cts.

...It is with more than ordinary regret that the JOURNAL records the death of Mrs. Horace D. Seavey, which occurred at her home on July 4th. Mary C. Seavey was 60 years of age, born in Attleboro, Mass., a daughter of William and Mary Freeman of that place. She came to Canton as a child and it has since been her home. In 1856 she married Horace D. Seavey, who survives her. Three children were the result of the union: Bertha F., who died as a child, May A. (Roby) and Ida F.

...Mrs. Joseph Howard, widow of John Langdon, died of consumption on Monday after a lingering illness. Mrs. Howard was 44 years of age and leaves three children.

...Miss Maggie, daughter of Wm. Sullivan of Sherman Square, died last Sunday after a lingering illness, aged 9.


JULY 15, 1921

…Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Plant and family of Jackson Street, motored to Crescent Park R. I. Sunday where they enjoyed a shore dinner.

...Friends of Miss Helen Danahy tendered her a birthday party at her home on Center Street, Sunday night. She was presented with an ivory manicure set, and a collar and cuff set. Among those present were the Rev. George Roach, Cornelius O'Connell, Francis Danahy, and Philip Danahy, and the Misses Margaret Hodges, Doris Hodges, Mary Roach, Julia Reardon, Mary Galvin, Mary Danahy and Marie Galligan.

...Canton Boy Wins Scholarship-One of the four free scholarships at Boston College High School has been awarded to George E. Powers, who makes his home with Miss Annie McArdle at 25 Norfolk St.

...New State Police Organized-Commissioner of public safety Foote has announced the appointment of George A. Parker of Lancaster as captain of the new "constabulary" division of the district police, and George Burke of Salem as lieutenant of the division.

...While fishing in Bolivar Pond last Saturday afternoon James Reardon caught what is believed to be the largest pickerel landed in Canton in many years.

...Charles Bolster has gone to East Bridgewater for the summer.

...Eleanor Davenport of Walnut Street is visiting relatives in Wellesley Hills.

...Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fall of Neponset Street are being congratulated on the birth of a daughter.

...A small gray kitten was struck by an automobile on Washington St., near Mechanic, about nine o'clock last Friday evening and died a few minutes later.

...The Plymouth Rubber Co. has purchased a new Ford runabout.

...The Grow Tire Company's factory at Canton Junction was closed last Friday afternoon on account of the intense heat.


JULY 12, 1946

James S. Perkins Dies in Danvers-James S. Perkins, 81, Superintendent of Schools in Canton from 1891 to 1910, died on Saturday, July 6th at his home, 17 River St., Danvers.

...The first post-war Fourth proved to be quiet in Canton. There was no public observance and very little private celebrating. As far as fire crackers went, there were fewer than ever and there was hardly a bit of the usual "banging."

...Lieutenant Governor Bradford, on a whirlwind tour of the towns in this district, will be at the Town Hall tomorrow night at 7:30 o'clock.

...Katherine Crosby, who for twelve years made her home on York Street here, next door to Nixon Waterman's place, this week celebrated the publication of her book "Blue-water men and other Cape Codders", by the Macmillan Co., N.Y.

...The Sunday outing at Camp Lynch was just another Sailor's holiday. Swimming was secondary to many who lost no time in claiming a boat and shoving off. Soon Bolivar took on the appearance of a carnival. Sailors in their whites and G.S.O. hostesses in gay colors.

...Crowds Gather at Monster Carnival-The Monster carnival which is being conducted by the Canton Town Club in the rear of the Crane School is drawing tremendous crowds every night. The show ends tomorrow night when a General Electric refrigerator will be given away.

...Effective Saturday, July 20, all barber shops members of the Canton Barbers Association will close at 6pm on Saturdays until further notice.


JULY 15, 1971

Bronze Star Medal Awarded Angino-U. S. Airforce Captain Philip E. Angino, son of Ernest Angino of 1 Farm St., has been decorated with the Bronze Star Medal for the meritorious service while engaged in military operations against Viet Cong forces.

...Valley and Chapel Streets will no longer be open to through traffic. This decision was reached by the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday night, following an 8:00 public hearing with several concerned residents.

...The National Rifle Association is celebrating its 100th birthday. It was founded in 1871 by a group of National Guard officers to foster marksmanship among the citizenry.

...At the 25th Annual Banquet of the Ponkapoag Civic Association, held on June 12th, Miss Carol Ann Blakely was the recipient of this years scholarship award.

...A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. John O'Neill, 58 Highland St.

...Dean David F. Malone announces that the Blue Hills Regional Technical School in Canton has received word that the American Medical Association has approved the school's Medical Laboratory Assistant training course as a program for Certified Laboratory Assistants.

...The new Women's Softball League shows promise of being much more successful than its predecessor, which, earlier in the year found a rather unorganized group playing a rather unorganized game at Devoll Field in the mornings.


JULY 17, 1896

…Mr. Fred Titus has a damaged hand resulting from a collision with a carriage while riding a wheel. The bicycle was wrecked and the carriage shaft broken.

...At a recent School Committee meeting all the teachers were re-elected. The bids on the painting of school houses were considered and the following awards of contracts made: The Crane, Gridley and Revere Schools to Louis Fischer's sons; the Sherman to H. C. Randall of Ponkapoag.

...A well known and greatly respected citizen passes from the community in the death of Louis Fischer, which occurred early last Saturday morning. He came to Canton in 1879. He was 71 years old.

...A horse belonging to Mr. N. F. Randall was seriously injured one night this week by being cast in his stall. His hip was badly torn by a spike. Dr. Kegan, of Hyde Park, was sent for and several stitches taken in the wound.

...The thermometer has perspired at 99 degrees in the shade for several days this week.

...Dan Reardon, alias and more familiarly Dan Toole, of Cunningham Lane, was before Judge Marden, Thursday. Dan had been looking on the wine when it was red, and paid $10 for that.

...Cornelius Leary has left the employ of James H. Murphy and is now traveling for his health. His place is filled by James E. Spencer.

...Lightning Did It-A story and a half house belonging to Patrick Kelliher, on Mechanic Street, was struck by lightning during a heavy shower Wednesday morning and set on fire. Mrs. Kelliher and several children were in the house at the time, the children being in bed. No one was injured, though the children were rescued with slight difficulty by Thomas Fox. The upper part of the house was badly burned and the damage being estimated at $500. Insured.

...(Related to above) Humphrey Sheehan, driver, had a leg injured by the falling off his horse which he was astride galloping to the engine house. The horse slipped at Tirrell's Corner and Sheehan fell under him. The ladder truck was considerably injured and one of the horses attached was thrown and bruised while making a short turn into the narrow gateway. The bursting of a length of hose gave a vigorous shower bath to a number of bystanders.


JULY 22, 1921

Kicked By Horse-Fletcher Skehan of Sherman Street, was seriously injured when he was kicked on the forehead by a horse owned by Mr. Morse of Pleasant Street. Young Skehan with three other boys were leaning over the dashboard of the wagon when the horse kicked him. He was taken to the Mass. General Hospital. Although his condition is serious he will recover.

...The improvements being made to the Post Office building on Washington Street by Mr. Dennis Trayers, the owner, will make a distinct improvement to the looks of the building.

...The new cement sidewalk from Plymouth Block to the Orpheum Theatre is nearly completed and with this stretch of walk it makes a continuous cement walk from the depot to the top of the hill at Bolivar Street.

...Miss Gertrude C. Ryan is enjoying a vacation from her duties at the Canton Public Library and will spend the time at Onset.

...Vincent Alexander purchased a new White truck this week.

...The N.Y., N.H. and Hartford Railroad Co., have torn up the frogs used by the Blue Hill St. Ry., at the crossing. They have installed a straight track at this point.

...The fire department was called out Sunday evening to a fire in the hay loft of a barn on Pequit Street.

...Robert Davenport of Walnut Street has accepted a position at Murphy's drug store.

...Future movie stars entertained a large audience on Amateur Night at the Orpheum last Friday evening. Leahy Black Face Trio won first prize and Miss Marie Casey interpreter of the Clog dance won second prize.


JULY 19, 1946

…Henry Kent, veteran airline official and pilot with 23 years experience in aviation, has been named operations manager for Wiggins Airways of Boston and Norwood, Massachusetts.

...Firemen Have Three-Day Fight With Forest Fire-The fire department has been battling one of the towns worst forest fires the past three days between York and Turnpike Streets. The fire is now believed to be under control. The local department was assisted by the State Conservation truck from Stoughton.

...Short Circuit Cause of Fire-A short circuit in the wiring at Haynes Garage, caused by a sign swinging in the high wind Sunday, set fire to the roof of the garage. The fire did little damage, but the buildings entire wiring system was burned out.

...Selectmen's Notes-Received complaint regarding the fact that the town clock has been slow for several weeks. Notified the caretaker, Edward Lukaszewicz to remedy the situation at once; Granted building permits to Max Feldman for a garage on Rockland Street and to Harvey Pineo for a garage on Greenlodge Street and to Ayers, Newton Co., for four houses on Hillcrest Road.

...On Wednesday evening at Camp Lynch, Miss Mary Calhoun, local telephone operator was feted in honor of her approaching marriage to Edward M. Cohen.

...Mr. and Mrs. James F. Croak have returned from their wedding trip to Canada where they visited the Shrine of St. Anne de Beaupre and toured Quebec and Montreal.

...H. Caplan's tailor shop will be closed the week of July 29th for vacation.


JULY 22, 1971

Three Injured In Double Accident-Two teenage girls from Sharon and one from Canton were injured this week when they were struck by an automobile on Washington Street. The three escaped further injury when the police cruiser, which was transporting them to Norwood Hospital, collided with another car in Norwood.

...Police Notes-Fireworks have been used to blow up mail boxes on Historical Way; An automobile was stolen from the Red Boot parking lot; Police and Fire Departments were called to extinguish a fire in the shed at Bolivar Beach; Many vacationers have returned home to find their houses broken into.

…The Ponkapoag Civic Association has accepted the challenge of the Milton Hoosic swim team to determine the mythical club championship of Canton.

…A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. James Fadden, 18 Oakdale Rd.

…The wild and exciting action of demolition derby comes back to the Norwood Arena Speedway this coming Friday night, July 23.

…Officials from Canton and Stoughton met Tuesday evening to discuss the details of a water contract between the two towns.

…The completion of the State Census for 1971, shows that the population of the town has now reached 17,114.

…The Board of Selectmen has announced that everyone who has paid the $1.00 fee for dump stickers will have his money returned.


JULY 24, 1896

…Ellis Ames died at Rangeley, Maine, on Tuesday, July 21, aged 46 yrs., 7 mos., 6 days. He was the eldest living son of Ellis Ames, who for more than a generation was the best known lawyer of Plymouth and Norfolk Counties.

...Mrs. Margaret Daly died on Tuesday last, aged 77 years. Mrs. Daly was the victim sometime ago of a terrible burning accident by which her daughter lost her life and the mother received injuries from which she rallied but never fully recovered. Mrs. Daly is the mother of Peter Daly, the well known attorney.

...Save 5 cents and have Poole deliver your brown bread and beans Sunday.

...Mr. James A. Bazin was one of the early Canton Town Clerks, serving from 1840 to 1849. His portrait, neatly done by R. C. Steadman, of Boston, from a tintype, now hangs in the town clerk's room at the Town Hall, a gift of Mr. Wallace Shaw.

...Some of the Ponkapoag boys earn money by letting themselves as "caddy boys" to the enthusiastic golfers of the Wissahisic Club.

...Mr. Michael Flood, a trusted employee of the Kinsley Iron and Machine Co., and Annie McNteer, sister of Bernard McNteer of Prospect Street, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at 6 A.M. Monday last, at St. John's parsonage by the Rev. Fr. Joshua P. Bodfish.

...On Tuesday evening July 28, a lawn party will be given at the residence of Mr. C. H. Baldwin on Highland Street, for the benefit of the Universalist Church. Admission 10 cents.

...Selectman Wm. B. Reynolds and Leon Billings spent Sunday at Nantasket Beach, going from Randolph by electrics.


JULY 29, 1921

…E. H. R. Revere has returned home from a tour of Europe.

...William Sheehan has purchased a Ford touring car from Mr. John Curry.

...Margaret A. Withington, a former Canton resident, passed away at her home, 89 Glendale St., Everett, Mass., Wednesday. She was 50 years old.

...John Crowley of Mechanic Street has received his discharge from the regular Army. Mr. Crowley has been stationed at Little Rock, Ark., for the past nine months.

...The "cops" at Ponkapoag are the busiest officials in town on account of the torn up condition of Washington Street and the great numbers of autos.

...Mr. Augustus Hemenway of Ponkapoag has established a camp on Randolph Street for the girls and boys of the Boston Industrial School for Cripples.

...Needless Alarm-Evidently the person who rang the fire alarm from box 61 last Monday has not read the instructions on the Fire Alarm Card. When the firemen responded to the alarm they found a storekeeper burning rubbish in the rear of his store.

...It was an exhibition of bad taste, to say the least, on the part of the parties riding through the town Monday evening, clad only in one piece bathing suits. The women in the party were sprawled out over the seats, with their bare legs sticking out of the car, and their actions exceeded the bounds of decency. The same parties paraded the streets of Brockton until sent home by the police. These people were not of the so-called "rough element" but consider themselves of the elite in the town where they live. Needless to say they did not belong in Canton.


JULY 26, 1946

…Dedication and drawing of the veteran's lots on Dedham and Elm Streets, given to the veterans by Tobe Deutschman, will be held Saturday, August 3. The principal address will be by Governor Maurice J. Tobin.

...Selectmen's Notes-Received and accepted the resignation of Walter J. Love as Town Engineer, effective August 3, 1946; Held a meeting with Mr. Reynolds of the Boston Sand and Gravel Co. who maintain the plant on Randolph Street regarding a stone crusher recently erected there without a permit.

...Prices Fall Off Slightly as Meat Appears in Cases-For the first time in many months Canton people saw meat on display in local markets this week. There was very little beef but plenty of pork of all kinds, including hams and smoked shoulders as well as bacon and fresh pork. Markets are expecting beef to come in shortly. Many other scarce commodities have appeared during the past week and store shelves are beginning to fill up again. Butter is also in the show cases and quoted at 73 cents.

...Construction of the sewer extension on Washington Street between Sherman and Lewis Streets was started this week.

...A special town meeting of great importance will be held next Monday evening, July 29, in Memorial Hall at 7:30 o'clock. There are 34 articles in the warrant, and most of them concern matters of real importance to the voters.

...Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Graham of Church Street announce the engagement of their daughter Ruth Elizabeth to Arthur R. Haynes, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Haynes of Chapman Street.


JULY 29, 1971

Boards Clash over New Position-The Board of Selectmen has again met with stubborn opposition from the Personnel Board. In order to speed up the study for establishing a Town Purchasing Agent, the selectmen have voted to create a position for a Public Works Business Manager. Members of the Personnel Board maintain that such a position is their responsibility and that it can only be created by a town meeting vote.

...On Monday afternoon, after the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Kelleher, at 1842 Washington St., had been run into by a truck of the Boston Edison Company, which partially demolished the front wall of the house, before removal of the truck from the house was started a call was put in for Building Inspector Dominic Duganiero.

...Ben Brenner of 36 Messinger St., has been chosen "Divisional Manager of the Month" by Cornerstone Financial Service, Services, Inc.

...Police Notes-Two girls, reported as missing for several days, turned themselves in to the police; An automobile on Dedham Street was covered with mustard, its gas tank filled with sugar and its wiper blade broken; The office at the Town Dump was broken into; Someone poisoned a bee hive at the Draper Estate.

...New Tax Rate Announced-The Board of Assessors announced yesterday that the new tax rate will be $38.00 per thousand. This is an increase of $6.00 over 1970's rate. Chairman Daniel Flood indicated that a greatly inflated school rate, consuming 54% of the tax dollar, is primarily responsible for the increase.


JULY 31, 1896

…The Revere Copper Company is enlarging its plant by the erection of another building, 105 x 45, which is to be used for the manufacture of print rolls. It is said that their are only two other establishments of the kind in this country, one of these being located at New Bedford and the other at Taunton.

…Messrs. Horton and Wentworth have the contract to paint five houses belonging to Hon. Elijah Morse.

…Mr. Bowles and family left town on good Thursday morning, their final destination being California.

…A large and jolly party went over the road to Downer's Landing to-day. It was composed entirely of Ponkapoagonians and put its faith in the skillful driving of Mr. Buckley.

...Blue Hill Kite Flying-The most successful of all the kite flying experiments at the Blue Hill Observatory were obtained one day this week, when the height reached was upward of 6,500 feet above the hill, or 7,000 feet above the level of the surrounding country. The experiments with the kites have been conducted regularly for some months by Mr. Clayton and his assistant, Mr. Furgerson.

...Fire-A large barn on Sherman Square was discovered to be on fire about 2 A.M., Wednesday. Box 67 was rung in and the Roger Sherman Co. with the Hook and Ladder boys attended promptly. The barn was well filled with hay and the fire was beyond control when discovered. The building was owned by John Lawrence, and was insured for $700.

...Canton's tax rate for this year is $16.80 on $1,000, showing a reduction from the rate of last year which was $18.00.


AUGUST 5, 1921

…Joseph Powers has resumed his duties at the Central Fire Station.

...House For Sale- 6-room house, all improvements. Large lot of land; double garage. Situated on westerly side of Lawrence Street. Apply to, E. W. Snow, Canton.

...Miss Elizabeth Murphy has returned to her duties at the Gas Office after a two weeks vacation.

...Chester Horton left town Monday to accept a position with Albert Marchand of Woonsocket, R.I.

...The Canton Giants will play the Baxter Street Stars of So. Boston next Sunday afternoon. Gus Brown and Donald Galligan will be the Canton battery.

...Mr. and Mrs. William Morrisy of Mechanic Street are being congratulated on the birth of a baby girl.

...The Red Wing Club had a reorganization meeting on Mechanic Street last evening at the boat house.

...Andrew Leonard has returned to his duties at O'Keefe's Grocery Store after a vacation of one week.

...A Cadillac touring car owned by the Drager Bros. Garage of Providence, R.I., crashed into a tree on Green Street last Tuesday night. Officers Bowerman and Donahue arrested the two occupants of the car, who gave their names as John and Richard Drager of Providence. John Drager was fined five dollars at the district court at Stoughton, for drunkenness and Richard Drager the driver of the car, was sentenced to fifteen days at Dedham Jail, for operating a car while under the influence of liquor. He appealed his sentence.


AUGUST 2, 1946

…August Thiel of 32 Windsor Rd., Milton, a former manufacturer in this town and resident of Royall Street, died Sunday, July 28, at the Milton Hospital after a short illness.

...Plane Ride Thrill To Mrs. McCaffrey-Many years ago when the Wright Brothers made an exhibition flight from Long Island, New York, Mrs. James F. McCaffrey made up her mind that some day, somehow, she would fly. That long dreamed of day finally arrived and on July 8, Mrs. McCaffrey, accompanied by a lifelong friend Mrs. S. J. Coleman of Hyde Park left by plane from Logan Airport, bound for Nantucket. "It was the thrill of a lifetime," Mrs. McCaffrey wrote to her niece, "looking down over houses that looked like doll's places and roads that were narrow brown strips, through fields of green, then at the great Atlantic."

...Edward R. Reynolds is chairman and Julia E. Horgan, secretary, of the horse show which will be held on the opening day of the Weymouth Fair on Sunday afternoon, August 11, at 1pm.

...Selectmen's Notes-Granted building permits to: Carlo Zanazzo, sunporch on Grand Street; James Giammarco, garage at 870 Pleasant St.; Gasper W. Leggee, garage at 62 Messinger St.; Joseph Galligan, repairs to house at 1043 Pleasant St.; Mildred T. Bearse, dwelling on York Street.

...Due to unforeseen circumstances, it has become necessary to postpone the drawing of the veterans' lots on Dedham and Elm Streets.

...Mr. and Mrs. Eli Ulman of 842 Washington St. are the parents of a daughter born Sunday, July 28, at the Mass. Women's Hospital.

...No Action On Zoning At Fiery Town Meeting-A near riot over the order of the Moderator to have one of the citizens forcibly ejected by police from the Special Town Meeting last Monday evening, brought to a climax one of the weirdest town meetings ever held in Canton. The incident of the order to eject the voter came on the discussion of the zoning articles when Earl J. D'entremont claimed they were illegally before the body. Mr. D'entremont was overruled by moderator George Lawless.

...The Highway Department has received delivery of a new Mack truck.

...Ninety-Nines to Meet August 17th at Local Airport-The first postwar meeting of the New England section of the Ninety-Nines, famed international organization of women pilots, will be held at the Canton Airport on August 17.

...A meeting of the Board of Government of the Community Club of Canton was held at the home of the president, Mrs. Russell W. Lowry on Tuesday afternoon.

...Miss Anna Deborah Marden, former teacher at the Eliot School, died on Sunday, July 28, in Worcester, Mass., where she had made her home since her retirement.


AUGUST 5, 1971

…Eighteen year old males may now marry without the consent of their parents.

...A new Mack Pumping Engine was delivered to the Central Station, but because it will not fit through the doors, the engine will have to be temporarily housed at Ponkapoag. (photo caption) Testing new Engine 1 are Deputy Chief David Crowley, Robert Leggee, Lawrence O'Brien, Anthony Franco and Walter Kessler.

...Takes Prize At Barnstable-Christopher Brindley of 175 Lawrence St. recently took First Prize in fitting and showmanship at a sheep show at Barnstable Fair. He was assisted by his friend Cindy Cash of Messinger Street. Chris and his prize winning ewe lamb have won several ribbons at local fairs.

...The Canton Police have issued a warning to all residents who have been leaving bicycles unlocked and unattended. Reports of bicycle thefts have increased rapidly through the town this summer.

...Ponkapoag Civic Association-A smashing "Splash Party" was held on Saturday, July 17th. Joe Galligan did a fine job cooking the steaks. Lifeguard Patty Healey was a great help organizing the games in the pool.

...New Statue for Knollwood Memorial Park-A statue of the Flag Raising at Iwo Jima, made in Italy of marble, is being assembled at Knollwood. A formal dedication service is planned for early October.


AUGUST 7, 1896

…The house owned by the heirs of Jeremiah Corkery, on Rockland Street, was sold at public auction last Saturday to John Corkery for $630. The house is a small one and there is about ¼ of an acre of land.

…Bicycle riding is not the only fad the young ladies have in this vicinity; walking, too, has its devotees. This week eight charming misses walked over from Norwood, saw the town and walked back doing something more than eight miles handily.

…The burlesque operetta "The Selectwoman," to be given Wednesday, the 12th at the Sharon Town Hall, in aid of the Episcopal Church of that town promises to be a great success.

Lightning's Work-A terrific thunder storm passed over Canton between 12 and 1 Thursday morning. The rumble of thunder and the vivid flashes of lightning waked up even the soundest sleepers and carried terror to the hearts of the timid.

About 1 o'clock a terrific crash roused John Clinton, who lives on Washington Street near Blue Hill. Looking out of his window he saw what looked like the light of a lantern in his barn. Hurriedly dressing, he went out only to find the place in flames, and to be able to save with difficulty his two horses. The barn and the rest of the contents were burned to the ground and will be a total loss. The house was undoubtedly saved from destruction by the coolness of Wallace Hunt who got some garden hose, attached it to the faucet and in the face of blistering heat, kept the house wetted down until the fire department arrived, which was about an hour after the fire broke out.

Mr. Clinton sold kerosene oil and had a large oil tank, nearly empty, but still containing some 50 gallons of oil in his barn. This is what seems to have been struck and made a fierce and immediate fire.

Five tons of hay, two wagons, harnesses and tools were burned, making with the barn itself a loss of some $700. There was no insurance. Mr. Clinton is a worthy and industrious man and the disaster is a severe blow to him.

It is doubtful if the Ponkapoag fire department or any other could have done anything to save a building so filled with inflammable material and so thoroughly in flames, but their failure to arrive on the scene in time was no fault of theirs, but a singular chapter of accidents which had in them some element of the ludicrous.

At the first alarm John Farrington got the key to box 87, (box 87 was located near John Gerald's house on Washington Street, the key was kept at his home) and pulled in the alarm as he thought, failing however to pull the lever down far enough. Just at that time the Dedham fire alarm whistle blew for a fire caused by lightning there, and he, hearing this, thought the alarm rung in and went back to the fire. After a delay of half an hour and no appearance of the firemen, Mr. John Nolan took the matter in hand. Mr. Nolan is not a young man but he is a sprinter, and the time that he put into running by two fire alarm boxes to the house of Engineer Horton was short indeed. Mr. Horton, thinking it must be a poor fire that a man would not ring in an alarm for, hitched up and drove down to the scene to see what the matter really was. Here he perceived the gravity of the situation at once, and pulled in the box successfully. Meanwhile Mr. Nat. Farrington had hitched up and was already at the engine house. His horse was put in the hose wagon, and the company reached the scene about the time the fire was pretty well burnt out. If it had not happened that Mr. Farrington heard the Dedham whistle he would have no doubt pulled the box again with more success.

The same shower struck the house of Mr. Frederic Endicott, ripping a hole through the roof and passing to earth by means of the water pipes, after performing many strange freaks. No one was injured and the damage to the house was comparatively slight.

The Canton Corner Hose Co. were up ready for service if needed, but were content not to be called out in the storm.

Ice houses in Dedham were struck and burned.


AUGUST 12, 1921

Sergeant Edward J. Beatty Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice At Seicheprey April 20, 1918 To Be Buried Sunday-Plans have been completed by the officers of Edward J. Beatty Post, American Legion, for the funeral of Sergeant Edward J. Beatty. For whom the post is named, and whose body arrived Tuesday night. The body will lie in state at Memorial Hall for twenty-four hours before the funeral. Sunday afternoon at 2:30 the procession will form at Memorial Hall and the body, escorted by the Post, GAR, Auxiliary, Town Officers, organizations and clubs, will be taken to St. Mary's Cemetery where he will be laid to rest with appropriate ceremonies.

...An automobile that was stolen in Brighton last July was found in the woods on Turnpike Street last Friday.

...Wilfred Dudley of Howard Street had a narrow escape from serious injury last Monday night when he drove his car into a tree on Chapman Street, to avoid hitting two boys on bicycles.

...Ellis Farrington has a fine crop of tomatoes this year, he has already marketed some at $6.00 a bushel.

...Louis Fisher has finished redecorating the reference room at the public library.

...Ulman Bros. have purchased a new Ford truck.

...Daniel St. George of Lewis Street has purchased a new Ford sedan.

...Olaf Henriksen has been engaged by the management of St. John's Knights of Columbus baseball team to umpire Sunday games at North Cambridge for the remainder of the season.

...David Danovitch of Tolman Street has purchased a Ford automobile.

...A little brown Collie dog owned by Harry Pearson of Walpole Street was hit by an automobile on Walpole Street last Wednesday afternoon.

...Mrs. John H. Flood and family spent the week at Falmouth.


AUGUST 9, 1946

…Elmer Farrington has started building his new home on Ponkapoag Hill.

...Three Held For Break at Reynold's Home Saturday-The residence of William P. Reynolds on Reynolds Street was broken into last Saturday afternoon and clothing valued at $875.00 was taken. Two Boston men and a Norwood man pleaded not guilty in Stoughton District Court Monday morning before Judge Frederick T. Iddings who found probable cause and ordered them bound over to the Grand Jury. The trio was caught dividing the loot in a wood road in Norwood near the Canton line.

...Lillian Holmes Jennison, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jennison, 1209 Pleasant St. received her discharge from the Navy on Thursday August 1st.

...All flags are to be displayed on Wednesday, August 14, the first anniversary of the Surrender of Japan.

...Miss Lucy Fama of Mechanic Street is spending the week at Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

...AD-John F. Wagner, Photographer, Wedding, Portraits, Commercial Photography, York Street, Canton, Tel. 0303-M.

...Joseph Garside, president of Wiggins Airways of Canton warned today that lack of airports in New England will deprive many communities of scheduled air service ordered by the Civil Aeronautics Board in Washington.

…Mrs. Mary Kelly, 33 Wall St., Canton, was the winner of the $25.00 warbond presented to the holder of the highest season's score at the parties sponsored by the Canton Servicemen's and Women's Homecoming Fund.


AUGUST 12, 1971

Site Selected For New Police and Fire Facility-The long hassle over a site for the new police and fire stations should be ended by November. For the first time in many years the Police Chief, Fire Chief and Site Selection Committee are in complete agreement over a proposed site for combined facilities.

The unanimous approval was voted during a special meeting on Tuesday night during which the committee announced the selection of 1.65 acres of land on Revere Street between the present police station and Plymouth Rubber.


AUGUST 14, 1896

…Ernest A. Guild, of Pleasant Street, has fitted up a shop for bicycle repairing and invites business. Mr. Guild is a skilled machinist and is a wheelman of many years experience.

...The effect of extreme hot weather is shown in the increase of infant mortality in town. Among those dead this week is a child, daughter of John Gavigan, and a little boy, son of Peter Brady, of Spring Hill.

...It is announced that the Upper Silk Mill will shut down for an indefinite period, Saturday night. Nine out of the seventeen men employed in the dye-house at the lower mill, were discharged Wednesday.

...It is announced that Thomas E. Grover has consented to run for the office of Senator from this district.

...It is currently reported that young men, clad only in their modesty, bathe daily by the roadside in Bolivar Pond.

...Thomas Lynch, night watchman at Shepard's Mill, lost a child by whooping cough Thursday morning.

...Dr. Billings has two speeders which he has been trying on the Forbes track of late.

...Lucky-Two children of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, of Capen's Block, had a fortunate escape from a serious accident Saturday night. They were playing on the sidewalk and darted suddenly in the way of a carriage occupied by Sharon people. The horse knocked them down and they fell between horse and wheels, the carriage passing over them without their being touched by either the wheels or the horse's hoofs.


AUGUST 19, 1921

…Miss Ella Ryan of Sherman Street is enjoying a vacation from her duties at the Post Office.

...James Quill and Martin Fallon, both of Mechanic Street, shot a mad dog last Monday afternoon. The dog was owned by Mr. Fallon.

...Arthur Yeomans of Walpole Street has accepted a position at the Neponset Woolen Mills.

...Charles Bryant of Pierce Place has purchased the old saw mill in Ponkapoag and is fitting it up for use as an auto repair shop.

...Morris Swardlick of Tolman Street played center field for the S.C.A.A. team last Saturday and made two singles and a double out of three times at bat and had a perfect day in the field.

...Freight Car Jumps Track at Junction-A freight car of the Grand Trunk Railway, loaded with grain consigned to Stoughton jumped a switch near the Viaduct last Tuesday morning at eleven o'clock and breaking loose from the rest of the train, upset and lay on its side embedded in the banking in the rear of the barn of Edward Cole.

...Engine Sideswiped By Coal Car-An empty coal car which was being pushed out of the Plymouth Rubber Company yard last Saturday morning ran down the hill and got beyond the control of the men pushing it. An engine on the Stoughton Branch was just going by the switch to the siding when it was sideswiped by a fast moving car which suddenly stopped but not until it had been badly smashed up. The engine had to be taken to Stoughton where a new steam valve was installed and the train crew went on with their work.

...Attempted Porch Theft-Last Sunday night two automobiles stopped in front of the home of Miss Nora Murphy on Pleasant Street, and two young men got out of one of these machines. Going up on the porch of Miss Murphy's house they started to carry off a bed hammock that was on the porch.

The noise awakened Miss Murphy and her sister and pushing up a window they hollered at the men. The men dropped the hammock and running to one of the machines jumped in and drove off, leaving the other machine behind them.

...A Quick Move-When the people of the Hardware District arose last Tuesday morning they were surprised to find that Horace Bill, owner of a variety store at the corner Pond and Washington Streets had taken his family and his furniture together with all the furnishings and stock in the store and disappeared.

When the people of the district went to bed on Monday night the store was open for business as usual. Nobody knew where Mr. Bill and his family had vanished to. They were seen early Tuesday morning at Stoughton by the passengers on Brady's jitney. About seven o'clock Tuesday morning they were seen in the big truck which Mr. Bill used in the express business which he operated between Canton and Boston. At the time they were stopped to fix a blowout in one of the tires. Their destination is unknown but wherever they went they took the entire stock from the store with them.


AUGUST 16, 1946

…Miss Katherine Sullivan, chairman of Canton's Planning Board and a member of the State Parole Board, was the subject of a pleasing article by Natalie Gordon in the "Gracious Ladies" column of the Boston Traveler last Monday.

...A sum of money was stolen in a break at the home of Homer Perigny, 201 Rockland St., last Friday evening. Entrance was gained by cutting the wire on a screen door in the cellar. The house was completely ransacked and the money stolen from a trunk on the second floor.

...Frank Simmons and Dave Crowley had their usual luck at striper fishing in Buttermilk Bay last Sunday, but brought home a nice catch of 31 fishes.

...Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Eardley of 1325 Washington St. are the parents of a daughter, Carol Ann, born August 10, 1946 at the Norwood Hospital.

...A surprise baby shower was given Mrs. Carl Cooke at the home of Mrs. R. Stuart Dickie, 87 Messinger St.


AUGUST 19, 1971

...Cadet Timothy C. Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller, 33 Pinewood Road, is among the carefully selected cadets who will comprise this year's training cadre at The Citadel.

...Phil and Rosalind Capen, who recently left Canton to retire in Biddeford, Maine, are enjoying themselves completely.

...The Canton Town Club will open its 1971-1972 bowling season on Monday night, September 13th, at 7:00pm, at Canton Lanes. League officers for this year are, president, Sonny Bruus; vice president, Larry Walsh; treasurer, Joe Kessler; secretary, Jack Finn.

...Four Canton pubs were honored yesterday by the American Cancer Society for their participation in the "Bar Bucks" campaign. The Bar Bucks campaign in Canton was headed by Mr. Graham Donlon of the Veteran's Services. Miss Sandy Sargent, the cancer society's representative visited the Big D, Roach's Cafe, the Hunter's Club and the American Legion Club.


AUGUST 21, 1896

…Miss Hattie Heskeith has a new Patriot wheel and has joined the ranks of graceful and expert riders at the Corner.

...Mr. and Mrs. John Clinton, of Ponkapoag, have an addition to their family, a little girl born last week.

...A young lady by the name of Thayer, bathing in Houghton's Pond, ventured beyond her depth last week and was near drowning, being rescued with difficulty by mounted policeman Page.

...A subscription paper is being circulated making up a purse for John Clinton, whose barn was recently burned by lightning and was a total loss.

...Mr. Callahan, the Canton Junction hose manufacturer, has been attending the convention of fire engineers at Salt Lake City.

...Our popular attorney, Clerk B. R. Doody of the district court, had quite an adventure while on his vacation at Nantucket recently. On a fishing trip the party with which Mr. Doody was sailing captured a nine foot shark and safely landed him in the boat. He was a full armored triple expansion twin screwed shark and was as ugly a customer as has come into the district court for some time. The riot act was read to him in the way of a good clubbing on the snout and as soon as there was order in the court, he was charged with piracy and murder on the high seas, and in the absence of Judge Marden, condemned to death by the Clerk of Court. He was duly executed.

...Bowling is one of the recreations of which Ponkapoag people are fond of, and almost weekly a jolly party may be found at Wentworth's alleys.


AUGUST 26, 1921

…Frank Lehan of the Journal Staff has returned to work after a two weeks vacation spent at his summer residence at Frog Island.

...Miss Mary Leonard has returned from a visit with friends in Moody, Maine.

...Mr. Joseph Henneker and a party of friends while motoring near their camp among the New Hampshire hills last week had a rather unique experience. A large hawk was seen to fly over the wood road on which they were driving and just as the bird of prey was directly over the auto it was seen to drop something which upon investigation by Mrs. Hanson, who was a member of the party, proved to be a fine Rhode Island pullet. Mr. Hennecker immediately decapitated the "Red" and Mrs. Hanson converted the same into a savory chicken pie.

...AD - Miss Elsie W. Poole, 726 Washington St., Canton, Mass., Tel. 331-M. Graduate of FAELTEN PIANOFORTE SCHOOL. Season Sept. 6,1921 - June 30, 1922.

...The Newsboys baseball team defeated the Frog Island Stars at the playgrounds last Friday afternoon by the score of 12 to 7.

...Charles and Randolph Maxwell have resigned their positions with the Knitted Padding Company.

...Amateur Night - The sixth weekly amateur night was held at the Orpheum last Thursday evening. First prize was given to Miss Porzi and her class of school children. Cecilia Pearson captured second honors with dancing.

...Arthur Scott of Neponset Street made a trip to Nantasket on his bicycle last Sunday afternoon.


AUGUST 23, 1946

…Miss Elizabeth J. Leonard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Leonard of 182 Sherman St., a graduate of St. Elizabeth Hospital, Brighton, Mass., class of 1946, has been notified that she has passed her examination for a registered nurse.

...Honor Village to be Dedicated with Fitting Ceremony-This Saturday, August 24, 1946, at 10:30am one of the biggest events Canton has ever experienced will take place.

The eighteen house lots comprising Honor Village on Dedham and Elm Sts., will be distributed in an appropriate ceremony for $1 each to eighteen veterans of World War II.

Rene Gagnon, one of the few survivors of the group that raised the flag at Iwo Jima will assist in the flag raising.

...The schools of Canton will reopen on Monday, September 9th.

...Mrs. Carlton B. Taber and daughter Caroline have returned from a vacation spent in New Hampshire and Maine.

...Time Magazine, in its issue of August 19, carried a full page ad on page 71, depicting a Eureka Complete Homecleaning system, which is filterized by the Tobe Deutschmann Company in Canton.

...Mrs. Elizabeth Eagan of the Massachusetts Hospital School has left for Los Angeles, California, where she will make her home with her daughter.

...Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Wells, Jr., are the proud parents of a daughter, Susan Marie, born at the Norwood Hospital on Friday, August 16.


AUGUST 26, 1971

...Officer Ruane On Dean's List - John F. Ruane, Jr., patrolman on the Canton Police force, has been named to the Dean's List at Northeastern University for the entire academic year 1970-1971.

...Victor W. Pappas, son of Mr. and Mrs. George L. Pappas of 4 Beverly Hill, has been commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Airforce.

...Miss Diane Silvia of 11 Elm Dr. is the recipient of this year's Canton Branch of the AAUW's scholarship. She will attend the University of Connecticut in the fall.

...William Selby, son of Mr. and Mrs. Saul Selby of 20 Morton Cir., is one of the few Canton High School graduates ever to captain a college varsity team. Bill has been elected to head the cross-country track team at Fairleigh-Dickenson for the 1971-1972 season.

...Senator John M. Quinlan, R - Norwood, in a speech on the Senate floor this week outlined his firm opposition to legislation which would establish a State Lottery and urged Governor Sargent to veto the bill should it reach his desk.

...The Ponkapoag Civic Association was the scene of a 25th anniversary celebration on Monday, honoring the fine team of Dolphin swimmers who have become a source of great pride for the Canton community. At the banquet the trophy winners were: Dawn Carter, John Shea, Betty Crowley, June Stockus, Dave Goodrich, Paula Sue Hegarty, Debbie Poore, Jamie Kelley, Paul McLellan, Lisa McLellan and Jay Argus.


AUGUST 28, 1896

…A reception was tendered Miss Annie Block on Monday evening last, in honor of her return from England.

...Mr. John Durham, clerk at Wentworth's market, is visiting friends at Newburyport.

...The Canton Hook and Ladder boys and those of Norwood had their annual outing at Lake Pearl, Wednesday.

...Mr. G. T. Hunt has now two rattlesnake skins on exhibition at his store. The new one, like the other was captured by Mr. Hunt's brother.

...Mr. and Mrs. Joe Capper have moved from their recent abode on Christian Hill to their former residence on Sherman Street.

...Mrs. Lucy Davis of Elm Street, Packeen, is making important additions and improvements to her house there.

...Found -- A Large Bay horse, about 1,300 pounds, hind feet white, quarter crack off foot. Apply to Edgar M. Hixson.

...A Five Dollar Bill--Little Johnny Quinn had an iridescent dream of bliss for a few short hours Tuesday. Johnny is an urchin of ten or a dozen years, somewhat brief and tattered of raiment and as shy of mental qualifications as of this world's goods. Tuesday Johnny became rich beyond the dreams of avarice in the possession of a five dollar bill. A V looms up pretty large to us all now-a-days, but to Johnny it was a regular standard oil trust and his path was hence-forth littered with tonic drinks, gum, cigarettes and other rose blooms of luxury. But as culture comes with wealth there came to the new made Croesus a sudden desire for a hair cut. It was in getting his bills changed for this that suspicion fastened on him and two blue coated officers loomed upon his horizon. In the song and dance which ensued it was revealed that the five was the property of Mrs. Kelliher, the dressmaker, and that Johnny had appropriated it from her rooms without her knowledge or consent. As the little fellow is a minor both in years and understanding no severe measures were taken, but "Johnny came marching home again," without any hurrah about it. The state officer of the S.P.C.T.C. has been notified and will take the matter under consideration. It is thought that the parental rod was not spared.



…The Canton Schools will open for the year on next Wednesday with a full complement of teachers. The High school force as now constituted include Mr. Paul S. Nickerson, Principal; Madeline Bird, Helen E. Sanby, Edith B. Armstrong, Gertrude M. Bond, Margaret Woodward, Pauline Emery, Hazel E. Corey and Sarah E. Terry.

Crane School-Ellen E. Kelly, Principal; Anna Delaney, Amy A. Downes, Mary E. Rehill, A. Florence Bright.

Eliot School-Ellen Clarke, Lucy G. Bailey, Honora Cronon, and Miriam M. Ambler.

Ponkapoag School-Bessie R. Estey.

Gridley School-Frances M. O,Connell and Ellen M. Cronon.

Revere School-Mary J. Lonergan, Lillian M. Mann and Julia A. Crowley.

Sherman School-Grace L. Smith.

Music teacher, Georgiana E. Taylor; Sewing teacher, Gertrude P. Carroll; Drawing teacher, Marion G. Lees; School nurse, Viola L. Raisch.

...Word has been received of the death at Bedford, Mass., of Miss Mary F. Jenks, sister of the late Rev. Henry F. Jenks former pastor of the First Congregational Parish at Canton Corner.

...Sam Feldman of Rockland Street has notified the police that corn has been stolen from his garden on Rockland Street.

...A young man and his lady friend while hurrying to a band concert on Tuesday evening had the pleasure of changing two flat tires. A New Girl Brings Bad Luck???

...Horace E. Davenport of Walnut Street is enjoying a vacation trip to Maine.

...John Carroll of Prospect Street has returned to his duties with the New England Telephone and Telegraph Co. after a two weeks vacation at his camp at lake Pequit.


AUGUST 30, 1946

Nineteen Local Veterans Get House Lots For Dollar-Nineteen of Canton's married World War Veterans won house lots costing them $1 last Saturday at the Honor Village Housing Development established by Tobe Deutschmann. Their names were drawn from a bowl containing 130 names. The winners are: Larra T. Sumner, Paul H. Alexander, Arnold G. Eardley, Walter L. Burt, Jr., Leon R. Aldrich, Chano J. Barbaglia, Richard W. Teague, Robert L. Tinkham, Charles F. Tolias, Paul Rogers, George Anagnoston, Edward Hays, Albert J. Hagan, William F. Curtis, Jr., Rex Q. Lewis, Paul X. Whitty, Robert A. Caddigan, William E. Shaughnessey, Jr., and Frank J. Brown, Jr.

…A barn at the residence of Garard Burke on Mechanic Street was destroyed by fire last Sunday evening.

…A band of Gypsys pitched their tents yesterday on York Street a short distance from the Turnpike.

…George Bearse is building a new home on York Street.

…Warner Powell has been enjoying a two weeks vacation from his duties at Springdale Crossing.

…Robert Teague of Lawrence Street landed a five pound small mouth bass at the dam house at the Reservoir this week.



...Selectmen Vote To Revoke License of Dunkin' Donuts - More than fifty people attended a public hearing on Tuesday night, held to determine whether or not Raymond Valas, manager of the local Dunkin' Donuts Shop is justified in having violated an edict by the Selectmen. Following the hearing the Board voted, in executive session, to revoke Mr. Valas' victualer's license which had restricted his operating hours to a period between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

Board Chairman Paul A. Schneiders announced at the start of the hearing that the issue involved was whether or not Mr. Valas was justified in operating for 24 hours per day for the last few weeks, thereby violating the restrictions set upon his license. Robert Cohen of the law firm of Bornstein and Cohen, who represented Mr. Valas, contended that the real issue was the legality of the Board's restrictions.

After verifying that ads had been placed in the news media publicizing extended hours of operation, Mr. Schneiders swore in Police Chief Daniel C. Keleher and Town Counsel Eugene Galligan as witnesses. The Police Chief stated that, upon request from Executive Secretary Joseph Dorskey, his men had been checking the Dunkin' Donuts premises daily from August 17 through August 31. In order to prove violation these checks had been made at midnight, 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. The police log indicated that the shop had been open at each of these times. (Sworn testimony both pro and con continued)

At the close of the hearing Mr. Cohen instructed his client not to answer when Mr. Schneiders asked if Dunkin' Donuts would agree to close at 11:00 from now on.

(Chris BrindleyBrindley is the curator of the Canton Historical Society, member of the Canton Conservation Commission, member of the Historical Committee of the Canton Bicentennial Committee and historical columnist for the Canton Journal Newspaper.)



33.8 acres, 64


4-H, 42


A & P, 43, 61

A&P, 45

A. O. H, 51

Abbott, 17, 29

Abramowitz, 45, 79

ACCIDENT, 9, 19, 30, 44, 49, 52, 53, 54, 57, 64, 99, 103, 105, 116, 121, 124

Adair, 100

Ahearn, 25, 90, 105

Aldrich, 27, 48, 54, 69, 77, 99, 130

Alexander, 29, 41, 114, 124, 130

Algonquin Road, 34, 75, 80

Alkon, 27

Allen, 11, 25, 27, 55, 110

Almandi, 99

almshouse, 60, 75

Alsop, 13, 53

Ambler, 129

American Fireworks Company, 67, 71

American Legion, 17, 90, 98, 122, 126

American Net and Twine Co, 107

Ames, 89, 101, 116

Ames Avenue, 56, 66

Ammendolia, 18, 34, 51

Anagnostini, 95

Anagnoston, 130

Anderson, 72

Andreotti, 50

Andriotti, 55

Angino, 113

Anne of Green Gables, 15

Antonucci, 48

Argus, 128

Armstrong, 129

Arnold, 42

Ash, 51

Ashman, 66

assault & battery, 35

Aufriero, 41

August Theil Paper Box Factory, 109

August Thiel, 119

Aunt Gertrude's Home Made Doughnuts, 65

Australia, 76

Autumn Circle, 30

Avery, 38, 59

Avon, 44


Babcock, 69

Bailey, 129

Bailey Street, 14

Baldwin, 39, 116

Band, 8

Baptist, 5, 6, 27, 39, 77, 86, 93

Barbaglia, 66, 130

Barbato, 64

barber shop, 42, 64, 112

barn dance, 79

Barnum, 25, 104

Barrett, 40, 84

Barss, 100

Bartlett, 8

Batchelder, 76

Bates, 3

Bay Road, 56

Bazin, 2, 116

Beal, 41, 66

Beano, 110

Bearse, 120, 130

Beasley, 10, 104

Beatty, 6, 74, 90, 98, 122

Beaumont St, 79

Beck, 61

Bedford, 129

Belcher, 2, 93

Belcher Street, 95

Bennett, 41

Bent, 82, 85, 86

Berardi, 55

Bergman, 12, 102

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Bertone, 5

Bertrand, 62

Bessey, 66

Bettis, 55

Beverly Hill, 128

BFI, 14

Big D, 126

Bill, 125

Billings, 62, 78, 96, 97, 104, 116, 124

Birchcroft Rd, 101

Bird, 15, 54, 129

Bisbee, 7

Blackman, 86

Blain, 91

Blakely, 113

Blanc, 63, 89

Blanchard, 40, 46

blaze, 29, 38, 39, 43, 57, 97, 99, 100. See fire

blizzard, 65

Block, 128

Blue Hill, 3, 4, 6, 8, 11, 12, 19, 21, 24, 72, 89, 99, 118

Blue Hill Electric Co, 42

Blue Hill Regional, 40

Blue Hill Regional School, 28

Blue Hill St, 2

Blue Hill St. Ry, 114

Blue Hills, 2, 22, 24, 31, 67, 80

Blue Hills Regional, 24, 70

Blue Hills Regional Technical School, 113

Board of Appeals, 32, 93, 106

Board of Assessors, 118

Board of Health, 25, 32, 34

Bobby Orr, 36

Bodfish, 3, 46, 111, 116

Bogdanchik, 70

Boles, 64, 95

Bolivar Pond, 91, 112, 124

Bolivar St, 22, 68, 74, 76

Bolivar Street, 5, 7, 12, 15, 21, 39, 47, 50, 82, 102, 105, 107, 108, 109, 111, 114

Bolles, 93

Bolster, 15, 48, 51, 112

Bond, 129

Booth, 9

Borngen, 106

Borrows, 41

Boston, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 31, 33, 36, 39, 45, 47, 50, 53, 58, 59, 60, 62, 65, 66, 70, 72, 75, 76, 79, 81, 85, 86, 88, 90, 92, 93, 94, 95, 102, 103, 105, 107, 109, 111, 115, 116, 117, 119, 123, 125

Boston Edison Company, 118

Boston Elevated, 89

Boston Herald, 51

Boutelle, 21

Bowerman, 119

Bowladrome, 108

Bowles, 63, 118

bowling alley, 59, 92

Bowmar, 92

Boyd, 13

Bozo, 38

Brackett, 23

Bradford, 112

Bradley, 18

Brady, 63, 76, 124

Brady's, 48, 125

Braillard, 20

Braintree, 11, 22

Brass Band, 4, 14

Breslyn, 54, 78

Breton Dr, 36

bridge, 11, 18, 36, 42, 44, 58, 82, 97, 99, 102

Brigg's, 17

Briggs, 21, 26, 31, 38, 57, 67, 70, 93, 96, 99

Bright, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 15, 23, 39, 44, 52, 70, 75, 79, 98, 104, 105, 122, 129

Brightman, 49, 61

Briley, 69

Brindley, 50, 120, 131

Britton, 11

Britton's, 31

Brockton, 13, 23, 44, 87, 89, 94, 101, 117

Broderick, 98

Bronze Star, 35, 68, 88, 113

Brooke, 64

Brookmeadow, 18

Brook's Block, 39, 65

Brooks, 65, 68, 82

Brown, 8, 55, 88, 94, 95, 110, 119, 130

Brownell, 59, 86

Bruggeman, 70

Bryant, 94, 124

Buckley, 11, 14, 41, 53, 56, 57, 58, 60, 90, 99, 103, 108, 118

Bullard, 41

Bullock, 15, 22, 75, 85, 107

Bureau of Investigation, 88

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Burma Rd, 36

Burt, 76, 130

Buswell, 19

Busy Bees, 73

Butler, 5, 67

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Cabot, 99

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Calhoun, 74, 105, 115

Callahan, 20, 30, 50, 54, 108, 126

Callan, 49

Callery, 24, 87, 98

Cambridge, 4, 30, 49, 122

Camp Fire, 26

Camp Lynch, 15, 112, 115

Campfire, 68

Canniff, 97

Canton Airport, 62, 120

Canton Art Association, 24

Canton Barbers Association, 112

Canton Catholic Club, 92

Canton Charitable Association, 2

Canton Cinema, 108

Canton Coon Chorus, 45

Canton Corner, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 25, 40, 46, 52, 58, 59, 61, 63, 65, 71, 82, 84, 93, 96, 104, 129

Canton Corner Hose Co, 122

Canton Day, 51

Canton Depot, 29, 99

Canton Engineering Company, 76

Canton Evening School, 71

Canton Fire Department, 15, 80, 97, 102

Canton Fish & Game Club, 34

Canton High School, 20, 24, 29, 41, 43, 45, 46, 49, 75, 76, 79, 81, 84, 90, 91, 92, 105, 128

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Canton Hospital, 17, 33, 41, 43

Canton Housing Authority, 68, 101

Canton Journal, 1, 8, 22, 37, 48, 74, 95

Canton Junction, 4, 9, 18, 19, 41, 56, 65, 67, 74, 105, 107, 112, 126

Canton Lanes, 32, 54, 126

Canton Legion, 33, 63

Canton Manufacturing Co, 42

Canton Men's Club, 33

Canton Omnibus Line, 60

Canton Pizza, 61

Canton Police, 14, 16, 24, 26, 28, 47, 66, 77, 83, 98, 101, 120, 128

Canton Station, 42

Canton Supply Company, 92

Canueo, 95

Capen, 4, 5, 15, 16, 25, 29, 33, 40, 42, 54, 57, 59, 61, 67, 71, 76, 93, 96, 107, 124, 125

Capen Place, 85, 95

Capernaros, 16

Caplan, 115

Capper, 128

Caradonna, 47, 51

Cardarelli, 51

Carroll, 4, 27, 52, 83, 111, 129

Carter, 34, 128

Casey, 114

Cash, 37, 50, 90, 95, 120

Cedrone, 101

cemetery, 25, 31, 40, 82, 102, 122

centennial, 75, 78

Center Street, 105, 111

Central Garage, 92

Centre Pharmacy, 17

Centre Street, 77

cercus, 9

Cereghini, 89

Chancellor Apartments, 79

Chandler, 24, 74

Chapel Street, 96, 101, 113

Chapelgate Subdivision, 50

Chapman, 6, 51, 61, 69, 85, 109

Chapman St, 66, 85, 87

Chapman Street, 5, 6, 8, 9, 17, 23, 25, 27, 29, 38, 39, 40, 42, 44, 57, 58, 61, 68, 70, 74, 77, 79, 85, 97, 99, 100, 102, 104, 107, 108, 109, 117, 122

Chapman's Bridge, 99, 102

Charlie's Bakery, 22, 43

Chase, 29, 79

Cherry Tavern, 99

Chestnut Road, 26

Christian Endeavor Society, 67

Church St, 20, 27, 46, 47, 76, 81, 117

Civil Defense, 42, 44

Civil War, 101, 109

Claffery, 111

Clark, 53, 78, 129

Clayton, 4, 6, 31, 79, 118

Cleary, 76

Cleay, 35

Clerkin, 106

Clines, 92

Clinton, 49, 121, 126

Clouter, 55

Clover Lane., 32

Cobb, 79

Cobb's, 87

cobbler's shop, 88

Cobb's, 19, 22, 28, 38, 64, 104

Cogliano, 59

Cohan, 46, 88

Cohan Lane, 27

Cohen, 74, 103, 115, 130

Colby, 36

Cole, 76, 124

Coleman, 119

Collins, 3, 95

Comeau, 22

Community Club, 18, 24, 35, 61, 62, 63, 67, 76, 84, 91, 120

Confederate monument in Chicago, 44

Congregational, 59, 61, 63, 93, 107, 129

Connell, 10, 129

Connors, 13

Conservation Commission, 14, 30, 46, 55

consumption, 6, 111

Conway, 25

Cook, 47, 63, 76, 86, 125

Co-Operative Bank, 3

Copley, 69, 81, 92

Copper, 91, 118

Copper Yard Lane, 65

Corey, 3, 129

Corkery, 88, 121

Correy, 95

Costello, 111

Coveney, 51

Coxles Army, 5

Crane School, 3, 6, 39, 42, 46, 94, 98, 104, 106, 112, 129

Crane Street, 109

Crawford, 27

Crean, 38

Crerden, 86

Crimmins, 6, 9, 58

Croak, 68, 115

Crocker, 37, 62

Croft, 69, 94

Cronin, 35

Cronon, 21, 39, 129

Crosby, 112

Cross, 101, 104

Crossen, 26

Crossman, 47

Crow Blacking Co, 105

Crowell, 81, 92, 93

Crowell's, 28, 102

Crowley, 13, 48, 53, 81, 98, 105, 116, 120, 125, 128, 129

Crystal Springs Ice Company, 77

Cumberland Farms, 14, 32, 34, 79

Cunningham, 13, 65

Cunningham Lane, 113

Curra, 62

Curran, 88, 103

Curry, 31, 91, 116

Curtis, 12, 53, 55, 80, 100, 106, 110, 130

Cushman, 5, 85

Cyclonic Storm, 103


D'entremont, 120

Dailey, 21, 34, 98

Dallahan, 45

Dalton, 52

Daly, 13, 56, 57, 72, 76, 77, 85, 116

Dan Toole, 113

Dana, 70, 78, 91, 110

Danahy, 70, 81, 83, 91, 105, 110, 111

Danforth, 12

Daniels, 30, 69, 84

Danovitch, 39, 53, 78, 122

D'Attanasio, 46, 110

Davenport, 102, 104, 112, 114, 129

Dave's Service Station, 51

Davis, 40, 102, 104, 128

Dawson, 100

Day, 6, 63

Dean Camps, 97

Dean's List, 61, 79, 84, 128

Deane, 88

Decembrile, 18, 49, 51

Dedham, 2, 10, 26, 50, 54, 78, 80, 83, 103, 119, 120, 121, 122

Dedham Road, 58

Dedham Street, 18, 49, 57, 94, 107, 118

DeFelice, 16, 40, 90

Delaney, 129

Delang, 48, 91

Democratic Town Committee, 16

Democrats, 21, 25

Dennison, 46

DePalma, 92

Department of Public Works, 79, 108

depot, 12, 96, 114

Desmond, 31

detective bureau, 82

Deutschman, 13, 18, 33, 71, 108, 117, 127, 130

Devoll, 48, 113

Dickerman, 4

Dickie, 62, 77, 108, 125

Diconstanzo, 91

DiRosario, 68

Distfano, 97

Dockery, 44

Dockray, 24, 107

Dodge, 69

Dominic, 53

Donahue, 56, 119

Donchess, 30

Donlon, 126

Doody, 17, 23, 34, 44, 48, 67, 81, 109, 126

Dooling, 29

Dorian, 46

Dorskey, 130

Dowd, 87

Downes, 2, 15, 33, 52, 75, 104, 129

Dowson, 95

DPW, 42, 103, 108

Dr. Parker Holt Knitting Mill Co, 87

Drager, 119

Drake, 19, 66, 70

Draper, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 20, 23, 29, 30, 35, 37, 44, 47, 52, 54, 55, 57, 58, 61, 62, 64, 67, 69, 77, 78, 81, 82, 83, 84, 86, 87, 89, 96, 98, 99, 101, 102, 106, 110, 118

Draper Street, 20

Drawing teacher, 129

Dressmaker, 40, 129

Drew, 89

drinking fountain, 6, 7, 19, 26

Driscoll, 24, 64

Drislane, 32

Drive-in, 16, 82, 84

Drowning, 12

Duby, 13

Dude Ranch, 22

Dudley, 122

Duffy, 98

Duganiero, 30, 118

Duggan, 87, 97, 99

Duguay, 63

Dunbar, 12, 23, 36, 37, 54, 69, 70, 78, 81, 84, 87, 89

Dunbar Street, 57

Dunkin Donuts, 62, 66

Dunkin' Donuts, 130

Dunn, 10, 16, 52, 53, 65, 67

Durham, 128

Dwyer, 70

Dyer, 104


Eagan, 127

Eager, 5, 11

Eagles, 69

Eames, 95

Eardley, 18, 29, 34, 51, 71, 74, 125, 130

Earley, 29

Easter, 6, 40, 77, 85

Easton, 14, 86, 101

Eddy, 11

Edward Rowe Snow, 88

Edwards St, 16, 64

electric light, 9, 14, 67, 77, 82

Eliot School, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 26, 33, 40, 49, 66, 120, 129

Eliot Street, 29, 43, 51, 71, 74

Elizabeth Street, 50

Elkort, 14

Ell, 15, 90

Ellery, 70

Ellis, 55, 73, 80, 84, 99

Elm Dr, 128

Elm Street, 17, 59, 91, 98, 108, 117, 120, 128

Emery, 129

Endicott, 5, 8, 11, 19, 71, 87, 91, 103, 109, 122

Endicott Street, 81, 93

engine house, 4, 69, 114, 122

England, 18, 21, 37, 48, 70, 73, 123, 128

Episcopal, 22, 40, 41, 74, 76

Estey, 12, 15, 38, 43, 55, 129

Eureka Silk, 3, 5, 29

Everett, 4, 54

Everett Street, 100


Fadden, 115

Fairbanks, 3

Fall, 13, 39, 79, 97, 102, 112

Fallon, 37, 44, 103, 124

Fama, 81, 98, 123

Farm St, 113

Farrell, 49, 61

Farrington, 19, 39, 64, 79, 96, 98, 121, 122, 123

Farrow, 69

Farwell, 92

Faxon, 11, 49

Fee, 85

Feenan, 17

Feldman, 115, 129

Fenno, 6, 23, 110

Ferrante, 14

Fickett, 36

Fields, 87

Finance Committee, 14, 59, 68, 83

Finn, 105, 126

fire, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, 25, 28, 36, 38, 39, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 51, 52, 56, 60, 64, 65, 68, 73, 74, 76, 78, 80, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 97, 98, 99, 100, 102, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 114, 115, 117, 118, 121, 123, 130

fire alarm, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17, 96, 98, 117, 121

Fire Bug, 91

fire department, 10, 15, 23, 36, 39, 51, 52, 57, 68, 100, 107, 110

firemen, 89, 97, 99, 102, 117, 121


first steam shovel, 106

Fischbein, 75

Fischer, 21, 113

Fish, 40, 97, 106

Fisher, 67, 122

Fitzgerald, 25, 27, 51, 53, 64, 70, 88, 103

Fitzgerald Cleaners, 81

Fitzpatrick, 24

Flagg, 103

Flanagan, 67, 98

Flatley, 43, 58

Flood, 25, 48, 88, 102, 116, 118, 122

Flynn, 50, 71

Foley, 25, 61, 101

Folsom, 3, 42

Forbes, 80, 124

Forge Pond, 22, 57

Foss, 109

Foster, 39, 93

Fowl Meadows, 17

Fox, 114

Foxboro, 75

Franc, 78

Franciscan Fathers, 50

Franco, 120

Frank, 12, 46, 130

Franklin, 50

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 41

Fraser, 24

Freeman, 34, 109, 111

French, 2, 19, 33, 55, 71, 80, 97, 104

Friedlander, 83

Frog Island, 126, 127

Frost, 23

Fruci, 34

fruit store, 10, 75

Fuller, 49

Fullerton, 16

Fulton's first steam boat, 59

Furgerson, 118


Gage, 105

Gagnon, 127

Galligan, 7, 11, 17, 34, 57, 59, 66, 81, 83, 93, 96, 106, 108, 111, 119, 120, 130

Galligeau, 51

Gallipeau, 13

Gallon Club, 39

Galvin, 16, 51, 111

Garden Club, 55, 59

Garland, 17

Garnum, 81

Garside, 95, 123

Gates, 74

Gavigan, 47, 56, 124

Gelpke, 15, 79

Gelpki, 90

Gerald, 37, 71, 121

Gerald's Restaurant, 45

Giammarco, 119

Gibson, 42

Gill, 29, 37

Gillis, 36

Gilmartin, 111

Gilroy, 20

Glennon, 75

Goding, 62, 69, 84

Golden, 105

Goodall, 58

Goodrich, 128

Gordon, 78, 90, 125

Gordon's Block, 91

Goss, 33

Gotham, 26

Governor, 6, 72, 82, 96, 106, 110, 112, 117, 128

Grafton, 103

Graham, 18, 117

Grand Street, 119

Grange, 21, 26

Gray, 26, 80

Gray Lady Corps, 90

Green Street, 49, 102, 119

greenhouse, 3, 21, 27, 44, 106

Greenlodge Street, 115

Greenwood Road, 28

Gridley School, 35, 77, 85, 129

Gridley Street, 53

Griffin, 29, 54, 110

Griggs, 109

Grimes, 8, 29, 96

Gross, 34

Grover, 4, 15, 37, 41, 59, 67, 90, 97, 109, 124

Grow Tire, 35, 41, 67, 74, 76, 94, 105, 107, 112

Guild, 97, 123

Gypsys, 130


Hagan, 87, 130

Hall, 107, 109

Hallet, 81

Hannon, 40, 45, 51

Hansen School, 16, 26

Hanson, 127

Harding, 42

Hardware, 81, 104, 107, 125

Hardy, 103

Harlow, 27

Harrington, 39

Hart, 56

Hartigan, 37, 67

Hartwell Place, 11, 83

Harvard, 6, 22, 27, 53, 59

Hatfield, 33, 91, 101

Haverhill, 101

Hawes, 86

Hawthorne Road, 83

Hayes, 74, 110

Haynes, 45, 53, 117

Haynes Garage, 45, 60, 115

Hays, 130

Healey, 88, 120

Healy, 68, 71, 97, 100, 101

Heffernan, 25

Hegarty, 30, 128

Heggie, 68

Hellenic Nursing Home, 79

Hemenway, 2, 5, 104, 116

Henley, 60

Henneker, 126

Hennessey, 28

Hennessy, 74

Hennigan, 23

Henniker, 78

Henrickson, 71

Henriksen, 86, 89, 122

Henry, 88

Henry Springs, 72

Herlihy, 83

Herron, 22

Heskeith, 3, 10, 96, 107, 126

Hesketh, 38

Hewett, 6, 8, 23, 86

Hickok, 107

Hicks, 90

Higgins, 5

High House, 33

High St, 61, 79

High Street, 11, 18, 23, 24, 25, 31, 34, 40, 41, 44, 52, 58, 72, 87, 97, 105, 106, 107, 110

Highland St, 61, 113

Highland Street, 39, 53, 64, 102, 116

highway department, 30, 120

Hill, 56, 74, 76, 78, 102

Hillcrest Road, 47, 115

Hillier, 65

Hillyer, 105

historical society, 40, 71, 84, 90, 131

Historical Way, 92, 115

Hixson, 128

Hobby, 4

Hodges, 96, 111

Holbrook, 104

Holloran, 27

Holmes, 12, 29, 64, 75, 85, 123

Holmes Battery and Ignition Company, 85

Homans, 36

Homans Lane, 36

Honor Village, 127, 130

Hood, 31

Hook and Ladder, 118, 128

Hooper, 21

Hope, 15, 94

Hopkins, 4

Horgan, 62, 94, 119

horse, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 19, 24, 25, 31, 42, 47, 54, 65, 75, 76, 80, 82, 91, 96, 100, 104, 113, 114, 119, 121, 122, 124, 128

Horton, 10, 42, 63, 67, 69, 88, 118, 119, 121

Hospital School, 27, 54, 67, 74, 89, 92, 97, 127

Hough, 21

Houghton's Pond, 126

Housing Authority, 46

Howard, 28, 36, 43, 56, 67, 69, 96, 101, 111

Howard Street, 122

Hoyle, 36

Huges, 62, 63

Hughs, 96

Hultman, 8

Hunt, 2, 5, 8, 14, 38, 46, 54, 62, 84, 93, 96, 104, 121, 128

Hunter's Club, 62, 126

Huovinen, 103

Hurley, 96, 101

hurricane, 20, 22, 103

Hutchinson, 87

Hyde Park, 4, 58, 73, 101, 102, 105, 113, 119


I Bombed Japan Club, 47

Iadissernia, 5

Iddings, 123

Ide, 65

Idle Hour Club, 86

Independence St, 98

Independence Street, 23, 41

Indian Lane, 66, 73, 74, 77, 79, 106

Instron, 30

Interfaith Housing, 61, 68

Ireland, 25, 76

Iwo Jima, 37, 120, 127


Jackson Street, 28, 31, 49, 111

Jameson, 83

Jenison, 85

Jenkins, 38, 64, 85

Jenks, 29, 80, 129

Jennison, 101, 123

Jobin, 64

John Ford, 104

John Lawrence, 2, 19, 26, 46, 54, 118

John's Restaurant, 34

Johnson, 3, 43, 48

Johnson Sisters, 17

Jones, 38, 84

Josephine Street, 26

JOURNAL, 10, 33, 38, 54, 61, 75, 77, 90, 91, 95, 96, 97, 111, 126

Joyce, 20, 79

Junction, 18, 31, 65, 124


K of C, 37, 58

K. of C., 43

Kamp, 15

Kaplan, 13, 14, 92

Kaufuian, 102

Keefe, 101

Kegan, 113

Keith, 32

Keleher, 26, 62, 64, 88, 98, 130

Kelle, 22

Kelleher, 43, 50, 69, 70, 77, 83, 94, 98, 100, 103, 118

Kelley, 102, 128

Kelliher, 20, 59, 114, 129

Kelly, 3, 10, 14, 48, 62, 89, 123, 129

Kelson, 40, 61, 84

Ken Hodge, 45

Kendall, 45, 109

Kenefic, 89

Kenefick, 13

Kennally, 88

Kennedy, 47

Kenny, 13

Kent, 115

Kerby Dr, 111

Keris, 92

Kessler, 32, 51, 66, 67, 68, 120, 126

Kessler Machine Company, 92

Kincaide, 87

King, 25, 88, 98

King's Highway, 15

Kinsley, 2, 29, 81

Kinsley Iron and Machine Co, 91, 116

kite, 11, 108, 118

Knights of Columbus, 31, 32, 51, 71, 88, 122

Knitted Padding Company, 127

Knollwood, 120

Knollwood Cemetery., 18

Koelho, 57

Kurkjian, 34


ladder truck, 36, 114

landfill, 42

Lane, 63, 109

Langdon, 111

Langill, 87

Lanigan, 45

Lapenus, 34

Larkin, 94

Lawless, 20, 110, 120

Lawrence, 17

Lawrence St, 85, 120

Lawrence Street, 17, 25, 26, 27, 33, 35, 40, 44, 46, 51, 55, 61, 84, 92, 119, 130

Laymen's League, 94

Lazovick, 93

Leahy, 55, 114

Leary, 28, 38, 66, 71, 113

Leavitt, 11

LeBarre, 64

Lee, 11, 129

Lefebvre, 42

Legee, 62

Leggee, 100, 119, 120

Lehan, 49, 67, 68, 126

Lenhart, 98

Lentell, 69

Leonard, 5, 35, 50, 92, 119, 126, 127

Leonard St, 94

Leonard Street, 51, 58, 100

Levitan, 62

Lewis, 7, 29, 61, 74, 75, 98, 130

Lewis St, 15, 36, 79

Lewis Street, 15, 44, 45, 51, 117, 122

Lexington, 27, 45, 77, 105

Lexington Print Works, 27, 91

Library, 24, 57

lightning, 52, 100, 114, 121, 126

Lincoln Street, 78

Linsy's Restaurant, 45

liquor, 8, 11, 19, 28, 70, 119

Locke, 12

Lofgren, 68

Logan Airport, 119

Lombardi, 63

Lonergan, 58, 129

Lopez, 27, 29

Lord, 89

Love, 117

Lowell, 27, 31, 35, 45

Lowery, 43

Lowry, 120

Luce, 27, 29, 89, 103

Lucy, 88

Lukaszewicz, 14, 101, 115

Lundsman, 80

Lyman, 59, 108

Lynch, 38, 69, 85, 101, 105, 124

Lyons, 3, 44, 93, 104


MacDonald, 80

MacInulty, 33

Mackiernan, 38

MacLeod, 18

MacPherson, 81

mad dog, 124

Mae, 26

Magee, 36

Mahoney, 13, 64

Makris, 20

Malcolmson, 51

Malone, 113

Maloney, 48

Maloof, 77

Mammoth Mart, 62

Mann, 4, 81, 129

Mansfield, 4, 37, 53, 87, 97, 101, 102

Mansfield's Pond, 12

Mantle, 72

Maple Street, 94

Maquire, 45

Marathas, 22

Marazino, 17

marble worker, 4

Marchand, 119

Marcone, 54

Marden, 11, 48, 59, 113, 120, 126

Mario's Spaghetti House, 74

Marron, 71

Marsh, 47

Marshalka, 50

Martin, 87, 92, 95

Masciarelli, 57

Mason, 38

Massapoag, 17, 33, 104, 107

Massasoit, 24

Mattapan, 41, 89, 108

Maxwell, 38, 127

May Street, 32

Mayo, 17

McArdle, 111

McCaffrey, 119

McCann, 53

McCarthy, 40, 54, 64, 83

McCarty, 101

McColgan, 35, 50, 92

McDermott, 36

McDonald, 86, 91, 99

McDowell, 27

McEnaney, 79

McGann, 80

McGrath, 70, 102

McKane, 7

McKendry, 63, 76

McKenna, 29, 72, 110

McLellan, 128

McMorrow, 62

McNteer, 116

McPherson, 5

MDC, 18, 22, 46, 49, 72, 106

Meadows, 63

Mechanic St, 13, 28, 41, 56, 57, 64, 66, 67, 68, 78, 85, 90, 97, 105, 109, 114, 116, 119, 123, 124, 130

Mechanic Street, 88, 97

Mederios, 90

Meehan, 53

Memorial Day, 3, 8, 98, 99

Memorial Hall, 6, 11, 17, 19, 25, 26, 37, 43, 49, 52, 55, 64, 68, 69, 74, 81, 87, 89, 90, 92, 94, 105, 108, 117, 122

Merchant, 90

Merkert, 36

Merrill, 4, 9

Messinger, 14, 28, 36, 38, 41, 73, 78, 81, 85, 95, 98, 100, 105, 108, 118, 120, 125

Messinger Street, 51, 68

meteor, 105

Meyers, 107

Middle School, 30, 34, 66

milkman, 7, 73

Mill, 5, 29, 59

Miller, 25, 31, 109, 125

Milne, 30

Milton, 2, 3, 4, 19, 42, 47, 66, 88, 115, 119

Milton Hoosic Country Club, 14

Miner, 84

Minter, 15, 43

Miss Teen Pageant, 77

Mitchell, 69, 84, 102

Mitcheroney, 47

molotov cocktail, 82

Mooney, 46

moonshine, 105

Moore, 27, 44

Moose Hill, 109

Morgan, 30, 36, 38

Moritz, 50

Morley, 68

Morrill, 84

Morris, 103, 108, 119

Morrison, 82

Morse, 5, 6, 7, 9, 15, 17, 25, 26, 34, 35, 38, 41, 44, 48, 68, 85, 97, 99, 100, 114, 118

Morton Cir, 128

Morton St, 80

Moseley, 51

Moskowitz, 36

Mosley, 58

Mosman, 37, 74

Moss, 47

Moulton, 52, 78

Moulton's, 13, 58, 78

Mountain Ave, 14

Mugford, 61

Mulligan, 43

Munson, 28, 30, 101

Murphy, 9, 16, 35, 56, 61, 64, 69, 71, 92, 105, 107, 113, 114, 119, 125

Murphy Lane, 88

Music teacher, 129

Myers, 59, 61, 67, 99


Nantasket, 116, 127

National Rifle Association, 113

near riot, 120

Needham, 40, 104

Nelson, 103

Neponset St, 20, 99

Neponset Street, 11, 26, 33, 34, 37, 41, 49, 51, 53, 57, 58, 74, 76, 79, 92, 96, 104, 108, 109, 112, 127

Neponset Woolen Mill, 33, 48, 65, 124

New Bedford, 118

Newcomb, 54

Nichols, 22

Nicholson, 106

Nickerson, 85, 129

Nolan, 121

Noll, 68

Norfolk Shoe Mfg. Co, 35

Norfolk St, 61, 111

Norfolk Street, 46

North Street, 20, 72

Norwood, 13, 14, 18, 21, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31, 32, 34, 38, 42, 47, 58, 62, 64, 65, 70, 78, 79, 80, 81, 83, 84, 87, 90, 92, 95, 98, 99, 102, 103, 106, 108, 115, 121, 123, 125, 127, 128

Noyes, 8, 27

Nugent, 103


O'Callaghan, 76

O'Donnell, 71, 105

O'Keefe's Grocery Store, 119

O'Neill, 104, 113

O'Toole, 86

Oakdale Rd, 115

Oakdale Road, 88

O'Brien, 2, 24, 69, 95, 109, 120

O'Connell, 26, 78, 81, 96, 98, 110, 111

O'Connor, 22, 49, 98

Odd Fellows Hall, 37

O'Dea, 11, 12

Old Meadow Lane, 103

Olivia James House, 36

Olsen, 51, 110

Olson, 96, 109

Orpheum, 114

Orpheum Fruit Store, 49

Ortendahl, 32

Orthodox, 6, 25, 63

Oscar J. May, 69

Ostrender, 86

Otis, 106

Ott, 61

Ottino, 69

Owen, 12, 73, 96, 104


Packard, 19

Packeen, 128

Page, 126

Pando, 40

Papanti, 27, 87, 97

Pappas, 128

Pariseau, 34

Parish Hall, 8, 45, 55, 67, 68, 75, 76

Parisi, 51

Parker, 112

Parsons, 97

Partridge, 66, 87, 97

Patriot's Day, 6, 7, 38, 40, 84

Patriots Day, 82

Patsos, 45

Patton, 45

Paul St, 34

Pavadore, 83, 108

Payne, 87

Pearson, 21, 122, 127

Pebler, 57

Pecunit Street, 66, 80

People's Drug Store, 93

Pequit St, 110

Pequit Street, 18, 92, 114

Pequitside, 14, 18, 23

Perigny, 125

Perkins, 54, 59, 112

Perry, 29, 99

Personnel Board, 92, 117

Pesaturo, 37, 54, 56, 81, 102, 106, 108

Peter's Nursing Home, 39

Peterson, 84

Petrie, 9, 10, 33, 37

Pheasant Ridge Subdivision, 40

Phelps, 99, 109

photographer, 75

Piana, 30

Pierce, 32, 44, 56

Pierce Place, 25, 124

Pine Street, 14, 38, 42, 53, 55, 89, 110

Pineo, 115

Pinewood Road, 59, 125

Piona, 74

Pitcher, 2, 26, 30, 40, 52, 55, 61

Planning Board, 18, 20, 36, 40, 55, 64, 68, 125

Plant, 111

Pleasant Garden Road., 41

Pleasant St, 13, 15, 37, 68, 76, 82, 89, 95, 108, 111, 119, 123

Pleasant Street, 2, 3, 7, 15, 23, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 35, 41, 46, 50, 51, 52, 53, 57, 66, 67, 77, 78, 80, 81, 85, 87, 92, 96, 97, 100, 101, 103, 108, 109, 114, 123, 125

Plunkett, 3, 10, 48, 94, 109

Plymouth Block, 114

Plymouth Rubber, 29, 35, 51, 56, 58, 60, 66, 68, 87, 106, 112, 123, 124

Plymouth Street, 71

Podgurski, 14, 42

Poirier, 31

police, 5, 10, 20, 22, 23, 26, 40, 42, 44, 46, 56, 64, 67, 74, 80, 82, 87, 92, 93, 103, 108, 110, 112, 115, 117, 118, 120, 123, 126, 129, 130

Pond St, 103

Pond Street, 27, 29, 86, 90, 100, 106

Pondview Rd, 95

Ponkapoag, 9, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 21, 23, 26, 33, 35, 36, 39, 45, 51, 53, 61, 63, 67, 72, 75, 76, 86, 88, 93, 94, 96, 102, 104, 109, 113, 116, 118, 120, 121, 123, 124, 126

Ponkapoag Civic Association, 59, 100, 113, 115, 120, 128

Ponkapoag Engine Co, 99

Ponkapoag Plantation, 82, 84

Ponkapoag School, 10, 104, 129

Ponkapoag Way, 22, 32, 36, 62, 74

Ponkipog, 2, 3, 4, 10

Poole, 23, 42, 67, 76, 82, 111, 116, 127

Poore, 62, 128

Porter, 40, 72, 73, 84, 109

Porter Patent Leather Co, 40

Porzi, 127

Post Office, 10, 15, 25, 33, 54, 75, 107, 114, 124

Powder House Hill, 6

Powell, 130

Powers, 19, 37, 111, 119

Pozzo, 70

President Nixon, 93

Primack, 95

Prince Tinymite, 44

Prospect Hill, 69

Prospect St, 30, 65

Prospect Street, 27, 52, 74, 103, 116, 129

Public Library, 4, 10, 48, 53, 55, 114, 122

Public Works Department, 54


Quigley, 10, 95, 101

Quill, 67, 68, 124

Quincy, 6, 11, 34, 64, 72, 81, 84, 98

Quinlan, 128

Quinley, 105

Quinn, 107, 128


Raferty, 66

Rafferty, 98

Railroad, 47, 78, 97, 99, 102, 114

Raisch, 129

Randall, 113

Randolph, 20, 33, 63, 101, 116

Randolph St, 35, 47

Randolph Street, 13, 63, 71, 88, 116, 117

Rattigan, 87

rattlesnake, 8, 128

Ray's crossing, 11

Reardon, 51, 105, 111, 112, 113

Recreation Commission, 83

Recreation Department, 77

Red Boot, 115

Red Boot Restaurant, 93

Red Wing Club, 119

Red Wing Tavern, 49

Redman Road, 91

Reed, 3, 54, 59, 98

registered automobiles, 79

Rehill, 129

Reilley, 17, 29

Reliable Pants Co., 88

Republican Town Committee, 59, 86

Reservoir, 8, 14, 36, 63, 83, 90, 130

Revere, 41, 51, 59, 82, 91, 105, 113, 116, 118, 123

Revere Copper, 9

Revere School, 10, 36, 129

Revere Street, 20, 47, 85, 110

Rexall Drug Store, 52

Reynolds, 19, 35, 36, 54, 61, 67, 70, 83, 90, 92, 93, 100, 116, 117, 119, 123

Rhoads, 40

Rhodes, 3, 42

Rice, 39, 78, 109

Richards, 2, 6, 9, 23, 43

Rickard, 58

Riford, 19, 65, 99

Roach, 51, 83, 111

Roach's Cafe, 126

Roache, 18, 22, 71

robbery, 16, 33, 46, 62

Robbins, 97

Robert Wagner, 38

Robinson, 32, 57, 91

Roby, 111

Rochelle, 108

Rockland Avenue, 4

Rockland St, 38, 87, 103, 125

Rockland Street, 9, 32, 33, 47, 53, 56, 58, 63, 67, 88, 90, 96, 101, 105, 107, 109, 115, 121, 129

Roger Sherman, 17, 118

Rogers, 55, 130

Rolfe, 15

Romanelli, 25, 45

Ronayne, 28, 31, 32, 45, 67, 69, 87

Rosen, 10

Ross, 25, 84, 94, 104

Rothwell, 53, 55

Rowbotham, 51

Roxbury, 10, 26, 97, 104, 109

Royall Street, 74

Ruane, 28, 98, 128

Rubin, 26, 55, 68

Russell, 68, 91, 95

Russell Oil Company, 38

Russell Street, 28, 61

Ryan, 34, 53, 76, 99, 105, 114, 124

Rye, 7


Sacred Heart Monastery, 50

Saint John's, 6

Saint Gerard's, 53

Saint John, 105

Saint John's, 55, 60, 70

Saint John's School, 48, 55, 60

Salah, 36

Salter, 13

Saltmarsh, 77

Salvation Army, 107

Salvation Army Camp, 94

Sanby, 129

Sargent, 72, 82, 96, 110, 111, 126, 128

Sarra, 57

Saugus, 40

Savage, 39

Savary, 37

Savin Hill Street, 31, 45

Sawyer, 2, 5, 15, 18, 20, 69, 70, 84

scarlet fever, 7, 54, 84

Schlossberg, 41

Schneiders, 24, 36, 38, 60, 68, 79, 130

School Committee, 16, 44, 63, 64, 66, 103, 113

School nurse, 129

schoolhouse, 5, 10, 70

Scituate, 97

Scully, 18, 103

Sea Serpent club, 52

seaplane base, 90

Sears, 50, 72

Seavey, 11, 12, 54, 87, 111

Selby, 128

Selectmen, 8, 19, 20, 26, 28, 30, 31, 32, 37, 40, 42, 46, 50, 53, 60, 61, 64, 67, 74, 77, 79, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 88, 90, 92, 93, 95, 96, 100, 101, 103, 106, 110, 113, 115, 116, 117, 119, 130

SE-LO-KI, 20, 24

Sewing Circle, 6, 76

Sewing teacher, 129

Sfougaris, 98

Shannon, 103

Sharon, 8, 9, 12, 15, 29, 31, 35, 37, 38, 41, 49, 52, 55, 63, 65, 72, 75, 80, 83, 86, 104, 107, 115, 121, 124

Shattuck, 19, 101

Shaughnessey, 130

Shaw, 4, 14, 53, 71, 75, 93, 99, 104, 109, 116

Shea, 24, 128

Sheehan, 10, 17, 49, 114, 116

sheep, 32, 34, 83, 120

Shepard, 9, 29, 31, 37, 81, 104

Shepard Pond, 30

Shepard Street, 95

Shepard's Mill, 107, 124

Sherman, 42

Sherman Ave, 16, 90

Sherman School, 28, 129

Sherman Square, 63, 111, 118

Sherman St, 5, 21, 35, 52, 66, 68, 72, 83, 87, 93, 103, 106, 110, 127

Sherman Street, 5, 6, 13, 15, 23, 33, 39, 46, 47, 50, 54, 55, 60, 65, 70, 74, 79, 82, 85, 86, 92, 99, 100, 101, 103, 105, 106, 110, 114, 124, 128

Shields, 25

Shorey, 19

shotgun wielding youths, 64

Silvia, 128

Simmons, 21, 29, 125

Simonds, 33

Simoni, 18

Simons, 106

Simpson, 63, 66, 69

Sims, 47, 89

Sinclair, 109

Sister M. Francesco, 60

Sister Maryellen, 48

Skehan, 114

Skinner, 4

Sloan, 53

Sloane, 47

small pox, 2

Smith, 4, 22, 35, 39, 54, 58, 62, 65, 69, 71, 73, 87, 109, 129

Snow, 119

soldier drinking fountain, 6, 26

Southworth, 33

Spaulding, 86

Spencer, 17, 104, 113

Spintig, 30, 98, 108

Spring Hill, 124

Spring Lane, 8, 78, 91

Springdale, 2, 3, 47, 53, 60, 130

St. Catherine of Siena Lodge, 88

St. George, 122

St. James Lutheran Church, 101

St. John, 18, 78

St. John's, 45, 122

St. John's High School, 81

St. John's, 3, 12, 21, 23, 26, 34, 43, 46, 50, 64, 78, 97, 98, 106, 116

St. John's High School, 51

St. Regis Convent, 87

Staiti, 28, 38, 48, 61

Starr, 85

State Lottery, 128

Steadman, 30, 54, 61, 88, 116

Steamer, 17, 65

Stein, 27, 48

Stetson, 24

Stevens, 75

Stevenson, 22, 25

Stockus, 28, 128

Stokes, 22, 78

Stone, 4, 10, 28, 29

Stone Factory, 35, 96, 111

Stonehill College, 101

Storkus, 106

storm, 6, 11, 39, 52, 65, 69, 72, 121, 122

Stoughton, 2, 7, 9, 11, 19, 21, 28, 30, 31, 33, 35, 38, 44, 48, 49, 59, 60, 62, 70, 71, 72, 75, 78, 82, 84, 87, 89, 94, 97, 104, 105, 106, 115, 119, 123, 124, 125

Stoughton Journal, 1

Street Railway, 21, 25, 27, 33, 35, 39, 89, 105

Streicher, 71

Stretton, 9, 73

Strickland, 94

Strumski, 34, 53, 57

Stuart, 25

Sturrock, 94

Sullivan, 9, 16, 28, 35, 45, 55, 91, 94, 96, 103, 111, 125

Summer St, 103

Sumner, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 37, 44, 46, 49, 62, 97, 130

Sutcliffe Avenue, 100

Swan, 3

Swardlick, 62, 69, 84, 124

Sweet, 42, 46, 83

Sweetland Waste Company, 100

Sydeman, 47, 54

Synagogue, 49


Taber, 37, 38, 67, 69, 70, 127

Tapper, 21

Tate, 42, 57, 105

Taub, 33

Taunton, 118

tax, 78, 118

Taylor, 25, 31, 87, 93, 129

Teague, 35, 130

Teeling, 29

telephone, 4, 10, 29, 39, 51, 64, 65, 70, 71, 76, 102, 103, 110, 115

Tennis, 17

Tenny, 76

Terry, 129

Thackwray, 69, 94

Thayer, 126

The Old Swimming Pond, 96

Theater, 13, 15, 16, 17, 25, 27, 43, 53

Theatre, 14, 47, 54, 56, 85, 114

Theophilus, 49

Third Pond, 95, 98, 108

Thomas, 14, 15, 27, 31, 37, 66, 69, 78, 102

Thompson, 5, 15, 25, 52, 98

Thurston, 9

Tilden, 5

Timmerman, 76

Tinkham, 130

Tirrell, 2, 5, 14, 17, 24, 38, 42, 75, 81, 96, 114

Tisdale, 81

Titus, 19, 38, 113

Tobin, 47, 58, 78, 106, 117

Tolias, 130

Tolman, 86, 101, 103

Tolman Street, 39, 64, 122, 124

Tonnell, 86

Toomey, 51

Tordoff, 27, 70

tornado, 52

town clock, 32, 41, 59, 106, 115

Town Club, 25, 28, 32, 61, 62, 79, 98, 112, 126

town dump, 16, 28, 77, 79, 110, 118

Town Farm, 83

Town Hall, 7, 19, 32, 33, 38, 41, 46, 58, 60, 62, 76, 81, 82, 93, 100, 112, 116

town seal, 11, 37

train, 7, 8, 9, 11, 18, 20, 31, 38, 47, 56, 75, 85, 91, 95, 104, 124

train wreck, 85

Traverse Place, 25

Traverse Street, 45, 53

Travis, 83

Trayers, 21, 33, 49, 52, 77, 98, 114

Tree Warden, 37

Trinity, 22, 24, 40, 51, 74

Tripp, 69

Trites, 93

Trueman, 47

Tucker Place, 83

Tucker Road, 42

Tucker's Block, 71, 91

Tupper, 36, 99

Turner, 4, 62

Turnpike St, 93

Turnpike Street, 16, 23, 25, 45, 49, 52, 53, 64, 67, 68, 72, 102, 115, 122

Tuskegee, 8


Ulman, 71, 120, 122

Underwood, 75

Union Chapel, 15

Unitarian, 6, 22, 23, 26, 46, 54, 55, 68, 75, 98, 99

United Church of Christ, 24, 70, 98, 106

Universalist, 4, 6, 9, 19, 22, 33, 39, 45, 59, 67, 78, 84, 95, 101, 107, 116

Upham, 80

Upper Silk Mill, 124


Valas, 130

Valentine, 63, 105

Valley Street, 29, 96

Van Buren Street, 53

Vannevar, 6

Venckus, 90

Verity, 27, 37, 60, 87, 99

Veterans of Foreign Wars, 98, 108

Viaduct, 18, 22, 24, 99, 104, 124

Vietnam, 26, 28, 30, 53, 88

Village Forge, 35


W.C.T.U., 8

Wackiest Ship in the Army, 72

Wagner, 83, 123

Wales, 63, 72

Walker, 84

Wall St, 123

Wall Street, 17, 62, 64

Walley, 5

Walnut Knoll, 16, 26, 55, 83

Walnut St, 70, 76, 110

Walnut Street, 21, 34, 35, 36, 53, 73, 76, 78, 84, 87, 89, 102, 112, 114, 129

Walpole, 41, 87

Walpole Street, 21, 43, 60, 65, 81, 83, 85, 93, 94, 105, 122, 124

Walsh, 87, 98, 126

Wampatuck, 21, 67, 81, 104

Wampatuck Country Club, 51

Ward, 53, 71, 72

Warr, 109

Washington St, 13, 15, 16, 19, 22, 29, 32, 36, 39, 41, 64, 68, 79, 81, 83, 87, 89, 91, 92, 94, 95, 97, 98, 103, 106, 112, 118, 120, 125, 127

Washington Street, 4, 7, 8, 16, 18, 20, 23, 24, 26, 27, 29, 31, 32, 34, 37, 39, 40, 41, 43, 45, 47, 48, 49, 53, 55, 57, 60, 62, 65, 77, 78, 79, 80, 83, 84, 85, 89, 92, 94, 96, 97, 99, 100, 102, 104, 105, 107, 108, 114, 115, 116, 117, 121, 125

Water Department, 15, 30

Waterman, 112

Wattles, 31, 37, 40, 52, 69, 77, 102, 107, 109

Watts, 71

Wayside furniture, 92

Webb, 49, 105

Webster, 100

Weir, 94

Wellesley, 102, 112

Wellington, 75

Wells, 127

Wentworth, 2, 3, 7, 21, 23, 42, 62, 65, 67, 78, 80, 88, 89, 118, 126, 128

Wentworth Road, 66

Wessling, 26

West, 104

West Point, 42

Weston, 29, 33, 37

Westwood, 39

White, 65, 70, 73, 109

Whiting Ave, 78

Whitty, 41, 47, 107, 110, 130

Widberg, 22

Wiederhold, 88

Wiggins, 20, 25, 60, 83, 95, 115, 123

Wilkins, 23

Will Drive, 32

Williams, 9, 23, 25, 53, 78, 87

Williams St, 64

Winer's Shoe Store, 107

Wissahisic Club, 116

Withington, 14, 80, 116

Witt, 16, 19, 87

Wolf, 98

Women's Softball League, 113

Wood, 31, 78

Woodcliff Road, 72

Woodlock Rd, 106

Woodward, 86, 129

Wrentham, 104

Wright, 48, 119


Yeomans, 13, 79, 83, 85, 87, 102, 110, 124

YMCA, 39, 98

York, 4, 15, 17, 21, 29, 39, 40, 81, 82, 101, 109, 112, 115, 119, 120, 123, 130


Zanazzo, 119

Zoning, 41, 55, 74, 77, 83, 120




By: Chris Brindley


OCTOBER 6, 1894

...William Brown was fined $75 by Judge Marden for keeping liquor with intent to sell. He appealed.

...An addition has recently been made to C. Beausang's house on Perry Street.

...K. R. Clifford had his pocket picked at the BrocktonFair Thursday, he lost a valuable watch.

...Charles Hart is building a new market on Porter Street next to J. T. C. Smith, for his own occupancy.

...Baseball is dead for the season. It has been a flat failure for Stoughton on account of poor management.

...At Atwood's Auction, next Tuesday, John Prescott's handsome horse "Starlight" who does the mile in 2.29.

...Town Meeting voted to extend the water line to Gill's Hill.

...Childrens handkerchiefs 2 cents each at Monk's Cash Store.

..."The McLean House" reads a new swinging sign on Captain John McLean's hostelry on Wyman Street, calling the travelers inn.


OCTOBER 3, 1919

...Jedediah M. Bird, the first Stoughton man to answer the call of Abraham Lincoln in 1861, died at his home at 233 Pearl Street early Sunday morning. He was 78 years old.

...Orpheum Theatre: tomorrow nights program includes Charlie Chaplin in "A Night In The Snow".

...A surprise party was tendered to Mae Phillips at her home on Kinsley Street Monday Evening.

...William Legge took up his studies Monday at Burdette's College, Boston.

...The Congregational Men's Club held its first get-to-gether of the season in the church Tuesday evening.

...A seven year old girl, who makes her home with Mrs. Edith Mason on Broadway, was run over in front of Winship's Drug Store, Friday evening, by a Watertown party. The child is resting comfortably.

...A quite wedding was solemnized at the Congregational Church Parsonage Wednesday evening, when Miss Mabel Salisbury and Clarence H. Powell were united in marriage by Rev. A. Edward Martin.


OCTOBER 5, 1944

...Mr. & Mrs. Newton Ward of Central Street quietly observed their 17th wedding anniversary Sunday at home.

...Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Fernandez of 181 Park Street, are the parents of a son, born last Saturday at the Goddard Hospital, Brockton.

...Box 77 was sounded Monday at 12:25 p.m. for a brush fire which threatened the hen houses near Morton and Plain Streets. The fire was put out without damage.

...AD - George's Restaurant, Full Course Dinners daily, Stoughton Square, telephone #769.

...Edgar S. Parent of 169 Lincoln Street has been promoted to the rank of corporal at the Army Air Field, Clovis, New Mexico.

...Private William Smith of Canton Street is enjoying a furlough with his wife and daughter after completing his basic training at Fort McClellan, Alabama.


OCTOBER 2, 1969

...Aviation Ordanceman Airman Eugene H. Murphy, Jr., of 15 Lambert Avenue is serving aboard the Carrier USS Ranger off the Southern California coast.

...Fire struck again in Stoughton as the home of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Raggian and their six children at 76 Central Drive was destroyed Thursday at 8:05 am.

...Carole McCarey of 51 Ewing Drive, was selected to attend the National 4-H Conference in Washington D.C. in April.

...Army Private First Class Joseph M. Robicheau, 18, of 178 Station Street is serving in Vietnam as a field wireman.

...The Town Meeting voted to spend $2.5 million to refurbish the distribution system and to increase water storage facilities.


OCTOBER 3, 1984

...The Stoughton Railroad Station Restoration Committee's second fund raiser of the season will be held on October 28th.

...Leonard & Cathleen Horton are the new parents of a girl, born at Goddard Memorial Hospital on September 24th.

...India is the subject of the Library's first Travel Program of the fall season, October 4th at 7:30 pm.

...Airman James McKelligan, has graduated from the U. S. Air Force Helicopter Flight Engineer course at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas.

...A Colonial Harvest Faire Supper will be served family style at the First Congregational Church, 76 Pierce Street, Saturday October 13th at 6:30 pm.

...The North School added one teacher to its staff this Monday in response to parent complaints about overcrowding.


OCTOBER 13, 1894

...Mr. Joseph S. Capen married Miss Mabel Cook of Whitman, Tuesday evening at the home of the bride.

...Charles Howland is putting a new coat of paint on French's Shop.

...Wednesday morning the wife of Mr. Frank Hodgkins awoke and rose and found the body of her husband lying on the floor of the room, dead. He was subject to heart trouble, he was 55 years old.

...Mr. Morse's opponents name is Sweet. He is likely to be "Bitter Sweet" after election.

...Mr. & Mrs. John Dearden are rejoicing over the addition to their family of a nice 8 pound baby girl.

...To Let - A very convenient and pleasant cottage of 7 rooms, with furnace, formerly occupied by E. G. Whiting on Lambert Avenue, Enquire of E. P. Clapp.


OCTOBER 10, 1919

...Miss Catherine Owen Beagin, daughter of Patrick Beagin of Washington Street, has been appointed Supervisor of Public Health of South Dakota.

...Mr. & Mrs. James W. Graham and family have moved into the new tenement in Dr. Swan's Block.

...Miss Katherine Franklin is enjoying a weeks vacation from her duties at the local Telephone Exchange.

...The fire department was called out at 6:50 Friday evening for a fire in the engine room of the Norris Noiseless Pedal Action Company on Canton Street. The fire was out when the fire department arrived, and no damage was done.

...Winona Robbins won first prize in the Girls Canning Club contest for the best collection of 5 jars. The prize was $1.50.

...Miss Arabella F. Capen, a highly esteemed resident of this town, died at the home of Mrs. Charles W. Hunt on Oakland Street, Saturday night. She was 74 years old.

...Martin Kline, a Lithuanian of this town who received severe injuries to his hand, last week at the Plymouth Rubber Co. in Canton, died at a Boston Hospital, Saturday Night.


OCTOBER 12, 1944

...Captain Lewis E. Fritz, has been transferred from North Africa to the 23rd Station Hospital in Southern France.

...Three local young men face serious charges resulting from a break made at MacDonald's Filling Station more than a week ago.

...Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Broderick have purchased the property at 122 Walnut Street, formerly owned by Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fahey.

...Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Capen, quite fittingly observed their golden wedding anniversary Monday, at their home, 122 Seaver Street.

...The funeral of Daniel F. Harrington, formerly of Canton, and a respected citizen of this town, was held from the residence, 53 Pearl Street, Wednesday morning.


OCTOBER 9, 1969

...Mr. & Mrs. Walter Jewett, 45 Bennett Drive are the proud parents of a daughter, born September 30th, at the Goddard Memorial Hospital.

...Diane Margaret DeCapot, received a Master's Degree at the summer convocation of the 94th commencement of Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.

...Former resident, Clarence Isaac Pendleton, died in Florida on September 17th. He was 91 years old and was a member of the Rising Star Lodge AF & AM.

...James C. Emerson of 23 Willow Street has been appointed to a Faculty Committee at Wentworth Institute for the 1969-70 academic year.

...Self Help's Head Start Program in Stoughton began it's third school year in the CYO Building on Monday morning, October 6th.

...The majority of the Selectmen are in favor of the new urban renewal attempt, they are to meet next week with high federal officials.


OCTOBER 10, 1984

...The Stoughton Chamber of Commerce is planning a "Roast" for Anthony P. Felos to be held at Albert's Restaurant on Saturday October 27th.

...Gymboree, the largest movement-play program for children 3 mos. to 4 years old in the country, has opened a center in Stoughton.

...Anthony Novello, Jr., of Pleasant Street has been awarded a four year scholarship at Norwich University, Vermont, by the Air Force R. O. T. C.

...The new 4-H Horse Club of Stoughton is holding a sign-up night, tonight from 7-9 pm at the Library.

...Our Lady of the Rosary Church is planning to offer an adult education program.


OCTOBER 22, 1864

...Mr. Sylvantis Beane married Miss Mary N. Briggs on October 15th.

...NOTICE: This is to forbid all persons from harboring or trusting my two daughters, Betsey Russell 18 years old, and Lydia Russell 10 years old, as I shall not pay any debts of their contracting after this date. By Israel Russell, East Wareham, September 20, 1864.

...A singing school under the direction of Prof. B. F. Baker, of Boston was opened in Chemung Hall, last Friday.

...We are happy to learn that we are to have three trains on the Stoughton Branch RR this winter.

...We learn that a new saloon is to be opened in the Tisdale House, opposite the Depot, by Mr. Phinney.

...The regular monthly meeting of the Ladies Sewing Society connected with the First Congregational Church and Society, took place at the house of Mr. Samuel Burrill on Pleasant Street, last Wednesday.


NOVEMBER 3, 1894

...Rev. George E. Dunbar of the Methodist Church of this town is under investigation by the clergy and laymen of that church on a charge of obtaining money from a woman parishioner of his church down on the Cape.

...The Sunday Sing of the Musical Society was more interesting than usual, a large number being in attendance.

...The Utopia Social Club gave a Halloween party, Wednesday evening in Atwood's Hall which was largely attended.

...The oldest person to register to vote in town this year was aged 85 years. His name was William Rogers and is a hale and hearty Republican.

...TO LET- a stable, inquire of Mrs. E. F. Kinsley.


OCTOBER 31, 1919

...French & Ward's leads the list of taxpayers.

...John Mahoney of 55 Sumner St. died at his home Tuesday about noon, he was 70 years, 8 months and 14 days old.

...The auto fire truck was summoned to the home of Dennis Kelly on Rockland St., Wednesday morning by a still alarm, for a chimney fire.

...Driver Fred H. Pye of the auto fire truck is convalescing from a slight attack of Pleurisy.

...The fire alarm was sounded from box 43 at Gill's Corner, at 3:45 Sunday morning for a fire in the former residence of the late Charles Trask on Central Street. Upon the fire departments arrival the building was a mass of flames. Spontaneous combustion of oily rags may be the cause.

...Solomon Press, 48 years old of 54 Morton St. was arrested last evening in Boston on a charge of" The Massachusetts Anti -- Anarchy Law ". Mr. Press was distributing "The Voice Of Labor", a Communist publication issued in New York.


OCTOBER 26, 1944

...Miss Winnifred Raychard, formerly of Park Street, has enlisted in the Marine Corps Woman's Reserve.

...The Congregational Choir, with invited guests, held a farewell party recently for Carl L. Smith, Organist of the church for the past 14 years.

...Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gregory of 115 Sumner St. observed the 25th anniversary of their marriage last Thursday.

...A truck operated by William Perdigao of 79 Monk St. turned over on Pearl Street, last Thursday morning. He was treated for cuts on his hands.


October 30, 1969

...A "Homecoming Day", the first in its history, will be celebrated by Stoughton High School on Saturday November 8th.

...A proposal to use the abandoned Library in Stoughton Square as a youth drop-in center has sparked a controversy that may be settled at the time of the next Selectmen's meeting, November 12th.

...Seaman Terrence J. Huggard, USN of 16 Kenneth Court, Boatswain's Mate Seaman, John F. Gusciora, USN, of 55 Mill St. and Boilerman First Class Dorian R. Dupuis, USN of 21 Talbot St. are returning from a Vietnam deployment aboard the Heavy Cruiser "Boston".


NOVEMBER 5, 1864

...A singing school under the direction of Mr. Faxon, was successfully inaugurated last Wednesday at the Orthodox Vestry.

...Next Sabbath there will be some 16 persons admitted to the Orthodox Church.

...The store of G. W. May, in East Stoughton, was forcibly entered on the night of October 27, and dry goods, ladies & youths boots & shoes were taken to a value of $100. A chisel by which the door was opened was left.

...Everything remains quiet in town politics.

...To Whom It May Concern: The partnership heretofore existing between Morse & Wentworth, known as Morse & Co.,is this day by mutual consent dissolved. By E. A. Morse, Canton, August 31, 1864. The firm will hereafter consist of E. A. & A. F. Morse, under the name of Morse & Co., as before.


NOVEMBER 10, 1894

...Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lyons welcomed a little girl baby into their home this week.

...Mr. & Mrs. Schafner gave a husking party one evening last week, about 50 people were present.

...Funeral services over the remains of the late Lemuel Smith who died in Dry Pond last week, were held Sunday from his late residence. The remains rest in Dry Pond Cemetery.

...Stoughton has 1215 voters of whom 945 registered their votes on Tuesday.

...Bennie Clapp, Dry Pond, is taking a course in business at Bryant & Stratton's in Boston.

...Wales and Porter were elected Representatives by handsome majorities, Atwood runs behind Foley in the district.

...AD - E. F. Leonard, Attorney, office at Darling's Block, corner of Wyman & Washington Streets.

...To Let - Tenement of 7 rooms on Clapp Place. Enquire of J. F. Ellis, Stoughton.


NOVEMBER 7, 1919

...There has been one or two men in town this week looking for a location for a new shoe factory, and all indications at the present writing point to their locating in Stoughton.

...A Halloween party was held at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Kelliher of 464 Canton Street, Friday evening. The house was prettily decorated in yellow and black. All sorts of ghosts appeared from the vicinity of the barn, which added to the evenings excitement.

...Moving Pictures at Town Hall, your favorite star - Pauline Frederick in " The Woman On The Index ".

...Frank Randall, son of Mr. & Mrs. Lester Randall, is suffering from the effects of a broken wrist which he sustained while cranking their Ford car on Wednesday night

...Dorris Burt of Lincoln Street, held a birthday party at her home Monday afternoon, in honor of her 5th birthday.

...Berthier Holmes, Jr., of Washington Street, Talbot's Corner, was struck and quite badly injured by a swiftly passing automobile, while on his way home from work, Wednesday evening.


NOVEMBER 9, 1944

...Russell Robinson was re-elected President of the Stoughton Fish & Game Association at the Chicataubut Club Hall, Monday evening.

...Mr. & Mrs. Walter Coffee of Park Street were overjoyed on Tuesday when their son Captain Paul Coffee of the 9th Air Force arrived home after 97 missions over enemy territory. Paul has received the Air Medal with 20 Oak Leaf Clusters, and two Bronze Clusters, a Silver Star and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

...3,928 Stoughton voters cast ballots in Tuesday's election.

...Charles S. Stickney, age 72, passed away Sunday afternoon at his home, 180 Walnut Street. He was born in Stoughton May 10, 1872 and was the son of Fred J. and Charotte (Seaver) Stickney.

...Charles F. Yaitanes of 115 Perry Street is engaged to Miss Ann Pappas of Brockton.


NOVEMBER 13, 1969

...The Stoughton Selectmen are expected to consider several major items at their meeting tonight. Of more than a passing interest will be their action on a proposal to the Clapp Memorial Building ( the former town library ) as a youth drop-in center.

...Winfield H. Courtney of Woodbine Road & Rita M. LaCivita of Lincoln Street were honored recently for completing 25 years or more with the Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation of Boston.

...Stoughton Rabbi Henry Gerson gave the Benediction at the Dedication for the new 48 - unit apartment development for the elderly at LaCivita Court.

...Mr. & Mrs. Jose Pedro, 425 Pearl Street, are the proud parents of a son born October 31st at Goddard Memorial Hospital.

...On October 25th, Stoughton Gallopin' Goodguys 4-H Club held a horse show at Fredly Farms in Stoughton.

...The Morton Street Elementary School Building Committee is expected to ask the Selectmen tonight to hold a special town meeting February 9th for the construction of a new 27 - room school on Morton St.


NOVEMBER 26, 1864

...Alexander Brothers have sold out their photograph rooms to Mr. Fred Carpenter of Foxboro. Mr. A__ is going to the Army to continue the same business.

...Mr. John A. Hill, has opened a boot and shoe store for custom work, on Pleasant Street.

...Elisha Monk, Esq., made his usual distribution of turkies last Tuesday evening. None of his workmen were forgotten.

...A few of the friends of Mr. & Mrs. T. N. Snow, met at their residence last Tuesday evening, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of their wedding day. Rev. Wilson, on behalf of their friends, presented them with a large photograph album.

...The guide board on the corner of Pleasant and Washington Streets, has assumed the horizontal attitude.

...In Stoughton, Nov. 20th, Mr. Robert Burnham married Miss Mary A. Brightman.

...In Stoughton, Nov. 17th, Carrie E. Crowd died, aged four years.

...NOTICE, Dr. I. H. Stearns, late surgeon of the Mass. 22nd Regiment, having been mustered out with the regiment, has resumed practice in Stoughton and vicinity, residence on Pleasant Street.


NOVEMBER 24, 1894

...Cards are out announcing the marriage of Miss Leah Johnson of this town and Stanley Richardson of Franklin. They are to reside in New York.

...Tuesday was the occasion of a very pleasant surprise given to Mr. & Mrs. Joel Paine, it being the 63rd anniversary of their marriage.

...Michael Vaughn is seriously ill at his home on Sumner Street.

...Mrs. Henry French, of Park Street, has accepted a House- keeping position at Mr. James Perkins', Pleasant Street.

...The ecclesiaslastical conference held in Providence, to investigate charges preferred against Rev. George Dunbar of Stoughton, by members of his former church in Eastham, reported the findings on the charges at 12 o'clock Friday night. The charges of borrowing money under false pretenses and using it dishonestly were sustained, and Rev. Mr. Dunbar was suspended until the next annual conference.

...Sheriff's Sale--The dwelling house at 44 Pleasant St.


NOVEMBER 21, 1919

...Miss Marion Southworth has accepted a position as cashier at the Economy Market.

...The annual pianoforte recital by pupils of Miss Anna E. Donovan was held in the Orpheum Theatre, Thursday evening.

...The Pollyanna Whist Club met at the home of the Misses Alice & Ella Henry on Central Street, West Stoughton, Thursday afternoon.

...Commander Walter H. Long of Camp 13, this town inspected the camp at Canton last evening.

...The Parishioners of Trinity Episcopal Church were surprised Sunday morning to learn that their leader, Rev. George L. Drowne, Associate Rector of the church had tendered his resignation to his superior, the Rev. Thatcher Kimball of Milton.

...AD--Live turkeys for sale, apply to R. E. Pomeroy, 223 Lincoln Street, Stoughton.

...The Stoughton, Norwood and Abington fanciers will hold a poultry show in the Town Hall the third week in December.

...It is rumored around the gym that Donald McEahran is about to be barred from the bowling alley.


NOVEMBER 23, 1944

...Sergeant Anthony Kazules was seriously wounded in France on November 8th. His parents are Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kazules of Grove Street.

...There will be a union Thanksgiving Service of the Trinity Episcopal, Universalist, Congregational and Methodist Churches in the Methodist Church on Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock.

...AD--Stichers wanted, 100% war work, apply to Panther Panco Rubber Co., Monk St., Stoughton.

...Miss Barbara Rubel, to head the Women's Catholic Club in Stoughton.


NOVEMBER 27, 1969

...Stoughton Police Chief John F. Donahue has named Sgt. John R. Silva as youth officer for the Stoughton Police Department.

...Mrs. Leon J. Champagne, joined the staff of the Stoughton Public Library as young adults librarian, the end of September.

...THE END OF A STOUGHTON LANDMARK--The DeVito Building, long known as the Swan Block on the corner of Washington & Wyman Streets, was razed last week. A suspicious fire burned the building out on September 6th.

...Army Specialist Four, Barry G. Mead, of 241 Morton Street, received a Bronze Star Medal in Vietnam.

...James C. Emerson, of 203 Willow Street is a model railroad club advisor.


DECEMBER 10, 1864

...Charles A. Wood has disposed of his interest in the Stoughton Sentinel.

...Hugh Callahan, who some time since was reported as dead, has arrived in town well and hearty. He was taken prisoner. He belongs to the 9th Mass.

...Firemans' Ball-- The lovers of dancing will find an opportunity of tripping the "light fantastic toe" at the Engine Hall on Wednesday evening next.

...The Stoughton Literary Society held a public meeting at White's Hall last Tuesday evening. The weather being stormy prevented a large audience from assembling.

...NOTICE-- The Recruiting Committee of Twenty are requested to meet at the Depot (in Mr. Holmes room) on Tuesday evening, December 13th. Per order, E. C. Monk, Chairman.

...At the annual meeting of the Rising Star Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons on Thursday evening the following officers were chosen: B. Ward, Jr., W. M.; B. Kinsley, S. W.; E. A. Andrew, J. W.; Lemuel Gay, T.; L. Belcher, S.; C. L. Swan, S. D.; Hiram Linfield, J. D.; A. Capen, C. S.; Alfred Pratt, Steward; J. W. Bird, Steward.


DECEMBER 8, 1894

...Monday evening, 135 people from this town, Canton, Brockton and Sharon gathered at Judge Marden's Court Room at 7:30, to descend on the home of Dr. W. O. Faxon on Walnut Street Avenue. The purpose was a surprise barn warming party.

...Henry G. Burrell, this week completed his contract for laying the additions to the Stoughton water works on Pleasant, Pearl, Central and Sumner Streets.

...Mr. & Mrs. William Cooke celebrated the 25th anniversary of their marriage on Thursday evening at their home on Wyman Street.

...WANTED-- Two girls, at once to work in Stoughton Steam Laundry. Apply to W. W. Poole.

...TO LET-- Two story house and stable. Necessary repairs will be made. Apply to J. Atherton Packard, Wyman Street.

...The authorities of the Methodist Church have taken cognizance of the gross misstatements of Henry E. Holbrook in the Dunbar matter, and have written a letter to him for publication correcting his blunders.


DECEMBER 12, 1919

...Mrs. Edna F. Tilden, widow of the late Loring Tilden, died at her home on Seaver Street, Wednesday at the age of about seventy--two. She was born in this town in 1847, the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Pope.

...Miss Helen A. Belcher of 81 Seaver Street and Walter C. Evans of Washington Street were united in marriage in a quiet home wedding Tuesday evening.

...At a men's meeting Monday evening, there developed the organization that will be known in Stoughton as the "Oxford Club." The object of the club is to help each member in his daily problems by offering a place where he may come and rest and find good wholesome amusement.

...Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Safford of Sumner Street are the proud parents of twins, a boy and a girl.

...Mrs. Herbert N. Staples has purchased the Pettibone estate on Walnut Street, which she is now occupying.

...The fire department was called out on Saturday. Box 58 was rung in by Selectman Cornelius Healy, for a fire at the home of Samuel Brickel, better known as the Deane Estate, on Sumner Street. The cause was hot ashes dumped against the barn, minor damage.


DECEMBER 14, 1944

...Mr. & Mrs. Alfred L. Kemp of 171 Pleasant Street, observed their 50th wedding anniversary Tuesday at their home.

...Pvt. David Handy has been slightly wounded in action on German soil on November 28th.

...Lieut. Mary Jordan of the Army Nursing Corps has been transferred to a base in Michigan Where she is serving as a Flight Nurse.

...John A. Foley, aged 43, died last Friday at his home on 5 Sumner Street. He was born in Stoughton, June 22, 1901, son of Timothy & Mary (O'Neill) Foley.

...The monthly meeting of the Southeastern Mass. Milk Goat Breeders' Assn. was held in Groveside Moorings Sunday afternoon.

...On Tuesday, War Stamp representatives at Stoughton High School collected $1,643.75 for the purchase of war bonds and stamps.


DECEMBER 11, 1969

...The Stoughton Conservation Commission is studying the possibility of acquiring Mead's Meadow at the corner of Washington & Gay Streets, for conservation and recreation use.

...Stoughton adults learned Sunday what 748 youngsters have known since September. The new $1.6 million North Elementary School is a beauty.

...On Saturday, November 22nd, the Junior Golden Rays participated in the Peace Parade through the main street of Randolph.

...Mr. & Mrs. Per O. Hall of 26 Mill Street are the parents of a second son, born November 21st at Norwood Hospital. The infant has been named George Christopher.

...The Stoughton Industrial Commission has voted to make a concerted effort to urge state action in getting the North Stoughton Industrial Park Project underway.

(Chris BrindleyBrindley is the curator of the Canton Historical Society, member of the Canton Bicentennial Committee, member of the Canton Conservation Commission and historical columnist for the Canton Journal Newspaper. The information contained herein was excerpted for the Stoughton Sentenial and Chronical.)



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