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Canton's Native Americans
The Ponkapoag Tribe

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                    fire.gif (5442 bytes)Ponkapoag Indian Deed List

                    fire.gif (5442 bytes)Punkapog Indians Remaining At The End Of 1860

                fire.gif (5442 bytes)The Ponkapoag Plantation (Daniel T. V. Huntoon) Also contains Genealogy Information

                    fire.gif (5442 bytes) Ponkapoag Indian Burial Ground Map

                fire.gif (5442 bytes) Ponkapog Indian Burial Ground Plan (From Registry of deeds, 1926.)

                    fire.gif (5442 bytes) Burr Lane Indian Burial Ground Plan and Info (Supreme Court Plan #254)

                    fire.gif (5442 bytes) The Ahauton's Were Renowned Ponkapoag Indians

                    fire.gif (5442 bytes) Ponkapoags Loved The First Minister also a photo of Mary Burr's Headstone "Last Of The Ponkapoag Indians"

                fire.gif (5442 bytes) If Indians Told Stories Of Early Days

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Other Native American Links

              fire.gif (5442 bytes)The Ponkapoag Indians Of Massachusetts (Dave Lambert)

                     fire.gif (5442 bytes)King Philip's War, 1675-1676

                    fire.gif (5442 bytes)Mohegan Tribe and Nation

                    fire.gif (5442 bytes)Native American Home Pages-Nation

                    fire.gif (5442 bytes)Native American Clipart

                fire.gif (5442 bytes)Indian Artifacts

                fire.gif (5442 bytes)Cherokee Font

                fire.gif (5442 bytes)Native American Recipes

                fire.gif (5442 bytes)Native American Recipe Collection

                fire.gif (5442 bytes)Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes Of Oklahoma

                fire.gif (5442 bytes)Native American Resources

                fire.gif (5442 bytes)Native American Peoples and Region Resources

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