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Burr Lane Indian Burial Site


History of Canton, D.T.V. Huntoon, 1893
Canton Records, Births, Marriages and Deaths
Edited by Frederic Endicott, 1896

C. 1732 - Land of Simon George - orchard on the corner of Ragged Row (Pleasant St) and Burr Lane.

Had been land devoted to John Wentworth and William Sherman. Also described as East of Sherman School on Ragged Row reached from Burr Lane not far from Simon George’s orchard.

Burials per Huntoon also located in Canton Records:

Nov. 1738-- Jonathan George
1739--Simon George

June 5, 1766-- Abigail George

June 23, 1769--Deborah George

October, 1788-- Jacob Wilbor

Buried by Abijah Upham, guardian of Indians Inherited all property of Simon George.

Dec. 4, 1785-- child of Jacob Wilbor

Jan. 8, 1786-- child of Jacob Wilbor

Oct. 2, 1788-- child of Jacob Wilbor

In 1969, 7 partial skeletons and 2 full skeletons were discovered at the site and removed.

Recently, in 1998, there have been 13 more graves identified at this site by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  One of which MAYBE that of Simon George's dog.

Plan Of The Burr Lane Indian Burial Ground

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Research Is Ongoing At This Site

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