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Twelve Golden Rules for Children


1. Shut every door after you without slamming it.

2. Never shout in the house.

3. Never call to persons upstairs or in the next room; if you wish to speak to them, go to them.

4. Always be kind and polite to servants if you would have them the same to you.

5. When told to do or not to do a thing, by either parent, never object and obey cheerfully.

6. You may tell of your faults and misdoings, but not of those of your brothers and sisters.

7. Carefully clean your shoes before entering the house.

8. Be prompt at every meal hour, especially so in the morning, and thus cultivate the habit of rising early.

9. Never sit down at the table or in the parlor with soiled hands or disheveled hair

10. Never interrupt any conversation, but wait patiently your turn to speak.

11. Never reserve your good manner for company, but be equally polite at home and abroad.

12. Let your first, last and best friend be your mother.



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